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  1. Planetside 2 Skin

    Hey qmat, Alon from Team Ovewrolf here, I'm responsible for our product and skins. Congrats on your awesome skin! Great work I would love to publish your skin on our appstore - would you like that? Cheers, Alon
  2. Custom skin creation guidelines

    Hey guys, Starting from the new Overwolf version (0.84.92) skins are officially supported We've also added a few new features into the mix: Sound support for the dock skins. Skin support for the FPS monitor. Skin support for Overwolf in-game cursor set. To download an Overwolf skin from our official collection, please check out the appstore under the new "Skins" category. For now, only skins that were created by the Overwolf team are available on the appstore. However, you can still create your own custom skin and use it locally. To do so, please follow the updated procedure described in the post at the top of this page (I'm updating the procedure right now...) You're still most welcome to continue creating your own skins and share them here. Most importantly, please keep on providing us with your feedback. We truly value your opinion! Once we feel confident that the skin structure and methodology have been stabilized, we will support sharing skins created by the community on Overwolf appstore. Rock on, yanco
  3. Hey all, Welcome to the new Overwolf skins and customization section! As of version 0.84.92, Overwolf skins are officially supported! To explore the official skin collection, open the Appstore and check out the "Skins" category. Since this feature is still under development, only skins that have been made by the Overwolf team are currently available on the Appstore. However, you could still create your own custom skin and load it to your local Overwolf client. In fact you're most welcome to create your own skins and share them here. Most importantly, please keep on providing us with your feedback. We truly value your opinion! Once we feel confident that the skin structure and methodology have been stabilized, we will support sharing skins created by the community on Overwolf Appstore. Below are a few extra words to help you get started... Happy skinning! yanco - - - x - x - x - - - The vision As an Overwolf skin artist, you will be able to to create a custom Overwolf skin affecting Overwolf dock, windows, FPS monitor, in-game cursors and application sounds. You will be able to share your creation with the world by offering your skin on Overwolf appstore either for free or for sale. As an Overwolf user, you will be able to discover and download new skins from Overwolf appstore. Once downloaded you will be able to configure your client by selecting either a complete skin or just parts of it. Development road map Current version - the current version supports dock skins including sounds, skins for the in-game FPS monitor, and skins for the Overwolf in-game cursors. Coming versions - next in line are skins for Overwolf windows, and sound settings (e.g. the ability to mute / change the volume of skin sounds). Getting started Explore the current skin collection Open the Appstore and go to the "Skins" category. Once you install a skin, click on the "My skins" dock button to open your skins library. To load the skin, simply click on its tile within the library. Create your first skin The easiest way to create an Overwolf skin is to start working from the Overwolf "Skin Starter". This is basically a duplicate version of the "Elven Ship" skin that you can manipulate freely. Here's how to to get it installed and working: Download the "Skin Starter" zip file: Skin Starter.zip Unpack the zip file into a folder on your hard drive. Load the "Skin Starter" into Overwolf: Open the settings window by clicking on the "Wrench" icon on the dock. - Go to the "Support" tab and click on the "Development options" link. The "Packages" page should open. - In the "Packages" page, click on the "Load unpacked extension" button at the top of the page. The folder browser window should open. - Browse to the folder where you unpacked the "Skin Starter", and click OK. - The "Skin Starter" should now appear in the packages window. To load it, click on the "Launch" button that appears to its right. Congrats! you've just created your first skin *Note: once a skin is installed, it will also be available on the "My skins" library. You can easily launch it by clicking on the "My skins" dock button, and then clicking on its tile within the library. Make it your own Explore skin assets - we suggest to start by going over the assets that comprise a skin as they appear in your skin folder: "Images" folder - contains all the image assets that comprise a skin: - All files in this folder are related to the dock skin. - The "DockAnimation" folder includes image sequences that comprise the animations of the dock. - The "FPS.png" file is the only file that is not related to the dock. It is used to skin the FPS monitor. "Cursors" folder - contains cur files for skinning Overwolf in-game cursors. "Sounds" folder - contains mp3 sound files that are played on various dock events. "Previews" folder - contains image files that are used for previewing skin elements in the "My skins" library. Files: - icon.png - used as the skin icon for the skin tile in the "My skins" library. - manifest.json - a text file in JSON format for determining skin properties and meta data. Make some changes - to change an asset, simply replace it with a new one and make sure to maintain its original name. Any changes you make will be immediately reflected in your skin (no need to reload anything). Working with skins created by others Manipulating Official Overwolf skins If you would like to experiment with manipulating an Overwolf skin that was installed from the Appstore - here's how: Choose an installed skin to manipulate - Open the "Packages page" (see instructions in the "Getting started"\"Create your first skin" section above). - Identify the skin that you want to duplicate. Note its "UID" code. Open the skin folder - Click on the UID code of the skin. The skin folder should open in Windows Explorer. Make some changes - to change an asset, simply replace it with a new one and make sure to maintain its original name. Any changes you make will be immediately reflected in your skin (no need to reload anything). Loading skins created by the community Skins that are shared as zip files - see instructions in the "Getting started"\"Create your first skin" section above (each time the instructions mention the "Skin Starter", refer to the community skin you wish to install instead). Skins that are shared as opk files: - Download the skin opk file to some folder on your hard drive. - Open the "Packages page" - Click on the "Install extension" button. The folder browser window should open. - Browse to the folder where you downloaded the opk file to, select the opk file and click OK. - The desired skin should now appear in the packages window. To load it, click on the "Launch" button that appears to its right. *Note: the skin will be saved under the Overwolf skins folder. To view the skin folder, open the Overwolf skins folder (see instructions titled "Open the Overwolf skins folder on your machine" through out this page). Share your work and thoughts Help us inspire others - once your creation is complete, you are most welcome to share it with the community. We will maintain a dedicated forum thread showcasing all shared skins, so your work could help inspire others and earn you some bragging rights on the way... Tell what you think - please feel free to use this forum for anything skin related. Whether you need help, have a suggestion or some general feedback, we would love to know your thoughts! - - - x - x - x - - -
  4. Hey Blessing , Thank you very much for the feedback! It IS possible to minimize the widget - simply press the 'X' button. If the alarm goes off and the widget is minimized, then the clock will pop out automatically - exactly as you wanted We will change the 'X' button to something more clear... (I guess having an 'X' icon for a close button is confusing). In addition, we will take care of the shift+f2 issue. Regarding a 12hour clock version, we will definitely take this into consideration. Thanks again your great feedback Alon
  5. Stream

