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    Overwolf Game Requests

    ***Update*** Hey all! We opened a new page for game requests! From now on all game requests should be turned to this new page here: Overwolf Game Requests Go there and vote for the games you want! We will occasionally look here for posts as not every game in existence is on that list, and if the game isn't on that list you should put it here for us to put on that list. From now on we will be using that list there as our benchmark and what people want so please please use it to get your voice heard! List of Supported Games in Overwolf ***Update***
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    Welcome to Replay HUD Introducing Overwolf’s in-game instant replay (aka “wtf just happened”) app. Relive the game to master your performance. Review your keyboard and mouse moves, replay kills and deaths. It's the ultimate gaming replay app. What is Replay HUD? Replay HUD records your game in the background so you can replay your kills, analyze your deaths or just see what in the world just happened. It's the perfect replay app for any gamer, on any game. This is more than just a kill cam or death recap, it's a powerful tool for rewinding events. Replay HUD shows more than just video, it also shows your keyboard and mouse commands so you can see what you did during that time to help improve your future performance How does Replay HUD work? With just a Shift+F9 keystroke, you can replay the last 20 seconds of your game. All replays are automatically saved in your videos folder for you to watch (or make a video of) later. Automatic Death Recognition Replay HUD can automatically recognize when you died and show it to you! If you play League of Legends then get ready to have instant recaps of your deaths. This is only available on selected games, but we’re working on adding games like DotA 2, SMITE, Guild Wars 2 and many more! Where can I get Replay HUD? Get it now on the Overwolf appstore – free! Check it out in action: Replay HUD is still in beta and we're looking for your feedback. We'll be adding more features and a lot more games for automatic death detection so let us know what you think below! Have fun, Raif
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    [Darkwolf] Simplistic Overwolf Skin

    [Darkwolf] Version 2.2.1 This is my first Overwolf skin project, as well as my attempt at a simplistic, not-so invasive Overwolf skin. There have been a couple versions, and I've made a version of this that is twitch themed(affectionately named TwitchyWolf). TwitchyWolf can be found here, though its not updated with the simple installation method described below. There are currently two ways of installing [Darkwolf]: Darkwolf v2.2.1 Download: OPK Installation: ZIP/RAR Installation: I'm also trying something different with the second animation, so I've uploaded the changes and you can download it in the spoiler below. There's two ways of installing it, OPK and RAR, just follow the same instructions as mentioned above to install this version. The idea for v2.2 popped into my head after reading a comment from Shadow0X3. He's got a skin as well, Overfox, It's pretty good so check that out too! Change Log: If [Darkwolf] is still a little too invasive, I suggest checking out Tiamarth's Crescent Minimalist's Overwolf Skin! It's almost completely hidden. [Darkwolf] helped inspire him to make the skin, and it looks really good and does the job of 'not getting in the way of the game' really, really well! Special Thanks to Staben for helping me get the skin working with the new Overwolf Appstore!! Check out his skin here, which helped greatly in fixing the issues I had: [H1Z1-Skin] H1Z1 Inspired Skin http://forums.overwolf.com/index.php?/topic/5237-h1z1-skin-h1z1-inspired-skin-d/ Many thanks to Shadow0X3 for helping, not just me but the community find a new way to install skins without having to overwrite the appstore skins! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm leaving the old version in this post just incase people don't like the new version. More options is better than only one after all! NOTE: This version has been updated to work in the same way as [Darkwolf V2] - install it in the same manner as the ZIP/RAR installation. Darkwolf Version 1 Skin download
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    [Elite: Dangerous] Overwolf skin

