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Found 29 results

  1. Low Frame GIF capture on replay

    I have been using overwolf for a while now but I noticed a steep decline in the FPS of the GIF's that are captured for the replay HUD. I looked in the advanced settings and saw that my gif captures are locked at 8 FPS and am unsure how to change it. Any help would be great thanks!
  2. When i move my mouse in games the fps goes down to 1 or 2
  3. Hey Overwolf users. I'm just getting into a clan on a game that uses Teamspeak 3 as their main communications, and so I decided to attempt to download the Overwolf TS3 Overlay. I have tried installing the Overlay through the Teamspeak Click-Widget-Thing, Installing the .exe that you get from the App List on Overwolf.com, and tried just installing regular Overwolf. All three give me an error that says "Connection Error - Please check your internet connection and try again" with a "Got It" button to click that just sends me back to the beginning of the installer about 1 minute after clicking "Install". I've tried wiping my local files, program files, white-listing, turning off my firewall completely, disabling and enabling my connection, nothing works. My log files will be below. Log.rar
  4. Hi, I have wanted to stream for a while and decided to start through over watch since its not too complex to use, but. Every time i click "go live" it loads for about 8 seconds and says "an unexpected error has occurred." What is there to do to fix this, I have everything set up, webcam as well. Is there a solution to this problem?
  5. I recently got a new monitor with the resolution of 1920x1080, at 33". I felt this was too big to play league of legends at fullscreen so I changed the resolution to 1280x720 windowed so i wouldnt have to go so far across the screen. Now when Lolwiz opens the top part is cut off so I can only see the bottom teams stats and such. Is there a way to fit Lol wiz to screen so I can see it all?
  6. I've added the -dx9 command line for hearthstone. Tried in fullscreen/not. Fiddled with a lot of things, in running admin mode, etc, etc. FPS won't display, overlay no-no, trying to get the heartharena app working but at the moment nothing seems to. Strangely, worked perfectly fine on dota, didn't even realize I had overwolf on and it just popped up. I'm new to overwolf, so you might need to take me back to the basics. Tried searching for the fix, went to FAQs, at wit's end at the moment. Thanks for the help, sorry if I'm wasting your time D: Log attached Log.rar
  7. Hey Guys, Recently, Eve Online has gone through a change, rendering the default in-game browser useless. The game was set to handle all in game links through that, and now that CCP has stopped its function completely, all the In-Game links are opening in the default windows browser (in my case, Google Chrome). Overwolf has never caught in-game links in Eve Online before, even with the browser setting turned on. As the in-game browser is now gone, this is the perfect chance for Overwolf to become a crucial part of eve. The browser feature is much needed now, and i'd like to be able to use it ASAP.
  8. The installation prompts me to install .NET Framework 3.5 When I try, I get the following error: "The system cannot find the file specified." "Error code: 0x80070002" When I try to skip this step, the installation program closes completely. I'm at a loss. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Please help
  9. Runescape not working with Overwolf

    Alright, so i just downloaded Overwolf and naturally, i'm trying to use it with on of my favorite games. However, it appears to not work, it recognizes that im playing the game, but it doesn't allow the overlay. This bothers me due to the fact that i was drawn to Overwolf because i could use the game capture app. With this problem though it is currently impossible for me to actually make use of the app. https://gyazo.com/39d508a9a682d113b23adc3537b99bda ^^^ Shows that it recognizes game. I tried launching the game with Overwolf, I've tried opening Overwolf before the game and vise versa. I've tried reinstalling everything, but had no luck. Game is set to Direct X as well. Any ideas on what i should do?
  10. Hello, I have been trying to recording a game with some friends on teamspeak. I can hear them fine when I am in the game however when I go back to watch it everyone is very quiet. How can I increase the volume of my teamspeak when I am recording using Game capture?
  11. Missing teamspeak

    Hello I recently installed teamspeak and overwolf. Problem is - Teamspeak doesn't appear in the overwolf icons. It did before I formatted my pc, now there's an icon for My Skins instead. I searched the problem and didn't find answers that helped me. I tried reinstalling and launching in different orders and I'm not sure what else to do. I'm running a win7 64bit, and as I said, this worked before and somehow doesn't work now. I'll add a pic with where the teamspeak icon used to be... Thinking about it, it's almost like overwolf doesn't recognize I have a teamspeak. Thanks in advance!
  12. Replay HUD not playing replays in game

    Hey, The replays are saved in the folder but cannot view them during game. they seem to refuse to play or show anything. I have tried re-installing... Here are my logs: Log.zip Thank you for your help
  13. Overwolf Not Detecting Teamspeak 3

    I recently re-installed Teamspeak 3 and overwolf both on a seperate hard drive than my windows hard drive. (I have Windows on a SSD and I have my programs on a HDD) Since I did that, Overwolf doesn't show the overlay when I'm in game of who is talking/joins/leaves. I do have the Teamspeak 3 Control Plugin enabled. Any help? I can post extra screenshots/my settings if needed.