    We have some thoughts in that area.... Your request certainly helps us to gain confidence about this direction. Thanks for your post! Alon
  6. Offilne installer

    Got it . We're currently improving the installer to eliminate such issues. In the meantime I've sent you a PM with a quick solution. Alon
  7. Settings Suggestion

    Hope you had a great time with your son Thanks for your valuable input, Alon
  8. Stream

    Hey Tadin, Can you please explain a little bit what do you mean? Thx, Alon
  9. Offilne installer

    I don't see this happening in the near future. Why do wish to have a full version download, have you had any problems with the installer? Alon
  10. Teampseak/Ventrilo

    Hi Phenie, This is not something that is currently being developed, but since we get a lot of requests for it, it's definitely something that will be considered in the future. I'd love to hear why you use mumble, and why you prefer it on other programs. Thanks for your interest, Alon
  11. Video\Screen album suggestion

    Hey thunder, Thanks for the suggestions! You're absolutely right, these are very practical features. Just to clarify - by "preview list" you mean the ability to browse the library using smaller thumbnails? Thanks, Alon
  12. Offilne installer

    Can you explain?
  13. Some suggestions / requests.

    Hey Xaviez, Thank you for your very detailed suggestions! they're very cool Multi-IM - we're actually working on combining all our IM widgets into a single Multi-IM. Each IM service will get its own tab (not group), but we will let you remove tabs for services you don't use. How does this sound to you? Hide offline friends - you're absolutely right. Your request is noted. Groups- this a popular request. It might take some time, but we will get there. Custom widget (bookmark as a button) - we also like this idea a lot. Stay tuned... I'm starting to suspect there is a mole in our company... Thanks again for sharing your cool ideas - there's a good chance you will see them in Overwolf in the near future. Alon
  14. From Russia with love:)

    Hey guys, Overwolf will be localized to Russian in the near future (probably around 2 months from now). @thunder - thanks for the offer! we will contact you if necessary. Dasvidaniya, Alon
  15. Teampseak/Ventrilo

    Hi, We used to have a prototype for Ventrilo for a short time mainly for testing purposes.We decided it to remove it for maintenance and further development. I can tell you the Teamspeak 3 is not far away, actually it's nearby... Thanks for you inquiry, Alon