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Found 15 results

  1. heartharena app not recognizing picks, first i was having a problem with the app even seeing that i entered the arena, after a reinstall, i had to go into the app and open the website to pick my class and my first pick, went back to the app in hearthstone and i recognized my second pick and stopped, so i canceled my draft in the app and went back to the steps of picking a class and drafting first and second pick, went back to hearthstone and it recognized the 3rd pick and stopped again. noticed when i went into the website in the app it would not even load my current draft, it loaded my previous one which i was able to play on a different computer(the previous computer is off right now) what i tried: -reinstalling overwolf -running overwolf as admin -changing overwolf compatiblity to windows 7(i am on windows 10 64bit) -adding the line "-dx9" to hearthstone game settings to run on directx 9
  2. Hi folks. So yea, I just recently started using Overwolf, and I love it and its apps. One thing I didn't care for at first was the Game Session Summary after each game, that showed all my moves / plays in GIF style or something for Hearthstone. I think I disabled it? Or maybe it's now gone completely? Either way, I cannot for the life of me enable it, if it's even possible. The "Game Summary" thing isn't there anymore when I right click the overwolf icon, and even when it was, it wasn't doing anything. I have uninstalled / re-installed. Did the new update kill it? (edit) Further investigation... 19.9.0 is my version, didn't know about showing the other apps included. Clicking "launch" does nothing, and nothing when I right click the overwolf icon on taskbar. (Edit) More investigation... hmm. Well, I launched Game Summary, checked the Overwolf Task Manager, and it was running before logging into Hearthstone, during, and up until I exited the game. It was running the whole time, but nothing happened when I save/exit/played a match. I dunno what's going on...
  3. Hey guys, Overwolf is no longer working once I launch hearthstone. Whether in fullscreen or not, when Hearthstone launches, overwolf & the dock closes and nothing I click will work until I close out of Hearthstone. I've restarted & checked other games (it works fine in Overwatch). I used it yesterday no problem for an arena run & haven't downloaded any other programs or anything today it just simply stopped working with hearthstone. Please help! Thanks, -Pete
  4. Sometimes Heartharena sits there and says "Waiting for you to start Hearthstone..." even while Hearthstone is running, it's also displayed outside the scope of the Hearthstone window. Is there a way to force it to attach to Hearthstone while Hearthstone is running without actually restarting Hearthstone? Because on my machine Hearthstone can take a while to relaunch and it's a pain.
  5. Hearthstone Constant FPS Drops

    I'm getting constant FPS drops on Hearthstone when I have Overwolf open. I'm on Windows 10.
  6. I've added the -dx9 command line for hearthstone. Tried in fullscreen/not. Fiddled with a lot of things, in running admin mode, etc, etc. FPS won't display, overlay no-no, trying to get the heartharena app working but at the moment nothing seems to. Strangely, worked perfectly fine on dota, didn't even realize I had overwolf on and it just popped up. I'm new to overwolf, so you might need to take me back to the basics. Tried searching for the fix, went to FAQs, at wit's end at the moment. Thanks for the help, sorry if I'm wasting your time D: Log attached Log.rar
  7. We have been receiving feedback from some of you gamers concerning an issue with Overwolf on Hearthstone. Two of the built-in feature softwares on MSI laptops (Dragon Center & Nahimic) while working at the same time in the background are colliding with Overwolf and causing Hearthstone to freeze. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it, we appreciate all the feedback and cooperation! As a temporary solution to keep running Overwolf with Hearthstone, we recommend not having both Dragon Center and Nahimic run at the same time (Right-click and close one of these softwares from their tray icons in your start bar before running Hearthstone).
  9. I am not getting any problems with other games but only when i open hearthstone the overwolf dock dissapears suddenly and also the app called heartharena doesnt working. Can somebody help me with this , i tried every solutions like (uninstall both hearthstone and overwolf , delete the localefiles datas etc. etc. ) but nothing worked. I need help !
  10. HearthArena Companion app not starting

    Hi, I can't launch the HearthArena Companion app. Overwolf shows up in Hearthstone, but when I click on the HearthArena Companion app nothing happens. It doesn't start and there is no error message. I couldn't launch it in any way. The store says the app is installed. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Overwolf companion not loading

    I downloaded the overwolf companion app for heartharena, and i tried to load it after updating my .NET software. When I loaded the app, i got an error message displaying: To run this application, you must first install one of the following versions of the .NET framework: v4.0.30319 Contact your application publisher for instructions about obtaining the appropriate version of the .NET framework. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Thanks.
  12. Good evening, This issue just started tonight. I am using of the HearthArena plugin. In the past whenever the app wanted to open a browser it would use my default one (Chrome), but today it is using the Overwolf browser. I checked the overwolf settings to make sure the option to use the overwolf browser was unchecked. How can I figure this to use my default browser and not the Overwolf one? Thanks (If I posted this in the wrong section I apologize)
  13. It used to work fine, but now it seems that hook for Hearthstone is no longer working. When I load the game, the overlay disappears from the top layer over the game and only shows up behind the game when I alt-tab. My logs are attached. Hearthstone_03-14-16_07-15-19.Game.html OverwolfHelper_03-14-16_07-14-38.Game.html OverwolfHelper64_03-14-16_07-14-38.Game.html Overwolf_03-14-16_07-14-32.Game.html OverwolfAgent_03-14-16_07-14-38.Game.html
  14. DeckMate app download broken

    Hi guys, i was looking for a app to use within hearthstone...to set my decklist visible , and i try multiple times to download deckMate and it sais Error... and trying to connect.. and i went online to download from app store site, and it sais acces denined..pls help keep up the good work
  15. Hi, I want to tail the Hearthstone Power.log out of my Overwolf App to get info about game events. Here's my code: plugin().getTextFile(logPath, false, function (status, data) { if (!status) { console.log("No Power.log file found."); } else { console.log(data); } }); Now this works just fine, if I don't have Hearthstone open. But when I have it open, the status is false... So what I have to cope with is: 1) Accessibility when the file is used by another program 2) Tailing a file instead of just getting it's current data I am pretty sure this is possible with Overwolf somehow, because Heartharena does exactly that. Would be really grateful for some help. Thank you.