    Hi Everybody : ) i've made a skin for Elite dangerous here is a preview: the skin is downloadable here: https://e-nautia.com/twinley/disk?f=1415134 hope you'll enjoy! : ) I just have two questions, the speed of the animation seems faster than when I made it (in 30 fps ) is that normal ? and is that possible to add a sound for the opening/closing animation ? thx a lot : )
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    Hi devwolves (gonna need to work on a better name), I've wanted to share some general information about the Overwolf SDK and discuss what is planned for the near future. For your convenience, there's tl;dr version at the bottom. To start things off, a quick recap of Overwolf: The company started around 2010 by a couple of guys who really wanted to use Skype while playing PC games. The first version of Overwolf launched during 2011 (looking back, it looked pretty damn bad) and has been growing ever since. The first and very basic version of the SDK came out late 2012, with the current version of the SDK following a couple of years later. Nowadays we're aiming to continue developing the SDK, as a prominent part of Overwolf. The team: You can find the amazing people behind Overwolf on our about page. To alleviate some confusion people sometimes have - I'm Yuri, a.k.a Viking!, a.k.a the dude behind developers@overwolf.com, and my job is everything SDK related. You beautiful bunch of developers included. Now, onto the updates: New developer website - we're working hard on a new website that will replace developers.overwolf.com. This is a big project, and we'll really need your feedback and patience in order to come to a great result. The new website will be all about making your development experience as easy and comfortable as possible, so the 3 main points that we focus on are: New design - for better readability and just for a fresh new look. Planning to go live late June, early July. Management panel for developers - will feature the ability to upload and update apps (pending Overwolf review), manage apps' assets (texts, icons, screenshots etc.), basic statistics for apps, and replies to user reviews. This is planned towards August and the rest of the year, with new features introduced as we go. Better documentation - the current website has limited code examples and perhaps even lacking documentation, so this is planned to be addressed towards August-September. In case any of you would like to contribute any tutorials, we'd be more than happy to feature them on the website. Game SDK - we'll be starting to work closely with game publishers in order to expose game events and create extensive APIs for your favorite games. We're currently working with a couple of publishers and are planning to put it to the test in a few months. Overwolf store on the web - a big issue currently is sharing your great apps with your friends. We'd like to replicate the store as a dedicated website, where potential users will be able to find more information about the apps, and even download the apps directly from the web.This is yet to be finalized, but is generally planned to be released by the end of the year. Endorsement plan - creating apps takes time, and time is money. We're looking into running a pilot for a partial endorsement plan, where you can submit app designs and get some beer money to develop it. More information about this very soon. Paid apps - Nothing much I can share about this currently, but I'll keep you updated once there's more information. Gamescom - we'll be attending Gamescom in Cologne this year, so come give us a highfive and get cool swag if you're around. tl;dr version: New website - fresh design, developer app management panel, updated documentation. Game SDK - collaborating with game publishers for new APIs. Store on web - browse apps and download them from any browser. Endorsement plan - get partial endorsement for developing apps. Paid apps - no specific info yet. Gamescom - come hang with us in Cologne on August. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them, and let's have an awesome time! -Viking!
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    The Overwolf Staff

    Dear all of Overwolf, I had some problems with my Overwolf client and I thought I should see what was going on. I posted my bugs and voiced my opinion and received great feedback from the user Raif. He was very helpful telling me what was happening as well as keeping me updated. I appreciate the fact that he was also courteous, friendly, and professional. 10/10 support. Thank you so much Overwolf and Raif! v/r -iGame
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    1. Close Overwolf. 2. Go to "Start" > Search for %localappdata% > Search for Overwolf folder > Delete it. 3. Open Overwolf again. 4. Voil
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    I made a list of games that need the Overwolf support. this game are TRULY, still played games, from the near past. Action: Mafia 2 Assassins Creed Assassins Creed 2 Worms Reloaded Mafia 2 Call of Duty Call of Duty: United Offensive Call of Duty 2 Counter Strike Counter Strike: Condition Zero Counter Strike: Source Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Borderlands Medal of Honor Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Call of Duty: World at War Left 4 Dead Killing Floor Serious Sam HD Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood Alien Swarm Day of Defeat: Source Red Faction Guerrilla Sniper: Ghost Warrior Just Cause 2 Team Fortress 2 F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R. 2 Alliance of Valiant Arms Audiosurf Battlefield: Vietnam Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2142 Battlefield Heroes Combat Arms Cross Fire Crysis Crysis Warhead Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Far Cry Far Cry 2 Gears of War Plan of Attack Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag Half-Life 2: Substance Dystopia Half-Life 2: Sourceforts Hidden: Source Goldeneye: Source Empires Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Fortress Forever Pirates, Vikings and Knights II Perfect Dark: Source Synergy Age of Chivalry Zombie Panic D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up Smashball NeoTokyo Eternal Silence Halo Halo 2 Medal of Honor Allied Assault Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead Medal of Honor: Airborne Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Mirror's Edge Operation 7 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Quake III Arena Urban Terror Quake Live S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Soldier Front Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars: Battlefront 2 SWAT 4 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Unreal Tournament 2004 WarRock Warsaw Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory WolfTeam Street Fighter IV Alpha Protocol BioShock BioShock 2 Dead Rising Dead Rising 2 Dungeon Fighter Online Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto IV Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Resident Evil 5 The Saboteur Splinter Cell: Conviction Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Titan Quest Devil May Cry 4 Hitman: Blood Money Minecraft Mini Ninjas Prototype Saints Row 2 Seafight Peggle Nights Peggle Extreme Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Metro 2033 Altitude Strategy: Supreme Commander 2 id Meier's Civilization V R.U.S.E Age of Empires 3 Empire Total War Napoleon Total War Tropico 3 Tropico 3: Absolute Power The Guild 2 The Guild 2 Renaissance Majesty 2 Cities XL Sim City 4 BattleForge Comapny of Heroes Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom The Sims 3 Sports: Football Manager 2010 Football Manager 2011 FIFA Manager 10 NBA 2K10 NBA 2K11 FIFA 2010 FIFA 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Zero Gear Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition Trials 2: Second Edition Colin McRae DiRT Colin McRae DiRT 2 GRID GM Rally Need for Speed: Shift FUEL Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box TrackMania Nations Forever Live for Speed Split/Second Blur RPG: Torchlight Mount & Blade Mount & Blade: Warband Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Gothic II King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame Divinity II: Ego Draconis Gothic 3 Overlord: Raising Hell Overlord II Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Fallout 3 Massively Multiplayer: EverQuest 2 Aion Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer Champions Online Fallen Earth Star Wars Galaxies Star Trek Online Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Lineage 2 Mortal Online Silkroad Online Runes of Magic Runescape Flyff: Fly for Fun Archlord Dark Age of Camelot Darkfall Dofus Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited The Lord of the Rings Online Mabinogi Maple Story Metin 2 Perfect World Shaiya Tibia Sword of the New World: Granado Espada Need for Speed World Atlantica Online Battle of the Immortals Freelancer AirRivals Simulation: ArmA 2 ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead ArmA 2: British Armed Forces Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Microsoft Flight Simulator X IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles Silent Hunter
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    [CUSTOM SKIN] Liquid Metro UI