    Okay so I wanted Overwolf because it looks like a really cool system! I downloaded the installer and booted it up, but it read a message saying "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software developer" I assumed that Overwolf was a 32bit installer, and I have a 64bit OS, so I tried to find an installer that was 64bit, but all of the 64bit ones turned up with the same results. If anyone can offer any advice to try and help fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! ~::UPDATE::~ I got it working!! What I did was I extracted the files (Using WinRar) from the Overwolf installer that you download, and ran the installer that was extracted!
  15. so i did a reset on my Windows 8 Toshbia laptop and now as im re installing all my things/games overwolf wont work it keeps saying "Overwolf is running on another microsoft account please close it and try again" i took a screenshot as well http://i.gyazo.com/8fb839c983c915003a8d338eb699c69f.png
  16. Overwolf can't find DotA2

    Hello, My overwolf can't seem to find my dota client, I tried adding manually but it still wouldn't work. I think it may have to do that I have it installed under C:/steamlibrary instead of C:/Program Files. But then it should work when trying to add it manually. I am using windows 8.1 64 bit version. Help please! Update: For some reason Overwolf works like usual in dota now but it still can't find dota.
  17. I just installed the most recent Overwolf and apparently it wont start. I've read some topics and I've done a clean uninstall then reinstalling, even deleted the "SettingsPageCache" but the same error still pops up. How do I fix this problem?
  18. Overwolf Is Already Running

    I just downloaded Overwolf and everything was seemingly going fine. I logged in and was browsing some of the apps to download. When all of a sudden the appstore crashed, on attemp to log back on, the error "Overwolf is already running" wouldn't stop popping up. I can still use the dock mode but didn't have enough time to download any apps before it did this. After reading up on this I saw that the moderators/admins like to see a copy of the log files so I have attached them to the bottom of this post. Also if it helps knowing this all went bad seconds after clicking the download lolwiz app. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this, and I hope to hear from someone soon. Log.rar
  19. Change Profile settings

    Hey, so, I just got the program, love it. Wanna change my profile pic/age/location etc, when i click on the head in the top right, then go manage account, I can enter the info, but it wont save. Please Help!
  20. Thanks to this thread : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=36834 I managed to get overwolf in Elite: Dangerous. But, it seems that the GamesList.*******.xml file is being overwritten by Overwolf, wiping out any additions. Does it possible, dear Overwolf dev., to add Elite: Dangerous to the game list ? Thanks in advance !
  21. Overwolf Recording Issue!?

    Hello! so I've encountered this problem where upon reviewing a game play i have recorded, Whilst i am playing the game live and recording all at once, my voice is very quiet, but it picks up everyone else's voice fine in Skype. This only happens when I record live and do voice-overs with Overwolf. Any tips or tricks to maybe fix this problem? Other than that, Overwolf has been a charm to use! Also, The recording is choppy sometimes when i play it back, and i have lowered the quality settings for the Recorder, but my computer can run the game perfectly fine whilst recording? Thank you for your help! ~Blind Kamekazi
  22. Star Citizen no ingame support help pls

    Hey guys, I have Star Citizen in my games list, when I click it, it launches the game launcher... I login launch the game but there is no overwolf ingame. Can someone help me get it to work please?
  23. Hi all, recently I've downloaded the google play music player app, and generally it works most of the time, however sometimes when I load it up it has a bad day and skips a beat every now and then. I'm currently playing WoW when I use this app, so far the only thing I figured out is just restarting my computer , but sometimes that doesn't always work . So does anyone have any other solutions ?, i've tried resetting the app and reloaded the game and everything, but it does not seem to work.
  24. Need help trying to uninstall overwolf but NO amount of keyboard moving the window will let me see any window for overwolf. Thanks for the help.