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    I would like to suggest the following enhancements/fixes: If the user clicks an area where there is no Overwolf overlay/ui present, focus back on the game. When the overlay is toggled on using CTRL+TAB, it is very confusing (for me as a first-time user at least) how to get back to my game. Once you interact with the overlay, moving your mouse away from it or clicking outside causes it to shrink/minimize (as it should), but the cursor remains as the Overwolf cursor and clicking anywhere on the screen doesn't exit the "overlay mode". Using CTRL+TAB a second time fixes the issue, but causes another one (#2 below) depending on your settings. While this seems like user error initially (understand the app perhaps?) I would argue that because of the bug in #2 below, it was confusing and I assumed something was broken. Fix the issue where the overlay will disappear, even when the in-game dock settings tell it to remain. Most likely caused when using CTRL+TAB to toggle the overlay, but it should return to its natural (settings) state. An example can be seen here: overlay-toggle-issue If this is the expected result, perhaps for first-time users, show a message that it will not be minimized to the dock position when using the key bindings to toggle it off. Enable the Overwolf "dock in-game behavior" to be enabled by default. Knowing that the Overwolf app is running after launching a game (especially for first-time users) is the expected experience and very hassle free (next point). First-time users shouldn't need to open the settings page to know how to turn it on. The functionality Overwolf (and apps from the store) provides is most likely the reason they installed it. The minus icon/button on the overlay provides a quick way for them to get rid of it, should they want. As they utilize more apps, they could use the settings to remove extra screen clutter. Increase the Appstore opening speed if possible. When clicking the Appstore icon via the overlay, I'm experiencing an average of 8-12s for the overlay window to open, and then another 3-5s for the progress bar in the window to complete. Maybe some ui element to indicate the Appstore is loading would help (even if a basic rotating icon with "Loading" next to the Appstore icon in the overlay). I'm trying to reproduce an issue where the window stops responding and does not allow me to get out of the overlay/Appstore (seems to work itself out after about 10s thought), will update you if I can get the steps. I am interested in developing some apps for Overwolf and my concern is that these quirks/issues could throw off first-time users, thus reducing our efforts to promote the product to new users (or customers as some might see it). Again, this is a great product and I am looking forward to developing apps!
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    Lolwiz not working

    Thanks, it works now ur da best :D Stay the best
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    @Sebastian94 @Zenon49 @madk_ @thesaviour @LordCommander Your games are now in the voting list please vote for it!Please don't forget to follow us to get all you supported game updates Facebook \Twitter @beyefendy05 Metin2 should be supported if you can't see the Overwolf overlay let me know... @Sir Ballard We are aware it's taking a long time to enable Naval Action for Overewolf, I hope we can provide you need in the near future @WasabiCannon As for now we have a know issue with Runescape , we can't seem to solve this issue just yet...
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    Holy hell it worked! Many thanks, both for providing a working solution and for answering so quickly. Have a nice day!
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    Issue solved. Thank you so much.
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    ChrisSKate, Thanks for the link.... this worked for me.... life saver :)) RQ
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    Alright, so the problem seems to have fixed itself somehow. The overlays work all of a sudden.
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    How to disable run-on-startup?

    That was easy! Thanks @ChriSKate, your instructions did the trick nicely.
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    Overwolf is Lit!

    I've only had this app less than a week, and i must say its Lit af. I don't see any performance downgrade or FPS issue with it so far. although i wish there was more apps and support for latest games! Thats all! PEACE!
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    TeamSpeak Overlay not working!

    @Yumma we had found a solution re-install teamspeak but a clean install you deinstall your settings to. It worked for me. If you register at Teamspeak online your Favorits won't be lost
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    Add own .exe

    Evolve just closed down Back here just to see if there's any chance of Overwolf supporting this but I guess since it's been "considered" since 2013 that's a resounding No... What a massive wasted opportunity. You really have to wonder why something simple like this that would greatly improve the program is not done.
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    Overwolf Game Requests

    Still see no support for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and it is not among the list of votable games. Sad to see such a hot game not supported by this amazing app.
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    Overwolf not working in DayZ x64!

