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      It's been a while but I think some people (especially first time visitor's) don't know yet


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  1. valid points and Im with you on the topic that the user onboarding / default settings need some review
  2. The way you ask for it is not very clear, so it's not easy to tell what you are even asking for in the first place. First you describe the the problem that you have to use multiple Hotkeys, 1 to open the browser and 1 to unlock (interact with) it. Which I gave you the solution for I guess. Then you describe a completely different Problem, that the Browser stays open unless you close it with a button / hotkey? How is the overwolf client supposed to decide when someone is done with the browser? There are people that keep it open and interact with the game at the same time.
  3. Hey there, am I the only one who doesn't click with the new color-scheme? Originally I thought it was a work in progress, but that doesn't seem to be the case The Forum got a way cleaner look when the Forum-software changed and that is kind of ruined with this (imo) half assed reskin to red. I don't think everything has to be branded right away, the previous color theme was just fine and very balanced. It also doesn't seem that there is any setting available to choose another color-theme, so everyone is forced to live with it as is. To explain my opinion: I get that overwolf's color's are black and red, but with the current color-scheme there are some serious Issues in my eyes (literally) 1) it's not followed through. The Tag things are still blue, also the links and everything that is red just seems totally forced into another pre-set color-scheme instead of part of a coherent design 2) some of the red-tones are just hurtful on brightish monitors 3) The Mod-color (bright green) and the "tacked on" red colors just are a horrible combination. Besides that, the ultra bright green of the mod-name makes it very hard to read on white background. 4) in the remaining products from overwolf (Logo, website) the red is an accenture color, and that is certainly for a good reason. Way too much (bright) red on this forum atm. Suggestion: make the majority of what got styled redish black/grey to make it way easier on the eyes. Currently I don't want to have to spend more then five minutes on the forum since it is just not very pleasent to read stuff with the red distractions shoved into my viewport. Thanks for your time.
  4. Ah I see what you mean (I think). Just set overwolf to react on hover instead of on the additional hotkey-activation.
  5. Did you test which app causes this specifically? If you go to support -> Development Options You can disable specific apps without having to de-/reinstall them to check which one is causing the issue. Might be helpful for further support.
  6. I'm not familiar with the hotkeys needed, could you elaborate on the problem?
  7. @aRestless is working on fixing this afaik. Maybe he can give you more infos
  8. You might have lost your attached file if I see this right?
  9. That's an separate app, unrelated to lolwiz
  10. don't know if the teamspeak plugin is actually open sourced somewhere. Maybe this helps you get on track: https://github.com/meh/npapi-mumble-link But be aware that NPAPI is not working anymore with the next overwolf release ( see the overwolf plugins repo for the new way to include them) https://github.com/overwolf/overwolf-plugins https://github.com/overwolf/overwolf-sample-plugin
  11. Hey there, There is actually a telegram app on the store already, so you might even not have to do anything http://store.overwolf.com/app/Tackyou-Telegram Im not sure if it's possible to turn any app running on the pc into an overwolf app, since there might be permission problems etc. etc when trying to access stuff from overwolf. If the app has a web-api, you can basically create a web-application that uses that API to interact with the application / service. For interacting with the OS and the apps on it you would need to create a plugin, which i can't tell you anything about due to missing expertise. Maybe @noobay can educate us, what is actually possible with plugins (afaik everything that C# offers, but I think accessing other applications is a bit tricky on its own and would need the application actually offering an interface for that)
  12. @LEOkonami could you have a look at this? It's been around a while now without staff attention
  13. I suspect you are using the new Client update? They recently added spectates there and that Lolwiz might not have been updated to work with the new client in that regard properly. @Tastefull may need to look at this
  14. I don't have the technical insight to back this, but I'm pretty sure transparency is way less expensive then using different windows, since it is basically as if you would open a browser tab for each. I'd go with using a transparent window spanning the whole screen, expecially if you plan on creating 100 elements you want to position.
  15. I don't know if it's possible. What's your use case for this? If you need multiple panels of whatever kind it might be sufficient to create new JS / DOM Objects instead of complete Windows using some template library like mustache for example.