    - METRO UI - (Minimal Liquid Theme) Hi everyone ! I would like to share with you a little custom skin I made. It's designed for multigaming purposes, as it does not refere to any game in particular. It's also thought for a good integration with the Metro UI Windows Theme. What it looks like : How to install it : (Follow this step-by-step posted by Yanco) Download the "Metro" zip file (with the link below). install it : Here's how to to get it installed and working: Unpack the zip file into a folder on your hard drive. Load the "Metro" into Overwolf : Open the settings window by clicking on the "Wrench" icon on the dock. - Go to the "Support" tab and click on the "Development options" link. The "Packages" page should open. - In the "Packages" page, click on the "Load unpacked extension" button at the top of the page. The folder browser window should open. - Browse to the folder where you unpacked the "Metro" skin, and click OK. - The "Metro" skin should now appear in the packages window. To load it, click on the "Launch" button that appears to its right. Congrats! Metro UI skin is now installed ! *Note: once a skin is installed, it will also be available on the "My skins" library. You can easily launch it by clicking on the "My skins" dock button, and then clicking on its tile within the library. Highlight colors : For now, the highlight colors go from red to blue as its my personal favorite. But i'm working on different color wheels in order to suit any tastes. The current highlight Here's the different color versions i'm working on. If you're interested in any of those, please do tell me. Future highlights (Ocean Blue) (Magma Red) (Citrus Lime) Download : *PS : I hope you will find some interest in this skin. Sounds are custom made as well. If you have any constructive feedbacks please let me know. Happy gaming !
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    If you wanna get an early access and give us feedback please msg me
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    Black Desert Online
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    Rainbow six really need this Mumble is so better when it come the overlay.
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    Rainbow Six Siege would be good to add, many people play it, and use TS instead of the built in voice chat. as well as other things to help them win.
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    Ark: Survival Evolved
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    Viviwolf - moved to github (06/05/2017)

    Viviwolf is an Overwolf skin inspired by Vivaldi. Project moved to Github (06/05/2017)
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    Just letting everyone know

