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  1. Record last 5 minutes? Possible? -ShadowPlay

    He was referring to the Shadow feature of http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/shadowplay While the ShadowPlay itself is hardware accelerated and nVidia only what Demonic Hell is searching for is the Shadow feature added to the Overwolf recorder. Basically, as soon as the game starts begin recording and save to a temporary file, once the file hits a certain length default 5 minutes start to trim off the beginning. When the hotkey is pressed (Alt+F10 in ShadowPlays case) the 5 minutes leading up to the press are saved as an actual video file and recording continues into the temp file. That way when you go back to your saved videos you don't need to dig through 15 hours of video to find all the good stuff it will be a collection of 5 minutes snapshots around each moment worth saving.
  2. Hotkey not firing

    Interestingly enough I installed the non-dev version to see what happens, which has no developer extension support.... duh! So then I installed developer version again and now my hotkeys are firing as they should. It also seems hotkeys only work while in game, is that by design? If so that's fine as my app only requires hotkeys while in game but now I at least know to launch the game when testing.
  3. Hotkey not firing

    Just tried moving it into window.onload and capitalizing K. Both the 'Hello' and 'Bye' alerts appear however the other two alerts do not appear upon pressing ctrl+alt+c window.onload = function () { alert("Hello, I have just entered window.onload"); overwolf.settings.registerHotKey( "my_cool_action", function (arg) { alert("I'm firing from within the registerHotKey callback."); if (arg.status == "success") { alert("The status was a success."); } } ); alert("Bye, I have just finished window.onload"); } Edit: If registerHotKey is case sensitive then the example in the documentation at http://developers.overwolf.com/api?id=overwolf-settings needs to be corrected as it shows with a lowercase k
  4. Hotkey not firing

    I've been unsuccessful as to getting hotkeys firing, are they still a work in progress or did I do something wrong? It does appear under Settings -> Hotkeys at the bottom as Demo App - My Cool Action and allow me to change it but it does not appear to trigger the alert when pressed. I have tried to trigger it while the app is open/closed, in game, out of game none of which trigger the alert. Check for Updates reports I am running OW 0.77.14 manifest.json { "manifest_version":1, "type":"WebApp", "meta":{ "name":"Demo App", "version":"1.0.0", "minimum-overwolf-version":"0.77.10", "author":"Developer Name", "icon":"IconMouseOver.png", "icon_gray":"IconMouseNormal.png", "description":"Demo App" }, "data": { "start_window":"MainWindow", "windows":{ "MainWindow":{ "file":"Files/index.html", "transparent":true, "resizable":true, "size":{"width":400, "height":300}, "min_size":{"width":200, "height":200}, "max_size":{"width":600, "height":500} }, "SubWindow":{ "file":"Files/subwindow.html", "transparent":true, "resizable":false, "size":{"width":400, "height":300}, "in_game_only":true } }, "hotkeys" : { "my_cool_action": { "title": "My Cool Action", "action-type": "custom", "default": "Ctrl+Alt+C" } } } } index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"/> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <title>Demo app</title> <script> overwolf.settings.registerHotkey( "my_cool_action", function (arg) { if (arg.status == "success") { alert("This is my cool action!"); } } ); ----- FUNCTIONS FROM ORIGINAL DEMO SNIPPED ----- </script> </head> <body> ----- BODY FROM ORIGINAL DEMO SNIPPED ----- </body> </html> -- 02:20 am, it is quite possible I did something stupid either in the creation of this post or in my attempted execution of hotkeys Thanks.
  5. How to: Enable DayZ SA

    I don't recall having that problem rincewind, You are editing the file while OW is closed then starting OW correct?
  6. How to: Enable DayZ SA

    It seems to be functioning without problem yet since ArmA is supported and DayZ SA runs on the same engine. Will let you know if I do run into any troubles with it.
  7. How to: Enable DayZ SA

    After playing DayZ mod on ArmA for a while when ArmA was unsupported Overwolf fell out of my life (Last posted here Dec 2012) but with the standalone releasing some friends got me playing again and since Overwolf comes with TS3 installation... here I am again. And with it I bring some more of my hackery... DayZ Standalone seems to be supported so far if you add it to your gamelist manually Navigate to, and open with Notepad++ - "%localappdata%/Overwolf/GameList.#######.xml" At the bottom paste the following before "" 221100 DayZ SA DayZ.exe Steam.exe D3D9 Supported HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\Steam\InstallPath -applaunch 221100 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 221100\InstallLocation DInput8
  8. Steam Guard not sending email.

    A similar thing happened to me I got the emails but entering the code did nothing, so I turned off Steam Guard and now everything works, except the account is not Steam Guarded.
  9. Over Wolf doesn't seem to launch

    Cool! Glad you got it working. 8-)
  10. Over Wolf doesn't seem to launch

    Is it still failing to start?
  11. Spontaneous Combustion

    The debugger dump: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ql776y0zy4aqjm/Overwolf.zip It is quit large though, 130mb compressed - 400mb extracted, however it will open up right in Visual Studio at the line of fault in the debugger with a stack trace as well to assist you in solving the problem. I wish you luck
  12. Spontaneous Combustion

    Well, the title sums it up pretty well, I was in another application and Overwolf simply died. The wonderful windows message "Overwolf has stopped responding" appeared and I clicked Debug with Visual Studio since I recently obtained that through Dreamspark and was able to export a debugger .dmp for you. It seems to have made an invalid memory access in some String related function. Good luck deciphering whatever that means The debugger dump: >
  13. Over Wolf doesn't seem to launch

    From your verification log: [10/31/12,11:30:55] ***WARNING*** File C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\System.AddIn.Contract\\System.AddIn.Contract.dll is not installed on the system That is our problem. Now.... how to fix it? Edit: found someone with a similar problem elsewhere online http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-windows_update/can-not-install-net-framework-35/ebb5c272-7822-4831-8b9b-fb534fa5d0f3 They were recommended to uninstall all .net using a .net cleaner program then re-install in a specified order. Open the link to the thread and scroll past his massive error log, follow the steps in the reply marked "Answer".
  14. Over Wolf doesn't seem to launch

    I found a tool that verifies .net is installed properly over at msdn http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archive/2008/10/13/8999004.aspx try running that. Again I'll attach the zip here for convenience. This application will prompt you for a version of .net to test and then it it will test the existence of the system files and tell you if your .net is installed properly. However it is recomended that you obtain files from a trusted source and don't trust everyone. For example running that last application and then asking what it is isn't preferred you should find out first. Oh and be sure to scan with your antivirus as well. You can never be too safe online. netfx_setupverifier_new.zip
  15. Over Wolf doesn't seem to launch

    It was just a sample from a tutorial on using addins it should have looked like this And yea, if that crashed as well it would imply your pc is at fault rather than Overwolf. You said you uninstalled/installed .net 3.5 and .net 4.5 but did you uninstall 3.5 before installing 4.5? Try installing 3.5 then "updating" by installing 4.5 as well. I wonder how that file could "disappear" lol