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  2. Not working on BF1 after installing new processor

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  4. Hello community, i am an old user of overwolf, from Argentina... I'm going straight to the problems i found since i got back to use the client. (Sorry for my "not so good" english) 1. Problem login into my account: I wasn't able to login with my very first account into this forum so i been force to make a new one, although i could log in with my old account into the client, so i guess the client and the forums account are not directly relatives, right? (i made the "password reset" process and found out that there is no account with my email or display name). 2. Login process not secure: It's not THAT bad, but as some of my suggestions i sent privatly to the support, this point would make look (and be it) a more serious application and site. 3. Client problems detecting games: This is an old one problem that i been facing long ago and seems to continue. There are 2 kind of problems with the autodetecting and manually adding a game (supposedly supported) games like Half Life for example had been detected as 2 games (Counter strike 1.6 and Counter Strike: Condition Zero) so i manually proceed to add the Half Life game wich was no big deal, but found out that i couldn't delete those other games that are not installed or even a trace of an old install process. From the other side i found that most of games that are supposedly supported can't be added even manually, the client can't recognize the ".exe" file for the game, i even explore the folders personally to make sure that on those folder there was the ".exe" file related to the game. (most of the game i had are Steam games) So i leave a list of games that found with this problem: - PAYDAY: The Heist / Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster / Sniper Elite V2 / Amnesia: The Dark Descent / Arma 3 / Metro 2033 / Grand Theft Auto V / Alan Wake / Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Multiplayer / Just Cause 2 -. The problem seem to rely on the ".exe" name and the platform folder they are located, because games like WarThunder, wich i had on Steam folders, is not detected automatically but it can be added manually so the ".exe" file is correctly detected. In summary, there are a lot of things to adjust and i really want this app to progress in the right way cause it's so usefull, i don't wan't this app fall in the same disgrace as others apps felt, like Raptr and Xfire. I hope this information can help to solve problems and be notify of solutions to reach the objective of making a better app. Thank You. [UPDATE] Seems like some games add automatically by launching, it happened with PAYDAY: The Heist and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Multiplayer, still can't delete those who i don't have installed.
  5. Last week
  6. Hey there ISFUCKINGZEYR! Thanks for reaching out to us! In order to better understand your issue we will need to analyze you Overwolf log folder, can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions here. Waiting to hear from you soon
  7. Hi, I have wanted to stream for a while and decided to start through over watch since its not too complex to use, but. Every time i click "go live" it loads for about 8 seconds and says "an unexpected error has occurred." What is there to do to fix this, I have everything set up, webcam as well. Is there a solution to this problem?
  8. Problems with Overwolf Capture - Please advise

    ChrisSKate, Thanks for the link.... this worked for me.... life saver :)) RQ
  9. World of Warships

    This worked for me. Thank you...
  10. Overwolf Game Requests

    I just added Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is in the voting list please vote for it!
  11. Help me test my app

    Android Studio is designed to make testing simple. With just a few clicks, you can set up a JUnit test that runs on the local JVM or an instrumented test that runs on a device. Of course, you can also extend your test capabilities by integrating test frameworks such as Mockito to test Android API calls in your local unit tests, and Espresso or UI Automator to exercise user interaction in your instrumented tests. https://www.sagipl.com/android-application-development/
  12. World of Warships

    @AngryAce as written above: "If it does, let me know and we will release the fix to all of our users." This fix worked in our testing, we do need our users' feedback. It's OK if you don't want to download and use the instructions, you can also wait until the fix will be released to the public.
  13. World of Warships

    You going to update Overwolf too work with World of Warships again or not? I don't feel like having to download and install a random compression program to unzip this one file. Please let me know what your plans are, thank you.
  14. Problems with Overwolf Capture - Please advise

    Hey @Revel&Quaff, Please check out this thread concerning Overwolf in World of Warships which was already opened by an Overwolf user and replied by our team
  15. Rocket League Problem