    I just signed up for the Guild Wars 2 Application Developers contest, it took me a few days to contemplate if I wanted to do it and if I even had the time to do so. I have a few ideas and I am going to start working on it probably tomorrow. I will be taking at least 4-5 hours a day to code if more. This means everyone that is currently or going to be coding for this contest you have more of a competition. and now there is more people participating (Hopefully) I will be having quite a bit of competition as well. I checked out the challenge ideas and I am most likely going to hit gold with the idea someone posted about the "Chat Only App." The idea is as follows: When you download the application and start it up, the first thing that is going to pop up is a registration. (For all I know, I am not up to date with the current API for Gw2 I might implement that you are already recognized by the app once you open it) But let's say your not, you will register your 'In Game Character Name' followed by your 'Realm' (Email, Password.. Etc Etc...) Well, once logged in you will come across a popup (Slide along) asking for what guild you are in... This is going to be a tricky part for me for I do not know every guild in every realm, so if you are stuck by a title "Guild does not exist, your going to have to get your Guild Leader or trusted member set up a guild.. (Simple purposes if your guild no longer exist's your leader can remove the guild from the system so it doesn't cost me more than I need to pay to keep or update the database! Okay so, once your in your guild (You must be approved by your leader (The one that setup or is a mod for your chat) 'You don't want spy's do ya!?') You will have a list of all your Guild members online and you will be able to chat to them. For your friends it just as simple as "Add a friend" and entering there in game name to the list and they must approve you so you can also be on there list. Other implementations that do not need explaining: *Blocked List *Emoticons * * I am going to be thinking more about this and I would love feedback and suggestions about this. If you have any idea's please post them!
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    Its the first time I've tried doing something like this, however, I'm hoping it helps people get their feet wet and their creative juices flowing! Clicking the image above will bring you to a youtube playlist that shows you how to make the icon, buttons, dock settings buttons and scrollbar of the skin. The animation is going to come tomorrow. I'm going to stream the animation process, and then edit this post with the completed version and download link for those that want this skin for tutorial purposes. Stream: twitch.tv/TRNFloyd It's not gonna be pretty. Its going to be fairly rough looking in some parts, but my hopes is that it will show some people how the whole thing works, and how relatively simple the skinning process is at the moment. I do say in the videos, somewhere, that I'm going to stream today - I'm just pushing that back until tomorrow. IRL reasons lol. Also, I wasn't sure where to post this to be honest. I am planning on releasing my completed version of the skin after its done, so I figured this was the best place for the forum post. Edit: Download(with PSD's): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts069vq4hh98uf2/TutorialWolf.rar?dl=0 Video showing off the end of the stream/animations:
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    Hi, firstly I am not sure why your Overwolf is lagging, do you mind posting your PC specs? It shouldn't take much power to run. Most Overwolf apps are HTML, CSS and Javascript which means they are basically a mini webpage and using the Overwolf API we can control some aspects of Overwolf such as taking screen shots, reading files, change settings, use hotkeys etc. You can use C++ to write NPAPI plugins which have more power than using Javascript as they have all the power of the current logged in user. This means for example, if a game has an API which you can hook into you can gather the info using the NPAPI plugin and then use Javascript to interact with the plugin and pull the information into your app. Javascript doesn't have any power outside of the browser but NPAPI will be able to communicate with things outside of the browser. Hopefully that is easy to understand, an example of something made with NPAPI plugins is Quicktime player in browser, or Adobe Reader in browser. Here is a link with a lot of information regarding NPAPI plugins https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/Plugins Regarding the reason to use HTML and JS, I don't know anything about design choices regarding Overwolf but I will have a guess at why it was used. Basically HTML5 is becoming a standard for creating apps and games nowadays. It's fast, easily to implement and easy to develop for because HTML, CSS and JS are easy to learn the basics of. A lot of popular applications on the app store on your smartphone are made with HTML5 because of this, and an example of a popular game on Steam made using HTML5 is Game Dev Tycoon that should give you an idea of how powerful HTML5 is. If apps were created with C++ (arguably one of the hardest languages to learn) they would take a long time to make, be harder to make and less people would be able to quickly learn how to make them. HTML5 is perfect for apps because is has everything in one neat package, it has the ability to draw things on the screen and has a scripting language. C++ needs to depend on libraries in order to draw graphics on the screen and would be harder to do it. HTML5 is also cross platform, all major operating systems have a way of displaying it, be it with chrome, safari, firefox or opera. Even though Overwolf is limited to Windows at the moment, if they decided to create a Mac or linux version all the apps would work without any changes. HTML5 is also pretty secure, chrome runs javascript in it's own virtual machine and javascript can't access anything outside of the browser. But obviously the NPAPI plugins can fill in if that is needed. And you can't use Java or C++ to create the apps. C++ can only be used to create the NPAPI. But if I recall there is something where you can compile C++ to javascript but I know nothing about that or what its use is. HTML5 is pretty much the future for most game and app development and I would recommend learning it, and creating Overwolf apps are a really good way to learn.
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    Soul Nebula - Skin download!

    Hey all! So recently the experimental custom skins update came through, and I was SO EXCITED about this that instead of spending many hours gaming, I spent them making this skin (for myself). Since it's a fresh update, I thought I may as well share this as a first contribution of sorts! It's also the first skin I've ever made, let alone animated, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! It was a bit tricky not having the documentation that's yet to be published, particularly with animating, so apologies for the blazing fast animations - no idea how to control this! Screenshots: Docked Opened Expanded You can download it here Thanks overwolf, for this awesome feature! P.S. Do I post feedback about this in the announcement thread, or through the /feedback button on the overwolf app?
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    Help With App Download

