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  1. Overwolf World of Warcraft Support

    Hey ShadowTurtle, Did you try running wow on 64 bit? Did it help? From your logs it seems like you are injecting to the game properly - lets do a quick test to assure your not injected, Please go to Settings -> FPS Tab -> Make sure its enabled. Then launch wow and check if the FPS is displayed. You also mentioned you use Overwolf to see the Teamspeak client Overlay while in-game, I know it sounds silly, but make sure you actually have the Teamspeak Client application installed (it wont work otherwise) Waiting for your response.
  2. Overwolf World of Warcraft Support

    Hey ShadowTurtle, I've looked at your log files and it indeed seems like Overwolf finds your wow - but has issues injecting into it. I would like you to please do the following: 1. Reupload your logs - this time zip all the logs inside the logs folder - and not just the Tracelog (if you have issues uploading it to our forums you can use any uploading site) 2. Attempt running wow at 64bit. Waiting for your response, Mr skateboarding snail
  3. Overwolf World of Warcraft Support

    Hello Maoriiboii, SLI has a history of creating issues with games with Dx11. Could you please set your wow to run with Dx9 - restart it , and let me know if the flicker improves ?
  4. How to properly upload a signature

    Hey MrAdrian976, First of all - any help related issues should open on the support forum - this topic will be locked and deleted in an hour. Now - regarding your question - your posting the HTML Code in your forum signature - what you should do is: Find the original link to your signature (yours is "http://signature.overwolf.com/mradrian976_gameplay.png") Go to your forum account settings (You can use this picture to understand how) Inside your account settings - go to the signature tab - then click the Image icon (As seen here) Enter the direct link you found earlier - and your done!
  5. Lolwiz error

    Okie, I've ran a few test regarding this issue - Its a known issue and should get solved by Monday. But! - if you cant survive the up-coming weekend without your LoLWiz needs (Which I completely understand) then please wait until one of our Support team members will contact you regarding our Beta program. Best wishes,
  6. Lolwiz error

    Hey there! Could you please tell me what Overwolf Version are you using? (Options -> Support -> About Overwolf) Hopefully we can sort this out asap
  7. Hey OLLI, You may want to check out this topic. Overwolf got effected by this change , but also thousands of other applications , chrome extinctions , plantronics headsets buttons that no longer control skype - etc etc... The only feature that skype allows to 3rd party software to use is Call recording and minimal hardware support - Any IM features for ANY software connected to Skype will be disabled. I know that this a frustrating issue - But please understand its a technical change on their end, Like raif mentioned - if at any point in the future this will be possible - rest assure our team will enable it asap. Best,
  8. Overwolf Not Detecting Teamspeak 3

    Okie BlueMoonParkour , It seems like you found a pretty sneaky bug - We will work closely with the Teamspeak team in order to solver this in future versions. For now - this should fix your issue : 1. Close Overwolf and Teamspeak (Including the Teamspeak client on the Tray menu) 2. Run Teamspeak 3. Run Overwolf as Admin 4. Run any supported game and launch Teamspeak via Overwolf. Let me know if this works, Stay awesome!
  9. Unlimited Custom Skin Support

    Great guide ! the intro blew me away
  10. ManiaPlanet Skin ;)

    Looks cool! Here's a picture (In-case anyone else wonders how it looks like)
  11. Overwolf Not Detecting Teamspeak 3

    Hey BlueMoonParkour, Did you attempt to run Overwolf as Admin?
  12. Overwolf Not Detecting Teamspeak 3

    Hey BlueMoonParkour, I wanna make sure I understand your issue: You downloaded Overwolf and TS3 separately - then installed them separately? (And while were at it - Try running Overwolf as Admin and let me know if that fixes the issue) Waiting for your response, Stay awesome!
  13. Overwolf store "not connected"

    Hey Godtora, Could you please tell me what Overwolf version your using? (Overwolf options -> Support -> About Overwolf) We just released a new public version that should solve the store connection issue. Waiting for your reply, Stay awesome!
  14. browser

    Hey there lucifer12! That picture is extremely small - Could you upload a bigger one? Oh - and welcome aboard to the community
  15. Overwolf World of Warcraft Support

    Hey dragonscot, Could you please send your log files? (Here's a link to a guide on how to send logs) (best way would be to attach the zip to your post in this topic) Also - what window mode are you using? (Fullscreen, Windowed, Borderless)