    Hey @Atomic, Thank you for reaching out to us, We are aware of this issue and glad to report that the next update for Overwolf will fix it
  16. I've being using overwolf capture for a few months with no problems. All of sudden, it stopped working for me. I play only World of Warships and now Elite Dangerous, these are supported games The Capture app has been downloaded, remember I've used this and it worked fine then not. I'm experiencing the following. ... The overwolf dock no longer is accessbile in game hotkeys are ignored. I've activated capture by tabbing out of the game and manually pressing record and tabbing back. The video file only shows a blank screen for the game, the desktop part is seen fine. Sound is captured. It's like its not recognising the active game, so when the computer switches to the game, only the blank desktop is recorded. Settings are as follows... Recording mode.... Record Monitor Resolution...... Original / 60 FPS Encoding ... Codec: NVIDIA NVENC Preset : High Quality I've tried the following... Uninstalled and reinstalled the Overwolf and the capture app..... no change. Various changes to the settings. Looked online; tried a few things like add the overlay program to NVIDIA .... nothing makes a differnce. What is irriating is this worked fine, then not for no apparent reason. Any advice, would be very welcome, thanks in advance. RQ
  17. Overwolf Game Requests

    Not seen in game request survey so asking here. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
  18. Rocket League Problem

    I can launch the game fine via Overwolf but I can never see teams and my upper-left rank doesn't update (This screen only shows Unranked because I didn't want to be distracted taking screens in ranked, but it applies to all ranks) This is how it looks like: I've tried googling but can't find anything regarding this error. Specs: Win 7 / 8GB RAM / GeForce 1060 / Non-cluttered hard drives
  19. Replay hud error

    Hey there, From your logs I can see that your issues are due to some missing dll's (Windows media mf.dll) on your system, please go over this article for a quick solution Rock On!
  20. Replay hud error

    Thanks for the help. I attach the log Log.rar
  21. World of Warships

    Hey @drock12, Thank you for reaching out to us, I prepared a gamelist file that might fix the issue for you. If it does, let me know and we will release the fix to all of our users. To use the game list just follow these 5 simple steps: Press the windows key + R Type in: %localappdata%/Overwolf and hit enter Locate the GamesList.xml file and replace it with the one you got from us Usually you'll need to extract it first so make sure you have winzip/winrar/7zip/other compressing tool installed on your PC. Restart Overwolf Start Overwolf and start the game Follow this Gif-guide: https://gfycat.com/GlisteningZealousKouprey GamesList.8963056.xmlWowSdx11Fix.7z
  22. No close program option

    Users are expected to open Task Manager and close 3 Overwolf processes every time they want to close it? Really? This has to be a joke, right? This has amateur written all over it and it's a nuisance. There has to be a better solution to the complex problem of enabling users to close the program, like ... um .. i dunno... a cross in the top right hand corner which users click to close the program and a minus to minimise, like ANY NORMAL APPLICATION HAS? Surprising at it may seem, some people do actually like to close programs rather than have them running in the background when not in use.
  23. World of Warships

    The last patch from World of Warships has kept me from opening up the Overwolf control panel while in game. I didn't see any other Tags in the forum and I didn't know if the Devs were aware or if it was just something wrong on my end. It used to be CTRL-TAB to open in game, and I've even tried assigning other keys to bring it in, but the control panel will appear. I've also noticed that it's not saying anything on the website about World of Warships and was curious if Overwolf even supports it any longer. Any feedback would be appreciated and Thanks.
  24. Overwolf TS3 Plugin stopped working

    We want to try debugging your issue via Teamviewer (You can download it here), can we try and remote desktop your computer together? Look me up on skype: LEOkonami
  25. Overwolf doesn't start up

    Hey there Trollardo! Thanks for reaching out to us! In order to better understand your issue we will need to analyze you Overwolf log folder, can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions here. Waiting to hear from you soon
  26. Failed to start application, please contact support

    Hey there QdK1149! Thanks for reaching out to us! In order to better understand your issue we will need to analyze you Overwolf log folder, can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions here. Waiting to hear from you soon
  27. Sign up not letting me past captcha

    Hey there Dorken! Thanks for reaching out to us! In order to better understand your issue we will need to analyze you Overwolf log folder, can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions here. Waiting to hear from you soon
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