    Awesome! It works now Thank you
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    TS3 Notification Lineage II

    Hey again @hijacksthis I'm glad that it's working for you now, you can pass this gamelist xml file to your friends with the same instructions. We will push this fix to the public version in the next future update, thank you for your cooperation and kind words!
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    TS3 Notification Lineage II

    I really appreciate the speed, clarity and quality of its support. My notifications in the game work perfectly, the fps can also visualize it. I will tell my friends that the notifications in our custom server works excellent. Just one more question : The same gamelist.xml I've download should work to my friends or each user should upload his current gamelist.xml to get a modified gamelist.xml Thank a lot for both ( ChriSKate and LEOkonami )
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    Yes, can use Overwolf just fine again now. Both the TS overlay/plugin/whatever it's called exactly and the videocapturing works. Thanks fellow Chris @ChriSKate!
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    @ChriSKate Thank you so much! It's working for me now, I'll forward it to a couple of friends to see if it works for them too.
  20. 2 points
    ... And here we are again @Crizyz! I'm attaching a game list file with a fix for Arma3's new update. I tested it and it works just fine, let me know if it solves your problem and the file will be released to all Overwolf users To use this file, please check out this article on our knowledge base and follow the instructions on it. Arma3fix.7z
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    Yes this fixed it! Thank you very much!
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    Sweetfx Preset Selector not working

    Works fine now for me Thank you !
  23. 2 points
    Hi Everyone I installed all latest windows updates and teamviewer and this helped. Maybe it will be useful for others.
  24. 2 points

    turning off capture?

    thanks :D, i also only just noticed i named it "turning on capture"... there fixxed
  25. 2 points
    Fix seems to be to disable Riva's overlay for Hearthstone.
  26. 2 points
    I sorted it. I installed the prevoius version of Teamspeak and it worked no problem. Just installed the newer version one over the prevoius update and appears to be running fine now.
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    Sweetfx Preset Selector not working

    Hey everyone. That's some weird behaviour you guys are describing, thanks for the reports. May I ask how you guys start GW2? Are you using any command line options, or even a third party launcher?
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    Any plans for Mac users ?

    We have received requests for a Mac version for a very long time. We understand that there are tons of people who want a Mac version, but currently, we are focused only on PC. It’s something we’d love to do, but it’s not on the table at this time. Rock On! Team Overwolf
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    Cant install overwolf or his apps

    Thanks!!! I just finished installed overwolf and now its working exactly as before
  30. 2 points
    yes, I forgot that I had to go to the Overwolf App Store, and install the TS3 plugin.
  31. 2 points

    Not overlaying on SC2

    I resolved this issue on my own. I had the game launching in 32 bit instead of 64bit. I also had added to the command line -dx9 to force dx9 as I think it may have been a conflict as my systems usually running 11. It was either 1 of those 2 issues that was creating the overlay to not sit overtop of the game. Thank you and I hope this helps someone in the future.
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    same issue. hopefully will get fixed soon.
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    So, many users like to use YouTube while gaming. Some for entertainment while farming/doing boring stuff, others rely on it for tutorials of any kind. I have found too the comfort of watching a tutorial step by step without exiting the game. Games like Minecraft have very complicated stuff to replicate. Problem is, both the browser and the youtube app lack the ability to put in fullscreen a video. You either have to resize the window and live with that and the fact it occupies an excessively big chunk of your screen, or use Borderless Video Player. However, Borderless Video Player is a pain to set up for a simple use like that. You have to browse with other tools the video you want to watch (the browser or the youtube app, which is a mere link by the way), find the video you want to see, copy and paste the link, and then go with what you want to do. If you realize that is the wrong video, or you don't really like it, and want to change it, you have to repeat everything from step one. So, I ask if it's possible to fuse in the youtube app or maybe even in the browser itself, the ability to switch to "Borderless Videoplayer Mode" right when you press fullscreen, and a button to bring you back to the normal sized window. Another thing that Borderless Videoplayer lacks are hotkeys. If you want to open it, if you want to stop the video, if you want to play it, if you want to silence it, you must necessarily stop what you are doing, open Overwolf controls and do what you want with the mouse. It slows you down and is annoying, so that in the end you may prefer to just use the browser and live with its limitations. So, what I suggest to do here is: - when you go fullscreen with a video while browsing, it is automatically switched to a view similar to Borderless Videoplayer, possibly remembering the resize and the opacity settings for a more comfortable use - in this mode, there should be the possibility to use the following hotkeys: pause/play, mute/unmute. - the most popular application would be for YouTube, however it would be better if it is integrated with the browser and therefore it would work with other sources like Twitch for example PS: The browser app also would be a much better experience if it would remember the opened tabs, and the ability to set favourites to show in the home page. Alternatively, I would like to know how to change the home page to set a custom offline html one. There are plenty of downloadable and customizable pages for that purpose, born for browser like the old IE. If you want, this may be a subject for another topic, to not clutter this one. Either way, fusing the above with this side note would bring one of the best and most useful experiences for Overwolf.
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    We want to try debugging your issue via Teamviewer (You can download it here), can we try and remote desktop your computer together? Look me up on skype: LEOkonami.
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    Hey @bits_and_scraps , Thank you for reaching out to us! To understand the problem better, I would like to have a look at your DxDiag info log. You can extract this info by doing the following: Press the Windows key + R Type "dxdiag" and click on OK. A "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" window should pop up. In the new window choose "Save all information". After you've saved the file, please attach it to your reply here. Gif video guide: https://gfycat.com/SparseBogusIraniangroundjay
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    PayDay 2 - double cursor bug FIXED!

