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  1. Yesterday
  2. twitch chat not staying on top

    Hey @Robstercraw, Thank you for reaching out to us, The twitch chat stays on top of the game only if the game doesn't lose focus. If you click anywhere out of the game, the chat goes to the background.
  3. Overwolf does not work properly

    Hey again, We want to try debugging your issue via Teamviewer (You can download it here), can we try and remote desktop your computer together? Look up on skype for: LEOkonami. Please add a link to your forum topic when you send your contact request.
  4. Overwolf Game Requests

    It's your lucky week!! We COD:WW2 is supported by Overwolf Your game is now on the voting list please vote for it! The game is fully supported. If you have any support issues please contact support via our support contact page
  5. Last week
  6. twitch chat not staying on top

    The chat box was working fine the first time I installed the program. Now it won't stay on top even if I click on a browser window. Doesn't show up at all in any game anymore. Regardless of what you click on it just goes to the background.
  7. When I click start live stream on the Twitch app, it says "Couldn't detect any playback devices. Try to change your system's sound settings." How do I fix this issue?
  8. Overwolf does not work properly

    Here are the logs you wanted Log.zip
  9. The uninstaller has DELETED ALL MY GAMES

    Hey there, Sophie from the Overwolf team here. You are absolutely right, this is something that shouldn't have happened and I would like to apologize on the behalf of our team for the mess that happened to you. I know this is no excuse but we've launched a brand new installer and added a new option for gamers to select the folder they'd like to install Overwolf in. As you mentioned, Overwolf does not automatically create its own folder with this new option and this is what is causing this issue. We definitely need to prevent it from happening again to another gamer and would like to thank you for warning us about it so we can take action. I have personally forwarded this forums thread as well as your reddit post to our dev team so they can take care of this right away.
  10. Can't get Ark to work

    Did you try to run the game first and see if Overwolf could detect and add it to the library afterwards?
  11. Overwolf does not work properly

    Hey @Jojk ! Thank you for reaching out to us, Can you please add your Overwolf logs? (Instructions)
  12. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    Ok I tried it, canvas fallback does work, but it's hard to detect that overwolf browser has no webgl. Modernizr reports it has webgl (https://browserleaks.com/features#webgl) and I tried a few common tricks and they seem to report it has webgl I added a dirty "if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Overwolf") != -1) nowebgl = true;" as a fix. But you should probably fix this, either support webgl or properly report that you don't.
  13. Controller Support

    Hi! This is my first post on the Overwolf Forums! I've been using the platform for a while now and I noticed something. When I finish playing Rocket League, and my game summary comes up, It says most used keys and clicks. I would LOVE if it would show controller output keys and stuff like that. Thank you for your consideration.
  14. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    Hi I'm the creator of wottactic, as a temporary workaround, you can add &nowebgl to any link, so: http://wottactic.com/wot2?room=cuW0ZV1vx2YigA&nowebgl. It's not really documented but this will force canvas fallback instead of webgl. Tbh it should detect lack of webgl support (through PIXI.autodetectrenderer) and do this automatically, but it's worth a try.
  15. Same thing happened with me. Updated Windows and then Edge dropped to a near useless crawl. I tried resetting and repairing Edge, no luck. Finally I found another user that suggested disabling Overwolf and restarting Edge, which works, but now I cannot use Overwolf.
  16. Hello, I installed Overwolf because i want to Install LoLwiz, but after I launch overwolf app, all i can see is this https://ctrlv.cz/tyY0 . After i find menu https://ctrlv.cz/ZqxG and find the button(?) with LoLwiz app and want to install it, it'll stuck like this https://ctrlv.cz/aUxW. Can you help me? Thank you
  17. Overwolf Game Requests

    Looking for MechWarrior Online as the game I am wanting to vote for...Thanks...
  18. http://www.healthywelness.com/

    Healthy Welness: Fitness calls for effort and time. That may be why it's so tough for many humans to get began. Healthy Welness can also be the motive that some people start out strong, and then fizzle out. Getting healthy would not suggest spending. http://www.healthywelness.com/
  19. hey there, i'm new to Overwolf, and would like to use it to stream my camera feed, but is there a way to do a horizontal camera flip? thanks!
  20. does overwolf have a "record that" function?

    i think it is
  21. Browse hidden Apps

    thank you for help
  22. Hello. Yesterday I installed Overwolf for the first time because I wanted to try out the Hearthstone Arena app. When installing I weas given the choice of path to install this Piece of Shit software on its default location and I said no, all my games a game related apps go to E.\Games\Whatever. So i pointed the installer to E.\Games, thinking the installer program WOULD BE smart enough to create by itself the E:\Games\Overwolf folder. It's not. The program goes right where I told him, at the root of E:\Games. Ok. No big fuss. I try the software and find it too much for what I wanted. No problem, I'll just uninstall it. After that it was time to switch my computer off and go to bed. Went to work next morning, came back, wanted to play something: hmmm, the Battle.net icon is missing, the white papersheet in its place. Strange. Properties, Open Location and bam! E:\Games is COMPLETELY EMPTY. More than 300 Gbs of installed games, savegames, replays and so on gone with the wind. At first I thought it was me, that I did something wrong, then I retraced my steps and remembered last night. So, being a developer myself I tried to reproduce my steps to see if I could get the same response. I welcome all of you to try these little steps: 1) Create a temporary folder called C:\temp\OverwolfIsAPieceOfShit or whatever. 2) COPY into that folder some files you don't mind losing (spoiler: you will). 3) Dload and install Overwolf and when prompted to choose a path for installing, chose C:\temp\OverwolfIsAPieceOfShit 4) Run the software, it runs ok, no problem. Stop it. 5) Uninstall it normally using Windows configuration. 6) Go to C:\temp. Your C:\temp\OverwolfIsAPieceOfShit doesn't exist anymore, it's ALL WIPED OUT, it doesn't matter if its contents were related to Overwolf or not. So, you see. There's a developer on your staff that when writing the script or configuring the third party program you use or whatever it is you use to uninstall your own software has decided to wipe all the contents of the Overwolf folder, regardless if those contents are Overwolf related or not. If said developer was right now in front of me he wouild have to change his or her career to painting by numbers using his or her toes.
  23. Can't get Ark to work

    Having the same issue, have tried new install of ark, have tried to manually detect each folder of the ark install to see if it will ad. It will not detect the game or add it to the directory of overwolf. Thus not allowing overwolf to work in conjunction with Ark Survival Evolved. I do indeed have other games detected (starcraft 2, diablo3 , overwatch, dota 2, WOW) But cannot get ARK. Any solutions or guides to follow to try and rectify. ps. have reinstalled ark and reinstalled overwolf, no sucess
  24. Overwolf TS3 Plugin stopped working

    Hey did you have a look over this article? http://support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/teamspeak-troubleshooting/
  25. CS:GO Stats - Zeroing in on the competition

    Does someone know some good sites for checking cs go stats of pro players? Cause I know only hltv.org and csgopedia ...
  26. Overwolf Game Requests

    Can you please add Project Cars 2
  27. I'd like to know where the directory for the instant replay app is located. I really want to figure out if it's possible to just have the instant replay app and forgo overwolf all together.
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