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  1. Today
  2. I have a small SSD with my system, all games installed on a another drive (e: ) the OverWolf cant found my games , if i trying to add the ark directory it is not working How can i resolve this effect ? i tried to show for OW all folders without any result ark/ ark/engine/binaries ark/shootergame ark/shootergame/binaries ark/shootergame/binaries/Win64
  3. So what I should do?
  4. I prepared a gamelist file that might fix the issue for you. If it does, let me know and we will release the fix to all of our users. To use the game list just follow these 5 simple steps: Click the Windows “Start” button. In the "Search" bar type "%localappdata%/Overwolf" without the quotation marks. Press enter. Locate the GamesList.xml and replace the file with the attached file here Restart Overwolf Start the game after Overwolf starts Follow this Gif-guide: https://gfycat.com/GlisteningZealousKouprey GamesList.8963042WowRtFix.xml.7z
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi Leo, Using DIrectX "11.2". Did reopen the game. Same result :(. Regards, Nepri
  7. it does exactly the same than earlier...
  8. Hey @Sparklester! Thank you for reaching out to us, Some games have different cursor working methods, in Fallout 4 for example, whenever you call out (ctrl+tab) the Overwolf dock, you also need to push it back (ctrl+tab again) to gain back control in the game. This is just the way Overwolf integrates with some games, due to their way of running.
  9. I'm sorry the link didn't come through! Here it is: LINK
  10. From your logs I can see that Overwolf in injecting in to WoW. Can you please retry and check if you can see Overwolf in game? Are you running WoW in dx9 or dx11?
  11. Hey @LordShadow! Thank you for reaching out to us, To better understand this issue, I would like to ask for your Overwolf logs. Please follow this guide to do so. Thank you for your cooperation
  12. valid points and Im with you on the topic that the user onboarding / default settings need some review
  13. Well, I am trying to play Fallout 4 while Overwolf is running, but it looks like the overlay is disabling the keyboard and mouse, so I cannot do anything in the main menu. Is it possible to use Fallout 4 with the Overwolf overlay disabled? Can I disable the Overwolf overlay? And no, I don't want to close Overwolf because in that way it doesn't track playtimes.
  14. Hey @Ciraxe By using Overwolf's TS3 plugin the full TS will inject into your games, this is the way we overlay TS in game. As you know Overwolf is the official overlay for TeamSpeak, if you don't want to use the overlay option uninstall the TS3 plugin. Please let me know if you need any further assistant,
  15. Hi guys, I'm still having issues with showing overlay in WoW 32 and 64 bits. In WIndows 8 and 8.1 when I tried to debug the issue, I found out that sometimes whe you open the game from the battle.net laucher the overlay couldn't show, but when you opened the game from WoW.exe it worked. Now, in W10 this isn't the case anymore. I tried patching the file like it was shown in this thread but the only thing I could manage to do is to show the FPS. The people talking over TS didn't show up I have attached the log archive below. Regards, Nepri Log.zip
  16. Would like to see Scrap Mechanic added to the list
  17. Last week
  18. you didnt attach the installer right?
  19. I've been playing a game called Squad for while and i think that some apps from Overwolf would be awesome
  20. I would like to suggest the following enhancements/fixes: If the user clicks an area where there is no Overwolf overlay/ui present, focus back on the game. When the overlay is toggled on using CTRL+TAB, it is very confusing (for me as a first-time user at least) how to get back to my game. Once you interact with the overlay, moving your mouse away from it or clicking outside causes it to shrink/minimize (as it should), but the cursor remains as the Overwolf cursor and clicking anywhere on the screen doesn't exit the "overlay mode". Using CTRL+TAB a second time fixes the issue, but causes another one (#2 below) depending on your settings. While this seems like user error initially (understand the app perhaps?) I would argue that because of the bug in #2 below, it was confusing and I assumed something was broken. Fix the issue where the overlay will disappear, even when the in-game dock settings tell it to remain. Most likely caused when using CTRL+TAB to toggle the overlay, but it should return to its natural (settings) state. An example can be seen here: overlay-toggle-issue If this is the expected result, perhaps for first-time users, show a message that it will not be minimized to the dock position when using the key bindings to toggle it off. Enable the Overwolf "dock in-game behavior" to be enabled by default. Knowing that the Overwolf app is running after launching a game (especially for first-time users) is the expected experience and very hassle free (next point). First-time users shouldn't need to open the settings page to know how to turn it on. The functionality Overwolf (and apps from the store) provides is most likely the reason they installed it. The minus icon/button on the overlay provides a quick way for them to get rid of it, should they want. As they utilize more apps, they could use the settings to remove extra screen clutter. Increase the Appstore opening speed if possible. When clicking the Appstore icon via the overlay, I'm experiencing an average of 8-12s for the overlay window to open, and then another 3-5s for the progress bar in the window to complete. Maybe some ui element to indicate the Appstore is loading would help (even if a basic rotating icon with "Loading" next to the Appstore icon in the overlay). I'm trying to reproduce an issue where the window stops responding and does not allow me to get out of the overlay/Appstore (seems to work itself out after about 10s thought), will update you if I can get the steps. I am interested in developing some apps for Overwolf and my concern is that these quirks/issues could throw off first-time users, thus reducing our efforts to promote the product to new users (or customers as some might see it). Again, this is a great product and I am looking forward to developing apps!
  21. @ChriSKate basically what happens is I downloaded overwolf, get my settings all up, then I go into Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead in windowed mode, and it doesn't show who is talking or what someone typed. Keep in mind teamspeak 3 is on at the time. Is there any log files with a location you know in the Overwolf folder you can possibly upload? Also I know that Arma 2: OA is supported by overwolf, as my friend has it working for them.
  22. I have no clue if this is resolved but, what the user sounds like is complaining about is the full TS client being docked within the game client window. The user wants the option to have TS3 not docked within the client. I also am trying to search here through the forums to see if there's a way to have the TS client separated from my game. I want the TS client on my 2nd monitor, not docked within my game all up in my face. I'm going to stop using this until I can find this option.
  23. When is it going to be fixed ? It's been 1 month since it stopped working .
  24. When is DotaPlus going to be fixed ? It's the only reason I installed overwolf .
  25. So I used to use the overwolf chat to see who was talking in TS. Unfortunately it just stopped working and I haven't been able to figure out to reactivate it since. I really miss having that damn overlay to show me who was talking. I've made sure TS and overwolf are up to date. The game is Path of Exile, which seems to be supported. What other info do you need? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  26. This is accident
  27. I've got two games you might want to add to Overwolf: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  28. It didn't helped for me.
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