    Hey guys, the solution proposed in this post is wrong. For a possible solution, try this. Hey guys, I'm Tsury from Overwolf R&D and I'm here to try and fix this issue. In order to do so I'm going to need your help. If you can't install any apps, try the following (don't worry, what's the worst that could happen? You already can't install apps): Close Overwolf. Make sure it is closed. Download the file attached to this message and extract it - inside are two files. Put the file 'Overwolf.exe.config' in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf' If 'C:\Program Files (x86)' doesn't exist, go for 'C:\Program Files' There should be an existing old file, overwrite it Put the file 'OverwolfStore.exe.config' in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf\<BIGGEST VERSION NUMBER>' Replace <BIGGEST VERSION NUMBER> with the directory with the name of the maximal version - there should be two directories there looking like '' If 'C:\Program Files (x86)' doesn't exist, go for 'C:\Program Files' There should be an existing old file, overwrite it Run Overwolf and try to install an app Come here to thank me/tell me I just wasted your time. If you report this as working, we will issue an official update. No matter what, remember that you can always reinstall Overwolf to revert any changes. Hope this helps, Tsury.
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    Hey guys and gals, A new Overwolf version is upon us, this time we’re setting up for the big launch of our new Appstore. Yeah, you’ve heard it. Google, Amazon, and Apple have those big, bright, and beautiful stores, and now – we do too! ... Our old Appstore underwent a complete redesign (pretty much chucked it and remade it from scratch) and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it (as long as it’s good…) You can now discover great apps and games much faster and easier. The content will keep expanding as we go and feature many more apps and games. There’s also quick access to your chat and friend lists and improved app and game libraries. The next version will feature more updates to the store, so be sure to stay up to date! Additional updates in this version: Clear Hotkey button - quickly unassign hotkeys from the settings windows Giveaway timer fixes Many more stability and bug fixes​ ... If all that new Appstore excitement wasn't enough, peep your eyes at this new masterpiece. Our Elite Design Squad has been secretly working on one of your most requested features. I’m visually delighted to introduce Overwolf skins! Although this is still a work in progress, we’re releasing it to designers and anyone who wants to experiment with creating custom Overwolf skins. After gathering your feedback (and doing some more experimenting ourselves) – Overwolf skins will be available to everyone. Find more information on the forum. ... The following awesome games will be supported by Overwolf once the version is out of testing and released to everyone: Alien Isolation Assassin's Creed: Unity Betrayer Binding of Isaac: Rebirth BioShock Infinite Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Civilization: Beyond Earth Evil Within Far Cry 4 Farming Simulator 2015 Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIV Fly'n Gauntlet (Win 7 only) Goat Simulator Heroes of the Storm Killing Floor Lord of the Fallen Mortar Online Naruto Shipuden: Ultimate Ninja 3 NBA 2K15 Papers, Please PES 2015 Prison Architect Project Zomboid Quake Live Risk of Rain Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Styx: Master of Shadows Super Splatters The Hunter The SIMS 4 The Vanishing of Ethen Carter Wrack ​ ... Keep on keeping, Raif
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    Show your desktop!

    Here is mine. Only trash bin, Fairy Tail guild symbol wallpaper and of course Overwolf! Reason why my desktop is completely empty is because I use metro search to launch apps. Just WIN key, type 2-3 letters of app I want to run and Enter.
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    Hey Overwolfers, I'm proud to present to you one of our newest and coolest apps. League of Legends just got a whole lot smarter! LoLwiz ** Please head on over to http://www.LoLwiz.gg for news and updates as well as to register for a beta key. ** Straight from a community developer! Lolwiz lets you browse the stats of Summoners in your party. Win Loss Ratios, KDA, Masteries and much more. While waiting in menus check out specializations in greater detail. Party members show up with additional in game info including armor stats and resistances. Check out the app store it's waiting for you! Let us know what you think! We're anxious to hear the feedback! ** Please head on over to http://www.LoLwiz.gg for news and updates as well as to register for a beta key. **
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    I would like to suggest the following enhancements/fixes: If the user clicks an area where there is no Overwolf overlay/ui present, focus back on the game. When the overlay is toggled on using CTRL+TAB, it is very confusing (for me as a first-time user at least) how to get back to my game. Once you interact with the overlay, moving your mouse away from it or clicking outside causes it to shrink/minimize (as it should), but the cursor remains as the Overwolf cursor and clicking anywhere on the screen doesn't exit the "overlay mode". Using CTRL+TAB a second time fixes the issue, but causes another one (#2 below) depending on your settings. While this seems like user error initially (understand the app perhaps?) I would argue that because of the bug in #2 below, it was confusing and I assumed something was broken. Fix the issue where the overlay will disappear, even when the in-game dock settings tell it to remain. Most likely caused when using CTRL+TAB to toggle the overlay, but it should return to its natural (settings) state. An example can be seen here: overlay-toggle-issue If this is the expected result, perhaps for first-time users, show a message that it will not be minimized to the dock position when using the key bindings to toggle it off. Enable the Overwolf "dock in-game behavior" to be enabled by default. Knowing that the Overwolf app is running after launching a game (especially for first-time users) is the expected experience and very hassle free (next point). First-time users shouldn't need to open the settings page to know how to turn it on. The functionality Overwolf (and apps from the store) provides is most likely the reason they installed it. The minus icon/button on the overlay provides a quick way for them to get rid of it, should they want. As they utilize more apps, they could use the settings to remove extra screen clutter. Increase the Appstore opening speed if possible. When clicking the Appstore icon via the overlay, I'm experiencing an average of 8-12s for the overlay window to open, and then another 3-5s for the progress bar in the window to complete. Maybe some ui element to indicate the Appstore is loading would help (even if a basic rotating icon with "Loading" next to the Appstore icon in the overlay). I'm trying to reproduce an issue where the window stops responding and does not allow me to get out of the overlay/Appstore (seems to work itself out after about 10s thought), will update you if I can get the steps. I am interested in developing some apps for Overwolf and my concern is that these quirks/issues could throw off first-time users, thus reducing our efforts to promote the product to new users (or customers as some might see it). Again, this is a great product and I am looking forward to developing apps!
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    Hi guys and gals! Super excited to finally release this app. You can now track your system's performance inside your favorite games! So no more need to tab out and use various other apps - this is your go-to app for analyzing your system performance and looking into any potential issues with parts, be it overheating, underclocking etc. The guys from Prefrontal Cortex have been working on it for some time now and are looking forward to any feedback you may have. This is the beta version, so in case you notice any issues, please let us know asap! Get it on the Overwolf Appstore or directly from here.
  26. 3 points

