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  2. Hello guys, I got some trouble with adding Blade and Soul to my game library. I can choose to add it manually and choose the game folder but if I navigate there Overwolf says it couldn't find anything there. If I navigate to the folder where my NCLauncher.exe is located it seems to accept that and adds an icon to my Library. However I can not launch the game that way since the game client needs some parameters to start correctly. Also Overwolf does not recognise as I start the game. I would like to monitor my game time via Overwolf that's all. I also tried editing the SettingsPageGeneral.xml with notepad++ pointing towards the Client.exe, NCLauncher.exe and Blade & Soul.lnk If I put the Client.exe or NCLauncher.exe in ProcessPath and LauncherPath Overwolf is not able to launch the game or even detect its launch. If I put the link in there, wich includes the parameters, Overwolf won't start at all Is someone else having trouble with this. It seems a little odd since the game is supposed to be supported and also listed on the games page in the desktop client.
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  4. @LEOkonamiyes
  5. Hey @Carnage! Thank you for contacting us, the link you reached was outdated and thanks to you we will fix it ASAP. The correct article for this issue can be found here. Please check it out.
  6. You could try to use http://www.xoslab.com/efl.html on the XML
  7. @swoerd @GoLFC For Honor and Fifa 17 in on our list... We are sure to support these bad ass games! To and vote for them! Rock On!
  8. Yesterday
  9. ... Skyrim... not supported... ...Fallout 4... not supported.. What games DO you support, because this app is trash as far as I can see.
  10. lol... 3 years later... I get the same issue, maybe I'll not bother with this app if this the way it's updated... And I get a text directly if a new access is made to my gmail, it's not even giving me that... Best part is the "support" page that is linked in the overwolf app: feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/511705 does not even work... classic, no really, brilliant software...
  11. Last week
  12. what about FIFA 17 ?!
  13. is there any point in mentioning new releases ? For Honor, for example, as its not on the list but may be an obviously worked-on upcoming supported game, and i would like to avoid trolling by accident, and Black Desert already has some votes would love to see that game get support.
  14. @Runerocker71 Let me ensure something... Are you using Windows 10?
  15. We will try and contact them again and I hope we will find a way to make it work properly again... I will keep you in the loop
  16. @matacica We want to try debugging your issue via Teamviewer (You can download it here), can we try and remote desktop your computer together? Look me up on skype: LEOkonami or on Gtalk: or.manor@overwolf.com.
  17. @h1dr0 We want to try debugging your issue via Teamviewer (You can download it here), can we try and remote desktop your computer together? Look me up on skype: LEOkonami.
  18. Fix seems to be to disable Riva's overlay for Hearthstone.
  19. Sorry for the confusion, a link to this thread would be good
  20. What is my ticket number?
  21. Tried it, still nothing happens. And now there isnt a log inside %localappdata%\Overwolf eather.
  22. Did everything just as you told, however it's still the same. I've attached my logs file again, don't know if it helps :\ Log.rar
  23. I want to try debugging your issue via Teamviewer (You can download it here), can we try and remote desktop your computer together? Look me up on skype: LEOkonami. Please add your ticket number when you send your contact request.
  24. Hey again @h1dr0 Here is a quick setup installer . Once you run the installer, you'll need to do the following: Use the Windows search (press the Windows key + R) Enter C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf and press enter. Right click on the OverwolfLauncher.exe and create a shortcut to put on your desktop. Please let me know if you need any further assistance!
  25. I am. Disabling it didn't fix the issue.
  26. Hey again @lolitzgarrett, Thank you for the video Are you using the MSI After Burner? Can you please try disabling it and see if your FPS improve?
  27. Hey again @matacica! Thank you for the files By analyzing your logs, it would appear that there may still be some old leftover files preventing you from properly installing the new Overwolf client. Please try uninstalling Overwolf from its' core, then restart your PC, and try again. To properly and 100% remove all Overwolf files, please follow these steps: Go to your Control Panel-> add/remove programs, make sure Overwolf is not listed. If it is, remove it. Press the Windows key+R and type in: %localappdata% then hit OK Delete the Overwolf folder there Press the Windows key+R and type in: %programdata% then hit OK Delete the Overwolf folder there Restart your PC After doing these steps, please re-download the regular installer and run it. Please let me know if this worked or if you need any further assistance. Looking forward to your response, Chris
  28. Just tried it @LEOkonami and my game crashes everytime and the server I play on requires BE
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