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      It's been a while but I think some people (especially first time visitor's) don't know yet
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      Be respectful! There's another person on the other end of that conversation! The forums are a place to discuss anything related to Overwolf and beyond but want this to be a place where people feel comfortable to participate and have fun! Keep it on topic, keep it constructive - Threads should be constructive and have a clear topic. Replies to that topic should be relevant. Bumping a thread without adding relevant information is not considered constructive. Bumping a thread from a long time ago is also not constructive (Overwolf updates every 2 weeks, things change). Attacks or Accusations are not acceptable - Attacking another person is unacceptable, the circumstances are irrelevant, just don't do it. Read the topic - Know what people are talking about in the thread. Stick to the given topic and don't derail it. Search - We have a great search function, use it before you post a new thread as it's possible someone has asked your question before and there's info on it. Don't see something about your question or topic after searching? Post it! (keep in mind that bumping threads from a long time ago is not recommended, post your own). Don't post about locked or deleted topics; they were deleted for a reason. No petitions, demands or "When will.." We have places for asking for games, features and we will tell you when something is coming. We don't give dates for a reason. Don't try getting around the swear filter, it's not cute or funny. This is not a place to break NDA's, talk about something illegal or break any law from any country. We will contact the necessary parties involved and you will be pursued to the extent of the law. No spam. You will be banned and your post deleted. Please write in English. This is an international forum and we'd like everyone to be able to participate.
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      Think you tried everything?! - Check out the Overwolf knowledge-base!   02/25/2017

      Dear gamers, how about some DIY? -   http://support.overwolf.com/ The knowledge-base for all your Overwolf related troubleshooting, faq, bugs, known issues and much more!
      Just start typing anything related to your issue (for example, 'fps' or 'heartharena') and discover new ways to work things out.

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  3. Yesterday
  4. Error. Could not find essential Overwolf files.

    Hello, got same problem. Trying reinstall, but always get this error. Logs attached. Log.zip
  5. As stated all of my overwolf apps have stopped detecting league of legends.
  6. How to make app?

    Guys, anyone tell me if this is the best mobile app development article for learning? please tell me this is the best way to develop mobile apps.? (any developer would no better I need guidance)
  7. Last week
  8. Overlay not working R6S

    I've searched and searched and am unable to find a solution to my issue. Sometimes the Teamspeak overlay works with Rainbow Six Siege, other times I cannot get it to work at all. I've tried reloading the Teamspeak plugins, I've tried opening up each application in various orders to try to get it to sync. I'm at a loss.
  9. Overwolf doesn't appear in rise of flight

    Hey @raker, We replied to your email 7 hours ago with all the details, no need to bring this up here as well
  10. Rise of Flight

    Any way to support Rise of Flight? The Overwolf installs the game and can activate teamspeak etc. but the channels overlay doesn't appear in the game. Overwolf, TS and Rise of flight are all updated.
  11. The Overwolf channel overlay doesn't appear in Rise of Flight. The game is not supported. Any way to solve this?
  12. How to make app?

    how can I make an app? if I don't know coding ..? and which app company id good at developing apps in the USA ..?
  13. Game Summary not working for Fortnite Battle Royale

    You are right we had some issues with the Fortnite Battle Royale game summary... But it was fixed You can follow us on Facebook *OR* Twitter for all of these updates... Go ahead give it a try!
  14. Dota plus overlay doesn't react

    CAn you please make sure your overlay settings are set to "Hovering" and not "Hitting Crtl+tab" (See image) Let me know if that helped you
  15. TeamSpeak3 "Re-opening" problems

    Hey there! Thanks for reaching out to us! In order to better understand your issue we will need to analyze you Overwolf log folder, can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions here - (http://support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/how-to-sending-logs/). Rock On
  16. TeamSpeak3 "Re-opening" problems

    So Lately I've been having problems with my TeamSpeak3 client. After I disconnect from a Server and close TeamSpeak completely, It re-opens after a few seconds. I tried uninstalling Overwolf and Teamspeak still automatically opens without me clicking anything! Any Recommendations?
  17. Dota plus overlay doesn't react

    Hey all. Whenever I go into a match in dota and the Dota Plus overlay pops up, I can't press anything in the overlay. All my clicks happen on the in game screen. The overlay seems to work otherwise, giving me ban suggestions. It then asks me to pick a style, and then I can't click anything. Haven't been able to google my way out, so I hope you can help Thanks in advance
  18. Overwolf Game Requests

    Especially Wofenstein II:The New Colossus,Need For Speed Payback and Star Wars Battlefront II Thank You!
  19. GEM Hook

    If anyone is still interested in using GEM hook; i found 2.2.5 on my PC and you can get it from github: https://github.com/OverwolfApps/GEM-Hook/
  20. GEM Hook

    @goodbyte What's the reason for GEM to die?
  21. Only recording 1/4th of my screen

    Never mind I'll just use Bandicam I guess. No response in the forums or from a ticket it over 2 days.
  22. Earlier
  23. I have recently started using Overwolf, and I liked the Game Summary feature. Recently, I cant find Game Summary. I have played Fortnite and game summary is not showing up after the game, I have tried to click right click on Ooverwolf tray icon, but the game summary is not showing up. I also tried to go to developer options and clicked launch on game summary it's not launching. I have tried reinstalling over wolf but that's no help. If you like to know any other information to solve this issue I would like to give it asap.
  24. Hey All! I'm having a problem with the Game Capture app: when I try to record my monitor, it only records the top left quarter of my screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you very much! -JMoney
  25. Kill recognition

    Hey guys, just curious, but how does kill recognition work?
  26. Overwolf Game Requests

    Hi... got few requests. BattleRush Foxhole Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Sniper Elite 4 Squad Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Wreckfest Ylands
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  28. My Overwolf Apps keep disappearing.

    I use the Overwolf browser in World of Warctaft specifically the Zam app and the Calculator app. However every few days they disappear and I have to re-install them. Why does this happen?
  29. Message "Press // to Return to the game"

    Hey @RandomUser, We already got your email and replied to it, there's no need to post about it here as well To avoid messy duplications this post will be locked. This dark overlay is a new feature, much like Steam's feature. It's meant to inform you of Overwolf's being in control, rather than the game. We got plenty of feedback from users who couldn't tell between which mode was active- the overlay or the game, this is to help notice that and know how to go back to the game. We appreciate your feedback and will explore ways to improve this new feature in the future!
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