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  1. Which apps for example? If apps get removed from the store they usual have some form of malfunction and get removed until the issue is resolved to prevent users installing the broken version.
  2. I think Overwolf does not use https for their websites (which should be changed nowadays). Where does it say it is not secure? Every page that does not use https is considered "insecure" by Chrome for example. @LEOkonami
  3. Hey, this is not a choice from Lolwiz but the fact, that the Servers for Taiwan, Phillipines and the other regions not listed are run by Garena and not by RIOT Games. Lolwiz and many other apps that use ingame-data for their services are dependant on the RIOT Games API providing this data, but Garena does not offer such a thing. So it's not possible to get the ingame data neccessary to accumulate and display the statistics. If Garena should decide in the future to offer a public API it will be implemented immediatly into Lolwiz and all other apps that depend on these public APIs for sure.
  4. Image is not accessible. Does the problem still occur? Sometimes the 3rd party sites where the data is gathered from is unavailable temporarily.
  5. Second that
  6. Hey, first of all please give context to your question. What app are you talking about? Second (im assuming you talk about lolwiz!?) did you play any ranked games with that champion?
  7. What apps did you have running / installed? @LEOkonami Please pass the info on
  8. There is no API for overwolf notifications yet
  9. discord

    if you think so, but the overwolf dev team is on there and about 100 community devs. If you want to build an open overwolf dev community go for it, sure. If writing an email is too much effort for a developer I don't think I even want to be in the same community though Edit: seems I missed the point that you want it to be not developers only, so sure, discord is better for that then. The title implies it's a carbon copy of the slack community
  10. If just following the structure / naming of the present voicepacks does not work, I guess the voicepacks are not dynamically implemented using that folder but rather through config files / hard coded. As dirty solution you might try to replace a present voicepacks files with your own I guess.
  11. The Forum unfortunately dissolved into a support pit and there are very few actually active members on here unfortunately. I think it's a great idea. Maybe @BobDev has some ideas for implementation possibilities for this?
  12. Pinging @goodbyte for the feedback
  13. discord

    There is a populated slack team for this already you might want to join instead http://developers.overwolf.com/slack/
  14. The extensions bloat was fixed in the latest update only keeping the latest 2 versions of an app
  15. valid points and Im with you on the topic that the user onboarding / default settings need some review