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  1. Hey, Thanks for the request! We are working on Appstore improvements so we might have more issue in the very near future. Stay tuned for that
  2. Hey dev, We use several channels where you can communicate with us and with the entire community. Here is a list of ways: Send us an email to developers@overwolf.com Join the discussion over the Developers Forum. Join us over our Slack Channel. Like us on Facebook, where you can also send us a private message. Follow us on Twitter and tweet us by using @OverwolfDevs. Rock on!
  3. Hey! Conan Exiles will be released this Tuesday and I personally gonna be the first to buy it! We hope to provide support for this game as soon as it's out.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. We could potentially do so, although I don't think it will be good because it may confuse developers. We'll discuss this anyway. Thanks!
  5. Good morning wolflings, This version is all about improving the Overwolf experience and applying some much needed bugs fixes. New thingy! We’re not calling you fat, we’re just saying you have a whole lot of pixels For all of you high resolutioners, Maximize window mode now supports screens above full HD resolution, so we can Maximize Overwolf windows to fit your whole screen. More on the way: Game summary bonanza! Overwatch, World of Tanks and Hearthstone gamers, look up! We have End Game screens coming your way, with recaps, highlights, and APM data. See you on the other side of this version, Overwolf Team
  6. Happy 2017 everyone, News from the performance front – our brave R&D team have upgraded our CEF version (Chromium Embedded Framework – the engine behind our platform), and that means across the board performance improvement. In short, our security is now tighter, our browser is faster, and our stability enhanced. R&D team, you rock. We’ve also updated our browser and it’s now bookmarking and shooting shortcuts like crazy! Here are the new shortcuts we’ve added for your in-game pleasure: Reload page – Ctrl + R Show/hide bookmarks bar – Ctrl + Shift + B Bookmark this page – Ctrl + D Redo text edit within an input textbox – Ctrl + Shift + Z In the settings drop down menu: Show bookmarks bar – Ctrl + Shift + B Bookmark this page – Ctrl + D That’s it for today folks. For any questions, feedback, issues or general holiday rant – we’re here for you, just drop us a comment below. Overwolf Team
  7. Thanks for the request! we'll see what we can do about it
  8. Hello devs! In addition to the forum, we'd also love to see you among us in our Slack community for developers. You will be able to discuss about code and product with other developers, in addition to other Overwolf team members that will be able to help you. To get your invitation, please send us your email over this page. See you there!
  9. As I wrote in the original answer, not all the apps are eligible for the reward program. And also, we mentioned in the challenge website how developing an app is not a waste of time, as you can monetize your app. But it's definitely up to you what you do with your app and how you develop and improve it. From the challenge website: MONETIZING YOUR APP TO HELP SUPPORT ITS FUTURE (AND YOURS!) Some Overwolf apps already make thousands of dollars a month from advertising. Apart from creating something wonderful that will enhance the experience of millions of players, you could also make a living for yourself. Take a look at LoLwiz as an example - it became the full time job of its developers.
  10. Hey there! welcome You are allowed to use your website database to power up your app. This Logitech Emulator that will help you develop the app without an LED keyboard. You can download it from here. You will find the "Developer" Tab in the Settings with access to the Arx Console, LCD Emulator, and LED Emulator. If you submit your app to the LoL developers challenge you can't enter the reward program as well. And to be eligible to the reward program, we need to approve your full proposal first. Not all the apps automatically verified for the reward. I hope those answers help you
  11. Looks awesome! Much appreciated.
  12. Inside the Overwolf Dock you have a "My Skins" app, there you can choose the skin you want to use. Please tell me if you have any other questions or if you need more help.
  13. Just a small FYI to other testers, I made some tests with CSGO and LoL and it works pretty well. Thanks for the update goodbyte!
  14. Hey goodbyte, Thanks for the feedback. We definitely don't want to give the impression that only the challenge winners are important to us. The development process of every app is appreciated and I'll make sure everyone will get a proper feedback for their work. Thank you!