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  1. GW2 Contest Term

    That last part was indeed confusing and hilarious. I was expecting to get into the gw2 vote page and I see Twitch everywhere O,o About the real name appearing, i'm glad to use my nickname everywhere, it might pissed me off I wonder now if the Wickr votes will decide all the winners or there will be a judge from Anet (I think I did read something like that months ago, might be wrong)
  2. GW2 Contest Term

    Same here. And it's specially discouraging for me since not even my friends would vote, because wickr is not used in my country at all. To be honest I didn't know of its existence until now.
  3. GW2 Contest Term

    It's just me or the mail with the link to the wickr voting page doesn't work?
  4. GW2 Contest Term

    I did have the same though. When we knew that a contest would be done for new apps (not the old ones) I was expecting indeed new ideas, not revamped ones. But well, at least we got some new people interested in creating apps. With the API of gw2 evolving nicely, maybe some of those persons are able to create interesting stuff in the future, instead of remain silent because they did never learn how overwolf works. Edit: A typo
  5. App Submission Process

    I believe the category should be "For games" (that's what I did put on mine and it was published already) but i'm not sure if "gw2 app challenge" will be ok. Best of luck.
  6. App Submission Process

    I see now. Didn't noticed you changed the store.json file structure (I'm not sure what is the best way to be informed about those kind of changes. Is there a blog or something for developers?). Question: I already did submit one with the old store.json file structure yesterday, should I submit a new one? And how much time does it usually takes to be in the store? Sorry for the troubles and my inexperience in the programming field
  7. App Submission Process

    Hi again... APP ready and working If i Load it in my computer but I'm still having issues trying to figure out what to submit due to confussing steps in http://developers.overwolf.com/submission-process/and http://developers.overwolf.com/api?id=Technical-information-about-the-manifest-json#ExtensionMetadata Does these 2 elements are mandatory in the manifest.jason file? store_icon dock_button_title And would this be a valid store.json or am i missing something? { "detailed_title": "PersonalStrats is an APP with detailed guides of encounters that let's you save info or build up guides for them.", "title": "PersonalStrats", "full_title": "PersonalStrats", "short_title": "PersonalStrats", "category_description": "For games", "categories": ["For games"] } More info is in my previous posts.
  8. App Submission Process

    I'm a bit confused about the information of the store.json file "category_description": "This is the category that appears next to the version information, should be the same as 'categories'", "categories": ["This is the Appstore category that the app will appear in. Currently only one category per app is possible. Featured and New Stuff excluded."] So... what are the possible categories? Should I just type "for games" on both of those fields? Also, another question: How much time does it takes for the submission process to be done? And regarding GW2 app challenge contest. Can I submit my app on the last day or should I do it before that to make sure it's accepted before that? Right now i'm trying to understand it. Would this be correct? It confuses me the need to repeat the app name in 3 different places, same as it confuses to have the same info in the two categories sections. { "detailed_title": "My app does X and Y", "title": "MyAppName", "full_title": "MyAppName", "short_title": "MyAppName", "category_description": "For games", "categories": ["For games."] }
  9. Since this version, my computer freezes for 5-10 seconds when I start Overwolf. It says something that it detect that positioning inside the game wasn't enabled or something like that. Never happened before this version but it happened twice already.
  10. GW2 Contest Term

    Not really. I'm creating a new app that I didn't seen so far and (although nobody requested it) i believe it could be quite awesome for most players. Sadly it's gonna take a while because I am learning at the same time and i'm stuck most of the time (as example, i'm struggling trying to figure out how to create a scroll bar for a window ). What i mean is: Isn't impossible to build up something new, it could be hard, but not impossible.