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PayDay 2 - double cursor bug FIXED!

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Greetings gamers!

It took a while, but here it is - no more double cursor on PayDay2 when using Overwolf!

I'm adding a gamelist file to this post and I'll explain how to use it for now.
Once our devs release a new Overwolf version to the public, this fix will be implemented :)

To use the game list just follow these 5 simple steps:
  1. Press the windows key + R
  2. Type in: %localappdata%/Overwolf and hit enter
  3. Locate the GamesList.xml file and replace it with the one you got from us
    Usually, you'll need to extract it first so make sure you have winzip/winrar/7zip/other compressing tool installed on your PC.
  4. Restart Overwolf
  5. Start Overwolf and start the game

Follow this Gif-guide:

Any feedback will be appreciated on this topic so please let us know if this fixed the issue for you!


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