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  1. Yesterday
  2. It works with overwolf beta ... no crash and no problem so far. Thanks.
  3. Wow, a non-support post on here, and then it's even compliments Cool you like it
  4. I've only had this app less than a week, and i must say its Lit af. I don't see any performance downgrade or FPS issue with it so far. although i wish there was more apps and support for latest games! Thats all! PEACE!
  5. Please send me you Overwolf logs via a private message...
  6. New version is crashing when trying to retrieve dotabuff stats.
  7. Last week
  8. Hi, I installed Overwolf because the Teamspeak installer included it for ingame overlays. I don't want to actually run Overwolf for anything else. I just got a little popup from Overwolf, yet I haven't run Teamspeak since rebooting. This means Overwolf is running on system startup/login. How do I disable Overwolf when I'm not gaming? Plenty of programs take the liberty of launching themselves on startup, but not without an easy to reach setting to turn it off. For Overwolf, Settings is grayed out (screenshot).
  9. Hey ChriSKate with pleasure. I will do that on the Weekend. But we noticed in the meanwhile that EAC did again a Small Change and Overwolf is not working again with iRacing. The other Thing i noticed that when i download overwolf from your Homepage that i have again no force Feedback. When i copy the gamelist which i received from you into the Directory it is more less solved. But there are still some interuptions now. We are more / less a bit back to the beginning. I will send you some logs again on the Weekend. Gerald
  10. Hey @trokhilos, Thank you for reaching out to us, Please refer to @Colorfulstan's message and link to our website, it shows Riot's official stand regarding LoLWiz. '3rd party' can be so many programs running on your PC, Overwolf doesn't get you banned on League of Legends.
  11. As I said, there were false automated bans from RIOT previously, but Im not sure how those were resolved. Overwolf was confirmed to be legit to be used by RIOT multiple times, so if you don't run anything else it has to be a falsy ban. http://www.overwolf.com/blog/overwolf_not_bannable/ @LEOkonami @ChriSKate What was the process for other Players with that problem in the past?
  12. Hello Summoner, Your account: trokhilos was banned due to the use of malicious 3rd party programs or modifications to your League of Legends client. We believe that all players should play on equal footing in an effort to promote competitive sportsmanship. You should be aware that modifying your League of Legends client is against the Terms of Use: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse. We hope you can see that it is unsatisfying to play against other players who are using a tool to gain an advantage over others. i m playing in turkish server.They r claiming that i m using a program to gain advantage in game.I am a silver player.How i could stay in silver while cheating
  13. Hey @Gerald, thanks for the info I would indeed appreciate it if you can send an email with the details and your logs to support@overwolf.com
  14. There were such false cases already and this should be resolvable. Using Overwolf is by official statement not a reason for a ban. @LEOkonami please have a look at this/forward it.
  15. I got banned from league of legends while using overwolf.Ban reason was due to the use of malicious 3rd party programs .Are u sure this program not causing bans.Because i didnt use any program other than overwolf. My account will stay banned but i will not use overwolf again if i banned because of it.
  16. I want to test it . PICK ME ! PICK ME !
  17. so like it says in the title I get Fps drops from Overwolf I just installed it and my FPS in csgo dropped from 100 to 20-30 my installed apps are: -CS:GO Stats -Killer Voices -Whatsapp -Gem
  18. Click the + beside each one and it gives you all kinds of info
  19. What am i missing? I don't see any temperatures even in the text mode you talked about
  20. Any news on this? I'd love to see a proper solution rather then a sloppy workaround :3
  21. A new awesome game called Thehunter: Call Of The Wild! I really would hope that this game get's supported.
  22. Hope I'm posting in the correct thread, but what about subnautica? If i recall correctly, I believe it uses the D3D11 back end, if that helps with anything.
  23. The issue is a bit complex to explain. At first, everything works fine. I can press ctrl-tab in order to show/hide the dock without touching anything else, and everything works fine. However, if I use my mouse to simply hover over the dock, and then press ctrl-tab to get back into the game (no matter if the cursor is still over the dock or not), I get a weird white cross where my cursor was before ctrl-tabbing, that moves around along with the game's own cursor. Another problem is that alt-tabbing completely breaks the overlay. Nothing is shown, even though ctrl-tab technically works since it does switch to a new cursor that is independent of the game, but no dock is shown. I'm using Windows 10, and the issue doesn't appear in other games I've tried.
  24. keylogger

    Hi there! Rest assured, Overwolf is a safe piece of software. Overwolf is not a virus. It has previously been reported that Microsoft falsely reports certain Overwolf files as potentially dangerous software. This is, of course, a mistake. Perhaps something to look into @LEOkonami?
  25. keylogger

    Can someone explain this shit to me
  26. The latest update is great. I really like the text mode and being able to see all the info. Since the forum for the app has been LOCKED I as hoping the Dev of the app would read this and or a moderator would move this to the correct forum. Anyway, can you add a setting to change the temps to fahrenheit? Thank you.
  27. Hey guys! Good news! We have a new version that we are testing as we speak (write if someone want to test this version just send me a private message or share with me your email. Sorry for the very long delay,
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