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  1. Wildstar still unsupportet? Me and my Guild are waiting for it
  2. Will it be supportet again in future? Me and much other Guild Members need it for Teamspeak Overlay :s
  3. TS overlay is still moved in Background for me too on Wildstar 64bit.exe I using Boarderless Fullscreen mode ingame. Waiting for an fix, my wife also
  4. Overwolf runs now in front of Wildstar, but if i wanna see my teamspeak channel, it switches in the background, so teamspeak overlay wont be on the top of Wildstar, hope you fix that soon I also use boarderless fulscreen, or is there any work arround? thx for that
  5. Hay, it looks great. NIce work. But one think there is, you should improve^^ you locked the window size, but its to width for the timer, you also can do that with an smaler one^^. What do you think?