    [POLL] Advertisement

    There are multiple layers of spam protection in place which has slowed the "invaders" we are currently working on a solution to this issue and will have it all resolved soon! In the meantime we just need to keep things tidy
  27. 3 points

    Just for LOLs

    For the memers
  28. 3 points

    Overwolf Game Requests

    Black Desert
  29. 3 points

    Overwolf Game Requests

    Hey Wolf's Black Desert Online and Amored Warefare is on our list, we hope we will get into enabling them soon. Thanks for the input.
  30. 3 points

    Overwolf Game Requests

    Any chances of supporting Black Desert Online in the near future?
  31. 3 points

    Reached 3k hours with overwolf!

    Yaaaay! 3k hours! i need a life
  32. 3 points

    WildStar Overwolf Skin

    The skin is finally complete! By complete, I mean to the point that I'm happy with. I may alter the first animation/regular dock in the future, but for now, everyone can *hopefully* enjoy the skin! View the video below to hear the sound effects. The Skin in the video is the 1.0 version. Current version uses same sound effects, but skin from above gif. I finally tackled this skin because the game went Free To Play. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is a good time. From what I've heard, and from my own personal opinion, the servers have calmed down a bit, so the lag from the influx of new players shouldn't be there any more. Definitely a good time to try the game out, as well as try this Overwolf Skin out!! Download links: Install Instructions: OPK Installation: RAR Installation: Change Log:
  33. 3 points
    A TERA themed skin from the creator of [Darkwolf] and [TwitchyWolf] Preview: There are a few versions of this skin. The latest version is v1.3.2! Whenever an update comes out, the previous version will be moved to the end of its Change Log entry, along with its previews. Video of sound effects: Downloads: Install Instructions: OPK Installation: RAR Installation: Change Log: Big thanks goes to Shadow0X3 for pointing out the flaw in v1.3, which is fixed in v1.3.1!
  34. 3 points

