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      It's been a while but I think some people (especially first time visitor's) don't know yet
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      Dear gamers, how about some DIY? -   http://support.overwolf.com/ The knowledge-base for all your Overwolf related troubleshooting, faq, bugs, known issues and much more!
      Just start typing anything related to your issue (for example, 'fps' or 'heartharena') and discover new ways to work things out.

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  4. Hearthstone Arena helper Android

    Hi, Great Ap, i wounder if it would be possibel to use Arena helper for Android. Cheers Peace Hedge
  5. Last week
  6. Overwolf Game Requests

    @mythers45I need it to have the manual and game side-by-side when self-experting, and to allow me to make/view replays so I know why I exploded.
  7. Overwolf Game Requests

    Please add the (slightly obscure) indie game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to the voting list!
  8. Game Hours Import

    Yeah i'm a future ancient user of Raptr and i'm waiting too for the possibility to import my games hours from Raptr to Overwolf or Razer, in fact the first one that can do that will certainly be the soft that i use for the next years ^_^ (i really don't want to loose all the hours i have cumuled over my years on Raptr) Or if we can add hours manually on Overwolf it's fine with me too, some click to do but it will be ok ^_^ ps : Sorry for the english, it's not my first language.
  9. Hi, these days i have crash while playing Point Blank game when i use overwolf's overlay. If i turn off Overwolf, no crash occurs. The recent update of Overwolf version is 2017.09.10. Crash has started since i update the recent version. I guess an issue of Overwolf now not work with Point Blank. Could you please look in and resolve the problem.
  10. Is there Multi Monitor support yet?

    I just made an account to make this very same post. Looks like you beat me to it.
  11. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    this is bad I have used this several years and now its not working. It was very handy to open browser while in game and see game tactic maps. You should make possbile to add shortcuts to other browser then, because now overwolf browser is useless for WOT players using wottactics .- Is there some reason that you cant use WebGL
  12. Is overwolf offline ?

    It opens a blank window when i start it.
  13. Not work...!!! :(

    Hey @kenny995, Thank you for reaching out to us, Please check out the TeamSpeak troubleshooting article on our knowledge base.
  14. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    Hey @Andys , This, unfortunately, won't be fixed anytime soon, as this website requires WebGL which Overwolf no longer supports. We would love to have a developer make an Overwolf app that can be used for the same purpose - so if you are a developer, or know anyone else who'd like to work on such project - Check out our developers platform
  15. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    any solution? or update to browser? installed whole Overwolf again and it didnt help here is one stored tactics to test it http://wottactic.com/wot2?room=cuW0ZV1vx2YigA
  16. For some reason overwolf will not detect my warface and when i select the folder its in it doesn't detect it and i thought maybe it doesn't support it but i looked on supported games and it does so i don't know the problem.
  17. So, in the top left corner let's say you have 954 points, and need a total of 973 to advance, that's 19 points so I guess that's what "Starts at 19" means? Isn't that a strange way of putting it though "Starts at"? Anyway, that's not my main question but what exactly are points? Like what determines how much you gain from a win or loss? Is it always the same amount? I assume being in a team = less points received but still, is there any way to alter the amount by doing something different because I guess that it's got nothing to do with actual in-game total points/MVP. As awesome as this indicator is it really doesn't help me personally right now other than I can see if I'm very close to going up or down a rank, but if let's say there's 19 points to advance it doesn't tell me anything if that's 2 more games or 10 in terms of what you need to win/lose. Not complaining just very confused
  18. Error CLR20r3

    Staff recently tried to start overwolf and this problem with someone can help me ? Problem Event Name : clr20r3 Problem signature 01: overwolf.exe Problem signature 02: Problem signature 03: 59b4f978 Problem signature 04: Overwolf Problem signature 05: Problem signature 06: 59b4f978 Problem signature 07: c Problem signature 08: 8b Problem signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException Operating System Version : 6.1.7601. Log.rar
  19. Overwolf Game Requests

    Add please revelation online!
  20. Earlier
  21. Not work...!!! :(

    Hello, got every time "Connection fail" and i should show that control plugin is activated. But all plugins are activated and i use latest verison off ts3 and overwolf. What is happend? BG
  22. Overwolf Game Requests

    Divinity: Original Sin 2
  23. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    the website itself opens, but game maps dont open at all. Tried already clear browsing history no help. Is there anyway to reinstall browser or clear its cache memory? if that would help, opened same page with firefox and chrome no problem.
  24. Overwolf take the wrong client of LoL

    Hey IIWolft! Thanks for reaching out to us! In order to better understand your issue we will need to analyze you Overwolf log folder, can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions here. support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/how-to-sending-logs/ About Overwolf starring the old launcher, we are aware and we are working to improve this Rock On.
  25. Logitech lights keep going out

    Hey @Thoven, Please make sure that your LGS is updated to the last version, and send us your logs (Instructions)
  26. Overwolf Game Requests

    @Sebastian94 @Zenon49 @madk_ @thesaviour @LordCommander Your games are now in the voting list please vote for it!Please don't forget to follow us to get all you supported game updates Facebook \Twitter @beyefendy05 Metin2 should be supported if you can't see the Overwolf overlay let me know... @Sir Ballard We are aware it's taking a long time to enable Naval Action for Overewolf, I hope we can provide you need in the near future @WasabiCannon As for now we have a know issue with Runescape , we can't seem to solve this issue just yet...
  27. Overwolf browser and http://en.wottactic.com

    Hey @Andys, Thank you for reaching out to us, I'm not sure what are you talking about, can you please elaborate? I entered this link you provided, also did it through the Overwolf browser, worked fine.
  28. Introducing DotaPlus - Your tool for Dota 2

    Can you ensure DotaPlus 2.0.21, here is how you can check thee app version
  29. Overwolf just take the wrong client, the old client. When i scan my computer for adding games Overwolf don't put League of Legends in Games, so i do it manually but this error happens and now i don't know what to do, help pls, i can't use any Apps for LoL. Also, any of the hotkeys don't work Log.rar
  30. I have another suggestion . Add a small button to open all dotabuff profiles of enemy team in overwolf browser .
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