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  1. Overlay speech to text for deaf gamers

    Hi It would be problematic. In overwolf you can only use C# SpeechRecognitionEngine for this. You would somehow need to redirect team speak audio source into default input device, maybe with virtual cable or voicemeter, or somehow get audio stream from teamspeak. With that you could turn dictation mode and recognize spoken words. Having all that then it would be possible but It might work poorly since it is window recognition requires training (you need to train engine to correctly recognize your voice or voice of your friend by reading some phrases shown by windows), without training the recognition either wouldn't work or it would work poorly. I still need to update my own recognition apps into c#, so when I will do that I might also look into your request, but I'm packed at the moment but if I do anything I will update this page.

    Most likely the developers that made those apps didn't port their plugins to new format (Overwolf removed support for NPAPI plugins and all apps that are not ported were removed from store), I didn't port my own apps yet, so I imagine it will take a while for others too but it will depend on creators (they might not be willing to port it).
  3. END file on C drive everytime overwolf update

    I don't have HA and I have this file too - it must be Overwolf created then
  4. Well if overwolf is not supported then of course they wont see anything you have in overwolf. However if you stream with xsplit or obs you can use this chat and add it as one of the scenes in those programs so that your stream can see it.
  5. Multiple Instances of the same window

    I know this is old but I played around with window.open functions. You can open a popup window (it will have id of parent window) var newwin = window.open('index.html', 'popUp',"height=300,width=450,location=no,scrollba rs=no,menubars=no,toolbars=no,resizable=no, menubar=no");newwin.focus(); Child window can access parent window variables and DOM window.opener.overwolf You cant really make the window transparent so it will have default overwolf window look but I thought it is interesting. You probably won't be able to call anything from overwolf.window to affect that opened popup (same id as parent) but maybe someone will make something interesting with it.
  6. Overwolf overlay does not stay on top

    "hardcore games" that's funny
  7. You can always open overwolf browser (play in windowed, or open it in normal browser) and open NighDevs twitch chat widget (https://www.nightdev.com/kapchat/) - you just fill couple of things, get a link and open it in browser window. If it is needed for obs just open that link in obs browser source
  8. I don't know what they will support or not I'm just saying your code will stop working (if I'm not mistaken, the goal is to move all apps that use NPAPI plugins to the new way, in about 2 months support will end) Plugin are loaded now with extra-objects in manifest and with overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject("Name", function (result) {}); in javascript
  9. Not to diminish your work but Overwolf is moving away from NPAPI plugin architecture so you would need to rewrite your code and use the new way of loading dlls (check simple io plugin c# code for an example).
  10. The Logitech, Overwolf LED Challenge

    I received apps yesterdays, played with all of them. I have cast my vote. Just want to say Good Luck to everyone
  11. Logitech LED and DLLs

    Maybe stupid question but - did you try to create Action as a member object of the class you exposing to overwolf, like in sample app ( onGlobalEvent )? In c# public event Action<object> InfoEvent; Then in js libObj.InfoEvent.addListener(onInfoEvent); I think calling local member does not work since reference to it will be lost after function call (or something like that, for me it also does not work if callback is called from new Thread() and works if callback is a member), so you cant make multiple calls to a local callback, it wont work but the global one can be used anywhere.
  12. Pandora App Crashing

    You should also add logs There is also support page you can go to and read instruction on how to do it - http://support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/how-to-send-logs/
  13. Can't install

    Disable overwolf from starting with your system, restart, uninstall overwolf, reinstall - that said I have no clue why you wouldn't be able to close the process.
  14. Can't install

    Stop all browser processes, stop all overwolf processes. Remove %localappdata%\Overwolf folder Install overwolf again
  15. Just FIY this is global overwolf issue most likely caused by c# to string conversion. Example postMessage between windows