    UPDATE - The fix was released to the public version! If you're still experiencing the double cursor issue in PAYDAY 2, please try the following: 1. Make sure your Overwolf client is updated to the latest version. To do so - right-click your Overwolf tray icon and go to 'support', click on 'check for updates'. 2. Press the windows key + R, Type in: %localappdata%/Overwolf and hit enter. The gamelist file you see there should be "GamesList.8963052". If you have a lower number, it means your Overwolf didn't update properly. Repeat step 1 or uninstall+reinstall Overwolf (make sure you download Overwolf from the main website). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Greetings gamers! It took a while, but here it is - no more double cursor on PayDay2 when using Overwolf! I'm adding a gamelist file to this post and I'll explain how to use it for now. Once our devs release a new Overwolf version to the public, this fix will be implemented To use the game list just follow these 5 simple steps: Press the windows key + R Type in: %localappdata%/Overwolf and hit enter Locate the GamesList.xml file and replace it with the one you got from us Usually, you'll need to extract it first so make sure you have winzip/winrar/7zip/other compressing tool installed on your PC. Restart Overwolf Start Overwolf and start the game Follow this Gif-guide: https://gfycat.com/GlisteningZealousKouprey Any feedback will be appreciated on this topic so please let us know if this fixed the issue for you!
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    Hey @blackdeviL, Let try answering some of your questions, so here we go: Problem login into my account : Yes you are right, the account in our client and the forums are not connected they are two different accounts Login process not secure: This will soon change hopefully, but it will take some time. Client problems detecting games: This is also something that we are aware of, you should be able to easily delete games from your library, note that Half Life (the first game) is not really supported by Overwolf! But because the process name of these game is the same as hl.exe you can add them. **More important you don't need these games to be recognized by our Overwolf library in order overlay Overwolf into these games! In conclusion: We are trying to improve the platform in many directions at the same time and I thank you for your feedback, I will share this post with our product team. Please read the forums rules the next time, are try following them Or
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    Ok I added you on skype
  39. 1 point
    DotaPlus dev here. I like both of these suggestions. I like the mindgames about the winning streaks a lot Expect to see those in the app. Thanks!
  40. 1 point

    Add own .exe

    Any news on this? I'd love to see a proper solution rather then a sloppy workaround :3
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    A fix for this issue was released in the public version by now Glad everything worked out, your awareness helps us fix issues fast so good work and thank you all~!
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    Raptr Hours Import!

    Just wondering if and when Raptr hours will be able to be imported or not. I have 23k hours in a game and many hours in other games I would like to move to Overwolf! Seems there is no support for Raptr atm or they just dont update it anymore. But Id like to move to Overwolf if my hours from Raptr can be imported. If not, then Ill stay with Raptr til it shuts down or Overwolf can import my hours. I searched the forums here, but couldnt find any recent info on this issue. Everything seemed yrs old and nothing new about this. TY!
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    Valid keys for sendKeyStroke()?

    Hey Bluscream, You can use the same key names that are being used in the "hotkey" section in the manifest.json file. We will add a page with a list of valid keys soon.
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    Overwolf doesnt open

    I format my pc and now is working fine. It was time to do a clean up anyway
  45. 1 point

    Sweetfx Preset Selector not working

    No inconvenience what so ever, thanks for updating us!
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    No game summary anywhere

    my problem was coz I had custom hud
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    Volunteer forum moderators.

    Hello, Overwolf community! My name is "IamHavok". I'm creating this topic to hopefully help the Overwolf forums out. I think the Overwolf team should allow a small amount of mature users to volunteer for moderator positions, just to keep the forums safe and clean.I personally have a lot of experience in moderating forums/websites. I was an Assistant Community Manager for a year and a half for a game development studio "PixelBeam". I am no longer working there as an employee but still have the trust from my former co-workers to remain a moderator of the steam forums. The reason why I am posting this is because there are a lot of spam accounts and I feel that Overwolf users should not be baited into clicking on such links. Thank you for your time. - Havok.
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    Requesting new 3rd party Web API

    Hi Scooter! and welcome to the community The listed APIs are just suggestions from the Overwolf team to make you excited about the possibilities of creating an app for Overwolf, these are all 3rd-party APIs and are not implemented in Overwolf's platform. good luck
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    nice that it was resolved. Propably just some temporary server issues then
  50. 1 point

    Can't change hotkeys for capture

    Holy cow! You are right!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH. IT WORKS! Very smart