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    I sorted it. I installed the prevoius version of Teamspeak and it worked no problem. Just installed the newer version one over the prevoius update and appears to be running fine now.
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    Hey everyone. That's some weird behaviour you guys are describing, thanks for the reports. May I ask how you guys start GW2? Are you using any command line options, or even a third party launcher?
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    We have received requests for a Mac version for a very long time. We understand that there are tons of people who want a Mac version, but currently, we are focused only on PC. It’s something we’d love to do, but it’s not on the table at this time. Rock On! Team Overwolf
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    Thanks!!! I just finished installed overwolf and now its working exactly as before
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    yes, I forgot that I had to go to the Overwolf App Store, and install the TS3 plugin.
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    I resolved this issue on my own. I had the game launching in 32 bit instead of 64bit. I also had added to the command line -dx9 to force dx9 as I think it may have been a conflict as my systems usually running 11. It was either 1 of those 2 issues that was creating the overlay to not sit overtop of the game. Thank you and I hope this helps someone in the future.
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    Fix seems to be to disable Riva's overlay for Hearthstone.
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    Hey @ADanimator! Thank you for reaching out to us We are looking into an issue with the TS Overwolf installer and should be able to fix it ASAP. Please try out the regular Overwolf installer, this will install Overwolf and then just head to the appstore to down any TS related app you need. Let me know if it worked for you~
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    Hi I sorted this. It turned out to be the new Nvidia Driver. Twicth works fine when i rolled the driver back.
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    Yes, you should see noticeable differences. There should also be text in the upper left of the screen telling you that a new preset was loaded.
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    Hey guys, I will let the SweetFX Overwolf app developer know about this issue. Thank you for your feedback ,Wolfs LEO
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    @geolove I think I had a similar issue the first time I tried installing it. Nothing would work and I almost gave up. What I ended up doing is installing it three time. In the Guild Wars 2 folder, in the bin64 folder and also in the bin folder. Not sure if that had anything to do with it working.
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    Yup working fine for me now, thanks @LEOkonami
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    @LEOkonamiHi, The issue is fixed, it was only Windows setting (microphone was set to zero by default). Thanks for help.
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    Thanks! Disabling the data tracking didn't work, but closing RazerIngameEngine.exe did. Overwolf is working fine, but now HearthArena isn't quite working, Is that something you could help with?. The display is up fine, but its stuck on "Evaluating options for pick X..." Tried the suggestions here and its still stuck evaluating. I manually filled out some picks on heartharena, and the app would detect me moving to the next pick, but never finish evaluating. Tried a mix of fullscreen/windowed mode, closed hearthstone a few times, up to my 5th pick now. On the bright side, deck is looking pretty good!
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    Hey @timteamtebow! Thank you for reaching out to us After analyzing your Overwolf logs, it would appear that you may have the Razer Synapse Data Tracking active. Please check out this article on our knowledge base and let me know if it helped you!
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    Hey again @Alfi This TeamSpeak Soundboard addon is not related to Overwolf. If it previously worked for you and what you mean is that it only doesn't work with Overwolf open - let me know. Otherwise, I would recommend that you contact TS3 Soundboard's support forum.
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    Hey @Xyzlasher! Thank for contacting us Lets try a quick setup installer. Once you run the installer, you'll need to do the following: Use the Windows search (press the Windows key + R) Enter C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf and press enter. Right click on the OverwolfLauncher.exe and create a shortcut to put on your desktop.
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    Hey dev, We use several channels where you can communicate with us and with the entire community. Here is a list of ways: Send us an email to developers@overwolf.com Join the discussion over the Developers Forum. Join us over our Slack Channel. Like us on Facebook, where you can also send us a private message. Follow us on Twitter and tweet us by using @OverwolfDevs. Rock on!
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    Hey! Conan Exiles will be released this Tuesday and I personally gonna be the first to buy it! We hope to provide support for this game as soon as it's out.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. We could potentially do so, although I don't think it will be good because it may confuse developers. We'll discuss this anyway. Thanks!
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    Hey Bluscream, You can use the same key names that are being used in the "hotkey" section in the manifest.json file. We will add a page with a list of valid keys soon.
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    Doesn't really matters, the issues are much more deeper... Sorry...
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    LEOkonami AGAIN thanks for your help! The issue was Fraps. So when someone else have this problem and have running Fraps you just should turn it off.
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    Let us try to do a clean sweep and re-install Overwolf. First, head to your control panel to uninstall Overwolf. Once you finish uninstalling it, head to C :\Program Files (x86) and see if you have an Overwolf folder (you shouldn't), and proceed to do the following: Use the Windows search (press the Windows key + R) . In the "Search" bar type "%localappdata%\overwolf" without the quotation marks. Delete the Overwolf folder. Then use this direct Overwolf download. Once you download that installer, follow these instructions to create a shortcut for Overwolf on your desktop: Use the Windows search (press the Windows key + R) Enter C :\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf and press enter. Right click on the OverwolfLauncher.exe and create a shortcut to put on your desktop. Please let me know if you need any further assistance!
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    Bringing this back up becasue it is a very needed feature. You don't have to make anything official. Just let us put a custom.xml in the appdata folder, so that our changes don't get overwritten on updates.
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    You might want to "Consider" (Harder/Faster) as users will find a way... if you go to %LocalAppData%\overwolf there is an xml file named something like GamesList.00000000.xml in it is a list of supported games what i did was added a new entry near the bottom 9999990 Your Games Title Here game.exe // Games exe Launcher.exe // Games Launcher (if applicable) D3D9 Supported HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SomeGame\InstallPath // Directory key for install path NotSupported true DInput8 true true Saved the file and restarted OW and poof it works