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      Windows XP\ Vista support dropped   11/19/2016

      It's been a while but I think some people (especially first time visitor's) don't know yet


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  1. I prepared a gamelist file that might fix the issue for you. If it does, let me know and we will release the fix to all of our users. To use the game list just follow these 5 simple steps: Click the Windows “Start” button. In the "Search" bar type "%localappdata%/Overwolf" without the quotation marks. Press enter. Locate the GamesList.xml and replace the file with the attached file here Restart Overwolf Start the game after Overwolf starts Follow this Gif-guide: https://gfycat.com/GlisteningZealousKouprey GamesList.8963042WowRtFix.xml.7z
  2. From your logs I can see that Overwolf in injecting in to WoW. Can you please retry and check if you can see Overwolf in game? Are you running WoW in dx9 or dx11?
  3. Hey @Ciraxe By using Overwolf's TS3 plugin the full TS will inject into your games, this is the way we overlay TS in game. As you know Overwolf is the official overlay for TeamSpeak, if you don't want to use the overlay option uninstall the TS3 plugin. Please let me know if you need any further assistant,
  4. I would love to try using these accounts and find out the issue there, you can send me a message in private
  5. We would love to change it, even design it better. Any ideas? Feel free to send me or @ChriSKate a message Rock On Or
  6. i unstall overwolf but when i open him they say to me Shortcut missing helpe me 

  7. @OktaWolf Overwolf QA needs to enable the game and make sure that there are no errors\bugs or even crashes with Overwolf. We want to make sure that your gaming experience isn't effected, it is very important to us and we have to make sure Overwolf isn't causing any issue, what so ever! For example 'Space Engineers', this game can't be used\ enabled with Overwolf due to big cursor technical difficulties. As for now there isn't a way to manually support games for Overwolf Keep On Rocking
  8. I will show this issue to the head of the R&D Hope to find the issue Or
  9. Hey there @Dragzor, Thank you for this interesting info, I tried to reproduce this issue with this tool ( LatencyMon ). I didn't see any abnormalities, but I guess you know this app better than me, so can you share with me a more detailed information like output logs of this app, screenshot of this error, what can it effect apart of the desyncing issue? Hope to hear from you soon
  10. @LemmyMTH Are you trying to create an Overwolf account in our client? It seems that your nickname is already in use by another user, please try again with a different username. Let me know if it works
  11. Hey @Istarion @frogboy_7, I just added these games to the voting list, go and vote for your games. Overwolf support
  12. Hey @KillStreakArtz , SAMP doesn't support video recording by default. The main issue is that in some systems the video recording just won't work, that is why we disabled this feature... The workaround will not necessarily work for anyone. Sorry for the discomfort
  13. Hey @ArturKontrabaev, Let us try to do a clean sweep and re-install Overwolf. First, head to your control panel to uninstall Overwolf. Once you finish uninstalling it, head to C :\Program Files (x86) and see if you have an Overwolf folder (you shouldn't), and proceed to do the following: Use the Windows search (press the Windows key + R) . In the "Search" bar type "%localappdata%\overwolf" without the quotation marks. Delete the Overwolf folder. Then use this direct Overwolf download. Once you download that installer, follow these instructions to create a shortcut for Overwolf on your desktop: Use the Windows search (press the Windows key + R) Enter C :\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf and press enter. Right click on the OverwolfLauncher.exe and create a shortcut to put on your desktop. Please let me know if you need any further assistance!
  14. Hey @Elethia, It seems like you are trying to record your game without the Overwolf Game Capture app. Please do the following: Download the Game Capture app from our app store or click here to download it. Try to see if it works now.
  15. We have a known issue using some MSI apps with Overewol, can you disable your MSI Nahimic or Dragon Gaming Center? Please let me know if it works!