    About the GW2 Contest

    Hi Overwolf, other devs, I'm writing to share my thoughts about the GW2 challenge. I'm posting this now just before the winners are announced in the hopes that it will be viewed as constructive feedback rather than an attempt to influence or complain about the winning entries.(1) I'm using footnotes to describe my personal experiences during the contest as they relate to each point I'm making, but you can ignore these for a shorter read! Timing: On the GW2 side of things the contest submission phase was during a time just before the rollout of big changes to the GW2 API. I understand that you were holding a Twitch contest at the same time and perhaps that dictated the dates, but as someone interested in GW2 it was kindof frustrating that some of these new API endpoints weren't available yet.(2) In either case, it seems a bit unreasonable to start a contest for Overwolf app submissions when your submission process was undergoing big enough changes so as to prevent the posting of what was submitted.(3) Communication: I give you guys credit for being prompt to reply to emails, but for me personally I felt like there was a lack of follow-ups.(4) You also didn't seem to utilize the "sign up" button email list very much. I recall 3 emails from it: one when I signed up linking me to the same resources as were on the contest page. Another saying here are some apps other people submitted so far. And finally a reminder that the submission phase was ending soon. It would have been cool if there were maybe a few more with updates about the status of either Overwolf's platform or the GW2 API. Clarity: The contest overview page was not kept up-to-date with changes that happened during the contest (such as the Wickr voting thing or winner announcement date change). Another thing I would have liked to see would have been a bit more info about the headset prize - what is special about a RIG headset? That whole Wickr voting thing: Wow, this felt like such a crazy ride! An email telling us that suddenly the rules have changed and the community is going to be voting on our apps. The link to the voting page in the email doesn't work, but a correct link shows up in the forums one day before the voting is to begin. We discover that the voting page uses author names from our email addresses.(5) Voting begins without any official announcement from GW2, leaving developers to decide whether or not they should spend time trying to publicize the voting. Voting continues and the developers still have no idea how the vote is counted (or not counted) in the judging of the contest. Days after the voting ends there is finally a post on the forums: "Don't worry, the user vote won't make or break the judge's decision. It was more for engaging users with the apps." A ) I have no idea if that means the community vote influenced the judging some or none, and B ) telling us not to worry about it now after voting has ended when people have already tried to make their case to the community about voting for their app is a bit too late.(6) I guess the main feedback I have here is just that this would not have been a problem if it had been mentioned in the rules and we knew it was coming. Awareness: I get that you do these contests to increase awareness, but it seems clear that most of the vocal GW2 community does not understand what Overwolf is and does. Almost all of the suggestions on the App suggestion page ask for things that are impossible, and a lot were talking about mobile apps rather than Overwolf ones. The contest page could really have used a big section about Overwolf: its an overlay for use *while playing*, it doesn't interact with the game client, it already has this great library of apps like x,y,z that do wonderful things and you should try it today, get it from this link. You could also consider adding in-line reminders about functionality like Overwolf overlay app instead of Overwolf app. Sharing: As a developer, there is no good way to link people to my app. People want to know what they are getting into. Saying "download overwolf and then search for it in the store" isn't going to cut it: nobody wants to download Overwolf just to see the full description of an app they are considering using. It also doesn't help that Overwolf's site has an old version of the app store that doesn't include our new apps. I got a lot of "I searched for it on the site but couldn't find it" comments from people who wanted to learn more *before* downloading Overwolf. Reviewing: The review system feels lacking. I'd like to see: notifications when someone reviews my app, a way to reply directly to reviews, a link to see other reviews by the same user. I'd also love it if there was a way to contact the devs of specific apps through Overwolf. For example, I've found in some apps small bugs. But I don't want to leave them in a review because I don't want to make their hard work look bad. Versions: The Overwolf program itself went through some changes during the submission phase.(7) It would have been nice if it had been stable throughout. Final Thoughts: Having a few big prizes is exciting, but for me the contest was only interesting because of the more-guaranteed early-submission headset prize. I think something like "all qualifying apps will get 800 gems" would have gotten you a lot more submissions even if you knocked down the main prize amounts: people like to feel rewarded but only 6 apps will win big. Even now that I've gone through a contest once, I think prize structure would be the determining factor as to whether or not I'd want to participate in a future event. --- (1) The app I submitted, which lets people share their screenshots on my community site GW2 Style, is not one I expect to win the contest with. Instead, I sent in my submission early to try and get a RIG headset, and hoped that the submission might expand my site's community. (2) I'm personally interested in the new authenticated character API calls that have yet to come out. Still, it is easy to see how the new trading post data endpoint that was released a few days before the end of the submission phase would have been a great asset for all the trading post apps that were submitted. The timing of the contest just didn't allow it. (3) I sent in my app on March 17th, but it didn't actually get posted to the Overwolf store until May 13th. (4) An example of this was you used the phrase "we'll keep you posted during the next week" but then I got no word during that next week. I was so excited to have finished my app and I was wanting to see it posted, but it really felt like I was left hanging. Had it been planned that apps would only be posted at the very end, I would have liked to have known that so I could have arranged to distribute it myself to get some user feedback in time to improve the app during the submission phase. Now I have some great user input (like, "what were you thinking with those crazy background images?") but little motivation to update my app now since the contest is already over: I'll just roll it into a bigger release later maybe. (5) Pretty unhappy about this one, as I like to use a consistent name for all my GW2-related things. This was completely sprung on me and despite my requests to change it that page even now still shows my email-name instead. Completely ridiculous for an application that is all about privacy. (6) I understand that Viking had an unexpected absence but the choice of words (don't worry) made me feel a bit used. I had put a notice up on my site to inform people about the voting - effort that now appears to have been wasted? I probably sound very concerned with winning here but really the irritating thing is not so much whether the voting counts or not but just the not knowing. Those videos about how to vote in the contest were posted days before devs were even told voting was a thing. We should have been told! (7) Some versions had a little Overwolf logo appearing on screenshots by default. This is only a small change but it had relatively big consequences for my app.
  35. 3 points

    Overwolf Game Requests

    ARK: Survival Evolved great idea
  36. 3 points

    About the Twitch Contest

    As a fellow app developer: I can understand that you're angry, or that you're questioning the decisionmaking in the contest. But first of all, sorry that I can't express this more kind, you have to blame yourself. Not because you'd be a bad developer or your app idea would be bad or anything like that. But because you pretty much relied on winning. You are angry because you expected to win and that should not be the way you approach such a contest. You sound like you have put a tremendous amount of time into your project, that's now (in your eyes) wasted. That's gambling. You can't predict jury opinions and if you throw your development time on the table, you have to expect to lose it. If you can't deal with that, you should stay away from contests and do contracted work instead. In last year's TS/GW2 contest an app won in both(!) categories that had minimum functionality and three(!) people working on it, including a dedicated designer. Was I salty about that? Of course I was. But did I say that I should have won instead? No, because if I sign up for a contest in which judges decide the outcome, then I have to accept and respect their decision. So if you ever join a contest anywhere again - take the prizes as motivation, not as reason to start your project. From what I've seen you made an awesome app, that could attract a lot of users and therefor could also result in donations and futher business opportunities. But if the immediate cash is the one and only reason why you made your app, then you had the wrong approach from the very beginning.
  37. 3 points

    I'm baaaaack!

