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  1. to be completely honest I used vanilla sublime up until now, but IDEs make the process easier and faster.
  2. @christianinaus I actually don't have anything to add to what @Colorfulstan wrote, but I'll be glad to share what I sent to OW for my app. although it is not a LOL app, I think it covers the overview of what needs to be sent. just private message me and I'll share with you the presentation and mockups.
  3. as for the teamspeak app, I suspect they used a plugin for their backend and just used the same UI schemes for the app itself, so it looked the same. since most of the events and updates happen on the server anyway. so they didn't just "convert" it somehow from a desktop app to an OW app. but an OW developer can shed more light on the subject.
  4. Hi @unconvincible and welcome in short- there is no simple way to "convert" proper Desktop apps to OW apps, and I don't see an added benefit for connecting them with Overwolf. although for some apps the process might be easier than others (open source, have an API for data extraction) so it heavily depends on the case . Mumble-Link uses an existing infrastructure specific for mumble... links. As for a generalized solution, well... there is a simple but very ineffective solution to making any application run as an overlay. simply download always-on-top , extract and run it, then just select a window you'd like to stay on-top (as an overlay) and click ctrl+space. NOTE: It won't get in of front full-screen applications, so you'd have to have the game on a "borderless window" or "windowed" setting How it works: this app was written using a Windows automation software called AutoHotKey, it takes the currently selected window (the one that is focused) and makes it a "topmost" window - meaning it will get in front of everything except for full-screen applications. (well, if you want to display content over full-screen windows with DirectX content, you'd have to dabble in the "dark" arts of d3d hooking and code injection, which even with supporting libraries, is not recommeded for time concerns and your own sanity).
  5. As a developer, I want to streamline the app creation process and am considering writing an Overwolf App Development integration to a popular IDE. And since there are many widely-used IDEs for web app development, I decided to find out what you guys use the most, to narrow down my options. (the final decision will be made noting the IDE's own exstensibility options). your cooperation is greatly appreciated
  6. also, if anyone is interested, I extended the simple-IO plugin by a bit. Added directory creation and expanded the amount of directories you are allowed to write to(in a relatively secure manner). The repo for my plugin can be found here Simple-IO-Plugin-Directory-Freedom (github link)
  7. adding to the selection of available notepad apps, my app WolfPad (link) is out! it allows you to save your notes as .txt files saved to your "My Documents/WolfPad" folder. you can use the "Save As PlainText" menu option (alt+shift+s) to ditch the formatting used to format the notes if you only need the text.
  8. Hi Scooter! and welcome to the community The listed APIs are just suggestions from the Overwolf team to make you excited about the possibilities of creating an app for Overwolf, these are all 3rd-party APIs and are not implemented in Overwolf's platform. good luck
  9. lol, are we three working on the same thing? sure you don't wanna join forces or something?
  10. I don't think they'd stop it from working (as it is part of the system they are using to run overwolf), but I will give it a look. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. aaaand i've got it working. PM me for an unpacked version I found a bug when resizing + dragging, so I'll hold on publicly releasing the unpacked version until I figure it out.
  12. I did see the new one. but(afaik) Overwolf relies on webkit which - in turn(correct me if I'm wrong) - will always support NPRuntime. I think that thing they did is just to simplify matters.
  13. I can always hack a custom one
  14. I meant the Browser toolbar, so it now looks like this
  15. took the liberty of removing the toolbar and adding buttons for resizing and exiting. You can drag the window around by clicking and dragging anywhere (except for the text area). Modified Oeditor