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  1. Appstore doesn't open

    Hey there Maxerz, this is a known bug that affected a release we did a few weeks ago! The first question I have for you is what version of OW did you experience this bug on? A new iteration is being phased in, meaning its very possible the bug you experienced has now been fixed. Attempt to download the newest version by pressing the wrench icon for settings, then hitting the support tab. "Check for updates" and let me know what happens! Thank you!
  2. Darkest Dungeon

    Hey The_Game_Requester, Were actively working on adding Darkest Dungeon to our supported games list! Check back soon!
  3. Add Support for DX11 !!!

    Hey Aidan, Several if not most of our games support DX11, which game are you referring to?
  4. NFS World Freeze.

    Hey there, Thats kind of interesting and surprising as that one's actually on the supported games list! Do us a giant favor if you can, we want a peek at whats going on in the system. Best way to do that is to send logs using this guide: http://feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/356475-how-to-sending-logs to support@overwolf.com Thank you!
  5. Diacritic not working

    Hey there, this is a known issue and we'd like to see your logs to help figure it out. Please send them to support@overwolf.com and follow this guide! http://feedback.over...to-sending-logs
  6. wowhead search for other language

    Hey there, Thank you very much for the suggestion, we're always looking for ways to improve our applications so we will definitely look into adding more languages in the options. EDIT: There is a path involving editing the files, thanks to Ksit for cool method if you're feeling adventurous!
  7. Hey there, this is a known issue and we'd like to see your logs to help figure it out. Please send them to support@overwolf.com and follow this guide! http://feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/356475-how-to-sending-logs
  8. Robocraft Won't Stream

    Hey there! This is actually a known bug and an unfortunate one as it may be a few weeks before we can find the fix. Our twitch client is a little out of date so stay tuned as a major overhaul is actually on the way! My hope is the future build will not have this issue! Thank you!
  9. Overlay doesn't work in CS:GO/Minecraft etc

    Hey there, I personally don't have CS:GO myself so I can't confirm the bug you are experiencing but GIve us a peak at whats going on by sending us your logs and a bug description to support@overwolf.com http://feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/356475-how-to-sending-logs
  10. Skype problem

    Hey there, sounds like a ton of confusion for Overwolf going on in the log files, at first it believes that skype doesn't exist, then installed it, then failed to load it. Usually a full hard reset will fix weird bugs like this. My best bet at the moment would be to uninstall and reinstall both, attempt to launch skype within Overwolf. Then let me know if that fixes it. If it doesn't I will forward this directly to the QA!
  11. Hey there! Woah that sounds like a nasty bug, let us get some insight! Give us a peak at whats going on by sending your logs and little info about the bug to support@overwolf.com http://feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/356475-how-to-sending-logs
  12. Not recognizing Runescape, tried everything

    Hey Macabrae, Sorry for the late response! If it isn't fixed by now let me know! The biggest and most common reason for stuff like this is our "helper" failed to locate the game and as a result does not consider any game to be running. Give us a peak at whats going on by sending your logs and a little info about the bug to support@overwolf.com http://feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/356475-how-to-sending-logs
  13. Copy Version Number

    This is a fantastic and simple idea, and I'm surprised we don't support that! Unfortunately at the moment pen and paper is the best solution. I'll ping the R&D to let them know though!
  14. overlay prevents from mouse becoming hidden

    Hey Czsavior, First question, are you using suite fx? It has a tendency to create wonky situations like that with Overwolf! Other than that I think it might be valuable to look at the log files and see whats going on. Send those to support@overwolf.com with a description of the bug! http://feedback.overwolf.com/knowledgebase/articles/356475-how-to-sending-logs

    Hey there, Unfortunately it's not a current feature, but the best solution would be adding the "my games" icon to the dock by clicking it and dragging it up! From there a quick menu should pop up listing out all the games you've got!