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    Yes, can use Overwolf just fine again now. Both the TS overlay/plugin/whatever it's called exactly and the videocapturing works. Thanks fellow Chris @ChriSKate!
  2. 2 likes
    @ChriSKate Thank you so much! It's working for me now, I'll forward it to a couple of friends to see if it works for them too.
  3. 2 likes
    ... And here we are again @Crizyz! I'm attaching a game list file with a fix for Arma3's new update. I tested it and it works just fine, let me know if it solves your problem and the file will be released to all Overwolf users To use this file, please check out this article on our knowledge base and follow the instructions on it. Arma3fix.7z
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    Hi Everyone I installed all latest windows updates and teamviewer and this helped. Maybe it will be useful for others.
  7. 2 likes
    thanks :D, i also only just noticed i named it "turning on capture"... there fixxed
  8. 2 likes
    Fix seems to be to disable Riva's overlay for Hearthstone.
  9. 1 like
    Nevermind, I updated TS3 and it works fine now. Thanks!
  10. 1 like
    A fix for this issue was released in the public version by now Glad everything worked out, your awareness helps us fix issues fast so good work and thank you all~!
  11. 1 like
    NVM, it is working now completely. One more question, how come DX12 doesnt work with Overwolf? Just curious @ChriSKate and thank you so much for helping me with my issue I appreciate it
  12. 1 like
  13. 1 like
    Thank you very much, this is like the best reply I could have got. I can't wait to use the software again. <3
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    Hello fellow gamers! We just kicked off with a Twitter and Facebook pages for Overwolf Support! These pages will be updated with important announcements and they are also another platform for you to contact us Make sure to like / follow them and stay up to date more conveniently!
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    Hey @Asheko! Thank you for contacting us It would appear that this is related to some wrong ad showing on Lolwiz. We stopped all ads from running on Lolwiz and are currently looking into it. It's extremely important to us (not just as 'Overwolf', but as gamers ourselves) to not have any intrusive ads. We take this very seriously and will update you soon.
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    @Crizyz, @Frogzey Thank you for the update guys! I'm glad to know this file fixed the issue, I have forwarded it in our HQ and it will be published to all users ASAP! Thank you again for all the cooperation and fast response, you rock! \m/
  17. 1 like
    Hey @Crizyz! Thank you for contacting us We got a few gamers (you included) letting us know about this issue with Arma 3's update and Overwolf not working together. Our teaming is currently looking into it, I hope to come back to you with updates ASAP. I appreciate all the info you provided and am forwarding it to our devs.
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    Hey @McManLlama! Thank you for your reply. None of the scenarios you mentioned is related to Overwolf in any way, Overwolf will not change your homepage or install any other program. By quickly looking up this amuleC program on Google, this looks like some malicious program that an AntiVirus should block, it's recommended that you check your PC in general. This thread is as old as time, and will be locked, for any related issues please open your own new thread. Keep in mind that in order to help you, we do need some basic information such as your Overwolf logs and some PC specs (we will never ask for any personal info such as your password or personal details) and this is to check for any errors you might have while running Overwolf and the main goal as a support team - to help you out.
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    Just wondering if and when Raptr hours will be able to be imported or not. I have 23k hours in a game and many hours in other games I would like to move to Overwolf! Seems there is no support for Raptr atm or they just dont update it anymore. But Id like to move to Overwolf if my hours from Raptr can be imported. If not, then Ill stay with Raptr til it shuts down or Overwolf can import my hours. I searched the forums here, but couldnt find any recent info on this issue. Everything seemed yrs old and nothing new about this. TY!
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    Thank you for this! It works fine now.
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    What it needs to do is only be displayed with the overwolf app is active on screen. ATM I have to minimize it and close the overlay, they should be the same overlay, like how steam does it. and no, making a separate hotkey does not help as the mouse cursor is bound to the overwolf "in-game" part, and browsers just do work is you don't have a mouse cursor to use them with... I want to like this app, but it makes it really hard with how poorly some of the stuff is implemented.
  22. 1 like
    I forgot to post an answer earlier but thanks to Leo we found out that Razer statistics was blocking the overlay.. however it still doesn't work 100% well
  23. 1 like
    Hey again @Bluscream! In this case, I'd like to see your Overwolf logs, can you please attach them here? To learn how to get to your logs check out this article on our knowledge base.
  24. 1 like
    Hey @Deadth Please try this game list, it should work now. Let us know if you have any other issue Arma2OaDayzWin10Fix.xml.7z
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    @LEOkonami Works now, thanks! Will let you know if it screws up again. Even better the server I play on has TFR, so I can know who is talking locally.
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    Bringing this back up becasue it is a very needed feature. You don't have to make anything official. Just let us put a custom.xml in the appdata folder, so that our changes don't get overwritten on updates.
  27. 1 like
    Just to clarify, I am trying to do the opposite... Call the OW API via one of the OW DLLs, not try to call an external DLL from within OW. Also, do we have an idea as to what time-frame this may happen in? So I take it that with this NPAPI solution I would probably have to write a DLL in C# or VC or whatever that wrapped various OW calls? Whilst it would be cool to be able to access OW via NPAPI, could you maybe consider exposing something via DLL calls? How about (and please excuse my ignorance - I have no experience of OW yet) you allow the user to declare an app "myapp" and declare it of type "APIText". Then provide a DLL with OW that allows you to inject an HTML <p> tag into an "APIText" type window? ie you load "OWAPIText.dll" and call a function within it like InjectAPIText("myapp", "<h1>Hello World</h1>"). That way I would not need to provide custom DLLs with my apps just to be able to inject text into games. Even better would be the ability to allow users to use the GUI of my macros from within OW. Maybe this would be clarified if I gave some examples: Using a 3rd party UI from within OW: My most popular app (2000+ uses per week!) is UJR (http://evilc.com/joomla/articles/9-code/autohotkey/1-ujr-universal-joystick-remapper). This allows people to control a virtual joystick with one or more physical sticks. It is useful in games that do not support multiple sticks (eg split stick / throttle) or provide adjustments not available in games (eg invert axis, deadzone etc). However, in order to be able to bind the *virtual* joystick to in-game functions, users need a way of being able to manipulate the virtual stick without moving the physical stick. I provide a hotkey-based solution for this (Hit a keyboard key, and UJR moves a joystick axis) but to be able to use the GUI in full-screen games without tabbing out would be a really cool feature. Injecting text: UJR Companion (UJRC) is an app designed to allow users to define "shift states" for keyboard / mouse / joystick buttons. For example, in a game you may want the dpad to do one thing normally, but when you hold another "shift" button, you want it to do something entirely different. Currently shift buttons only work when held (to avoid user confusion), but if I could provide OSD functionality, I could allow users to switch states with a press rather than a hold, and show the current shift state on-screen inside the game.
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    You might want to "Consider" (Harder/Faster) as users will find a way... if you go to %LocalAppData%\overwolf there is an xml file named something like GamesList.00000000.xml in it is a list of supported games what i did was added a new entry near the bottom 9999990 Your Games Title Here game.exe // Games exe Launcher.exe // Games Launcher (if applicable) D3D9 Supported HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SomeGame\InstallPath // Directory key for install path NotSupported true DInput8 true true Saved the file and restarted OW and poof it works