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  1. Overwolf for Mac?

    Isn't there a way you could hire a team to work on making this for mac, whilst your main team works on the Windows version? Or would that be too much extra money into that?
  2. Overwolf for Mac?

    I understand... I'm sad... but I understand... Because Overwolf really looks fantastic. I guess I'll just have to use overwolf with whatever windows computer I have at the moment and wait for the day (long term) it comes to mac. I can wait.
  3. dreaming of the day overwolf can be used on a mac... more votes for mac overwolf plz!

  4. Overwolf for Mac?

    So how many votes for something like this would it take for you guys to start working on a mac version?
  5. Overwolf for Mac?

    So a friend of mine has been telling me all about overwolf for a while now, and totally recommends it to everyone to use it. But I have a problem, I use a mac. I was just wondering if there was at all a chance of being a mac compatible overwolf client? Because I would love to be able to use this brilliant technology that my friend mentions so much. P.S. Before you answer please don't give me the reply like "i have an idea, use a windows computer, they're much better" or "use bootcamp" I'm hoping to use my mac as a mac, and use programs simply.