    Hi guys, As you may have noticed (or not), the latest contest related items haven't been posted by yours truly, and I haven't been active on the forums. Reason was I had a small motorcycle crash, so I was taking a week and change to heal-up. Now I'm back in action! It might take me some time to answer all the posts and get through all of the contest-related emails - but we'll get there asap! Once the contest madness subsides a little, I'll elaborate on the plans for the SDK for the rest of the year, get some buzz going Hugs and bugs, Viking!
  38. 3 points
    From what I've seen Overwolf can send keystrokes and such to the game. So if you build an app that reads Twitch chat and converts the chat messages to commands to the game, you already have a "Twitch-plays" app.
  39. 3 points

    Mumble Link plugin released

    Been working on it in the past few days, and here it is. You can find the source code here and I will upload a README shortly. On a related note, I also worked on a library to simplify writing plugins for Overwolf, you can find it here. If you find any problems please do open issues on the Github repository.
  40. 3 points

    Twitch Broadcasting SDK

    We have a huge update to our Twitch app (and its API) coming up, with additional streaming features, including desktop streaming. Here's a teaser screenshot of the settings window: There's indeed a "those gaming companies" SDK, used for streaming. We use it, and all of the streaming related features are available through our API for your use. In case of any more questions, ask away.
  41. 3 points

    Overwolf not showing up on gw2

    Thanks! We released the fix for GW2 and it should be live now - please follow the steps bellow to ensure that you receive the new gamelist Delete the gamelist we added manually (How to delete the gamelist): 1. Close Overwolf 2. Press the start button and enter this path: %localappdata%/overwolf 3. Delete all gamelist files in that folder (don't worry, Overwolf will download the new one the next time you launch Overwolf) 4. Restart Overwolf 5. Verify that GamesList.8103413.xml was downloaded to the %localappdata%/overwolf folder 6. Go kick some enemy butts in Guild Wars 2 Waiting to hear from you the good\bad news - hopefully GOOD!
  42. 3 points

    11 more hours left

    Congrats to the winners. You guys made some damn awesome apps! One thing bugs me about the results, though. Weren't GW2 apps supposed to be a separate category? I mean, they did add the GW2 challenge near the contest's end. It's kinda weird that apps from GW2 category also qualify for the TeamSpeak category. Wasn't the point of this contest to make apps that add/enhance TeamSpeak features? Anyways, 'twas a fun experience. GG.
  43. 3 points
    If you handed in the app on time, the email should be in your hands (inbox) already.
  44. 3 points

    Open Links in Browser

    In order for links to be opened up in the browser you need to have the target attribute be _blank. It took me a bit to realize this so hopefully this can help others that want this functionality! Example: <a href="http://overwolf.com" target="_blank">Awesome Product</a>
  45. 3 points

    API - Requested Functions

    Requesting API Functionality "Activate Microphone" function. This will be used when a list of channels is displayed that is from more than 1 server. When joining another servers channel. (Joined multiple servers at the same time) "Kick client from Server" and "Kick client from Channel" functions We have a function to send text messages but no "poke Client" function Add a user to your contacts and retrieve a contact list. "Add as Friend". Set Avatar and Delete Avatar functions. Let me know if you guys can implement any of the following functions and if the code is already available
  46. 3 points

    The new website design

    Hey guys, I would just like to say I am loving the new website design!! I love the icons and the style you have chosen and it is done perfectly even the simple small things like as you scroll down the guy and the wolf go off to the side and the "Epic apps for epic gamers" bit hides behind the front of the site, I love the use of game artwork and the navigation bar the new about section with your team and everything ... it is just so well done Good job!
  47. 3 points


    We're releasing a new version of the recorder very soon. Should be in your hands in the next week or so. The new recorder should help out with performance issues, increase quality and added in the ability to record both microphone + in game sound together.
  48. 3 points

    Overwolf doesn't detect 64bit Planetside 2

    Here it is! GamesList.9932503.xml
  49. 3 points

    Overwolf version 0.49.305 released!

    Waddup playas and playettes? In this version, we have some #swag updates to Overwolf. The sickly, weird looking tray icon, and his partner in crime, the boring, gray tray menu have been awarded the fugly awards, with the prize being a pimpin
  50. 3 points

    Skype API on older versions?

    A Fix is ready and Skype will be back next version...