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  1. I am working on improving this It's not very complicated, I don't even have to cache anything... I currently get everything at once, it can be easily divided. And I don't even need a spinner - there's a complete redesign upcoming, hold tight Tell sing song I said hi... Btw, you better use the subreddit to contact me, http://reddit.com/r/dotaplus
  2. DotaPlus dev here. I like both of these suggestions. I like the mindgames about the winning streaks a lot Expect to see those in the app. Thanks!
  3. Hey Colorfulstan, Tsury from Overwolf R&D here. Thanks for letting us know - this is indeed a bug and it should be fixed for the next public release, Overwolf 0.91.227. Keep up the good work and thanks again for spotting this one, Tsury.
  4. Child window not receiving permissions

    I wasn't able to reproduce this issue with Overwolf 90.200+. This version is currently available through the beta channel and will be released in a week or so. Please post here if this issue persist for you on said version, you are also welcome to send your logs for me to inspect. Thanks for the help and don't hesitate to post in the future! Tsury.
  5. Child window not receiving permissions

    Hey Lunation Studios, Tsury from R&D here. We are currently testing the issue, we will get back to you soon. Thanks!
  6. BUG: overwolf.media.audio.resume Not working

    Hey, Tsury from R&D here. We've found the bug and a fix will be included in a future version of Overwolf (90.200+). Thanks for helping us discover it, keep it going. Tsury.
  7. Did something change in

    Hey guys, thanks for letting us know. This issue will be fixed in the next version of Overwolf, in the meanwhile you can use a future time greater than 0 to finish the capture session (almost) immediately. Thanks again and don't hesitate to post, Tsury.
  8. As I mentioned in a previous reply, there were issues with the API which are resolved and will be published with our next version (90). Thanks for helping us find the issues.
  9. I like you... Correct. I am working on getting the documentation up to date to prevent such confusions.
  10. Any chance you are trying to turn on the replays without being in game? Try it while injected to a game. In any case, what is the error reason? It should be sent to you in the result object. Try printing all of it with console.log(result)
  11. Hey ZTDev, Tsury from Overwolf R&D here. Thanks for your submission, this is indeed not the expected behaviour and the bugs have been identified and fixed. The fixes will be included in the next version of Overwolf (89.100+ or 90.0+, not sure yet). Thanks for your support, don't hesitate to report issues in the future. Good day, Tsury.
  12. Well, I'll take accidental-bug-fixing anyday
  13. And is it happening on 85.190 as well?
  14. What version of Overwolf are you currently using? I'm not able to reproduce it, but I see what you mean. I will add mutual exclusion to methods affecting windows' size/position. Will only be relevant for Overwolf 86 though.
  15. Hey Thorwe, Tsury from Overwolf R&D here. I see what you mean and I understand it can be annoying, we always try to be as friendly as possible to the developers. Window positioning is a critical issue because it is volatile and can greatly affect the experience. Changing resolution/DPI/going in and out of games and resizing game windows can all affect positioning and size of windows. We can't allow windows to go out of the screen in these cases and that's why we have these fail-safe mechanisms. When using transparency around windows you should always be aware of the transparent portion and have a centralized call for changeSize/changePosition which does all the calculations to make it right. As for window.changePosition, I'm not sure I understand. I checked it on Overwolf 85 and it seems to allow you to place a window outside of the screen bounds. Here's the Twitch app at (-100, -100): If you have any ideas about how to help developers with this issue, feel free to send them to me, I'll see what can be done. Also if you have any samples you think ca reproduce bugs/unwanted behavior. Have a good day, Tsury. EDIT: Maybe allowing windows to be outside the screen for ~20% of their width/height.