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      Windows XP\ Vista support dropped   11/19/2016

      It's been a while but I think some people (especially first time visitor's) don't know yet
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      Think you tried everything?! - Check out the Overwolf knowledge-base!   02/25/2017

      Dear gamers, how about some DIY? -   http://support.overwolf.com/ The knowledge-base for all your Overwolf related troubleshooting, faq, bugs, known issues and much more!
      Just start typing anything related to your issue (for example, 'fps' or 'heartharena') and discover new ways to work things out.

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  3. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    Why was WebGL support dropped and where was it 'announced'?
  4. Sweetfx Preset Selector not working

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is also the issue you're having but I think I found my solution. I found that Guild Wars was installed in two different places on my system...somehow(?). One install in my main C: drive which is an ssd normally only for my os, and once in my D drive which is my main drive for everything else. I got rid of both installs and did one fresh install onto the main ssd drive (mainly because A. I read that can help performance for games like GW2 and B. that's also where overwolf is installed.) Went through the process again and it worked like a charm. Hope that helps some of you who still get this issue.
  5. Last week
  6. No close program option

    Ok thanks. It worked properly today but if it continues to be a problem in the future, I might do that.
  7. replay hud low quality

    here Log.rar
  8. Lolwiz not working

    LolWiz Logs.rar
  9. Lolwiz not working

    Do i need to include the apps?
  10. Lolwiz not working

    Hey @Akatsuki, Thank you for reaching out to us, Please attach your Overwolf logs so we can take a look! Instructions here
  11. replay hud low quality

    Hey @DevilKenny , Thank you for reaching out to us, Please attach your Overwolf logs so we can take a look! Instructions here
  12. Replay HUD not saving

    Hey @davidtimm, Thank you for reaching out to us, Please attach your Overwolf logs so we can take a look! Instructions here
  13. No close program option

    Bring that up in slack, if it is a bug they will fix it - sounds weird but if you make some screenshots, pack logs from %localappdata%\Overwolf\logs and describe the issue they will respond fast
  14. No close program option

    No, it didn't show the right-click options today even when I didn't close the Overwolf Web Browser window first, so either bugged pc or bugged app I think.
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  16. Lolwiz not working

    MY LoLWiz isnt working, it will launch and it will start loading but it will never fully load so i can see all the starts ect
  17. replay hud low quality

    for the past week whenever I finish my game in league and I went to see the replays i see all of them are in very low quality...how can i fix it? btw it happens in CS go aswell.
  18. PUBG

    I want to know if this app is bannable whilst using the crosshair overlay. Ive seen some threads on steam (may be misinformation) stating people have been banned for using crosshair overlays. I know the Devs say they are working closely with publishers, while also giving some screenshots and proof for CSGO, LoL stating its safe to use. But I haven't seen anything for PUBG, officially that is. I do see it is on the game list for supported games but that doesn't necessarily tell me its 100% unbannable. I'd appreciate a response. Thanks
  19. SMITE Skin Request

    I was working on one a while back, but it got perma-shelved due to life stuff.
  20. Replay HUD not saving

    When I get a kill in CSGO it says that the replay is being recorded, and after the buffer says that my replay was saved. However when I leave the game and Overwolf is showing me my summary, it says that I don't have Replay HUD installed, and that I have no replays. Why is it doing this?
  21. Hey @Alecious, Thank you for reporting about this issue, we posted about it yesterday and we will update once it's fixed!
  22. Earlier
  23. My Overwatch Game Summary In Overwolf is no longer capturing Kills or Assists in the Reply HUD. It just says no Capture, install the Replay HUD. It will do manual captures. I've already uninstalled and reinstall the Replay HUD. But it's still doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Alvin
  24. Overwolf Game Requests

    Add Black Squad please. It's possible
  25. No close program option

    I've realised that the options including 'Exit Overwolf' might fail to show on Right-Click only when I close the Overwolf Window 1st. Not 100% sure of this at the moment though.
  26. linking overwolf to social media crashes app

    Anything that is installed in a hard drive concerns it , but i was not blaming the app in any way as it seems you understood. What i was meaning is that maybe part of the files that are locally installed could have been in the sectors that went bad and that could have been the culprit of it crashing the app when i tried to link my social accounts. I like your avatar by the way.
  27. No close program option

    Well thanks for your help. As I said, I tried right-clicking on the Overwolf icon in the system tray and nothing happens. No options appear, so there is no 'exit' to click on. There was to begin with but it doesn't work anymore for some reason. I'm intrigued about why it seems to you that I 'have many apps open' and why you think 'I have so many processes in task manager'. When I said I closed 2 processes, but there were still about 8 running and that new ones opened, these were all Overwolf processes. Also, regardless of how many I have running, my concern isn't with other apps that may or may not be running at this time, unless this affects the pc's performance. My concern is with Overwolf, unless you're telling me I should also look at the behaviour of any other apps that may be running. I rarely do anything with any other apps, except Chrome, Microsoft Edge, a Microsoft weather app and Battle.net. I do keep Battle.net running and this is what i want for this app. I don't know how the web browsers or the weather app behave in this respect. There are 2 anti virus apps and some other things which I guess it may be best to keep open, but I rarely interact with any other apps than the ones I mentioned, as I say. Anyway, I may join Overwolf Slack, as you suggest. Thanks again.
  28. linking overwolf to social media crashes app

    This has nothing to do with Overwolf Overwolf is web-based, doesn't concern your hard drive.
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