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  1. Your Preferred IDE for Overwolf App Development

    I use Atom too, the plugins make it for me
  2. Developing Overwolf Apps - JS side

    Just keep in mind to include the appropriate polyfills
  3. You can only get data from the games on this list. Those games have an Overwolf API to access some events. You can't get arbitrary data, like gold amount from diablo. You have to look for 1st party APIs that these games provide (none if I recall correctly for Diablo and Hearthstone) For Hearthstone I know that card and collection tracking the apps that exists parse log files to get that data.
  4. How does Game Events works?

    In some other thread they mentioned they use some form of shared memory system to get events to overwolf. I imagine they won't go into details since it's kind of a business secret Also got confirmed that in some apps where there are no official event support they use OCR. It's actually not as slow as you imagine. I'm actually working on a feature that calssifies a part of the screen (about 200x200 px area) and I could run it at 60fps no problem in javascript (!) on my ~2 year old laptop. And you have the possibility to run these heavier tasks in a compiled DLL whihc you may write in c/c++, so it's very efficient.
  5. OMG this snippet will see some serious use! Thanks!
  6. It seems to be that chromium itself is restricted to explicit open of the developer panel. Maybe Overwolf devs could add an 'Always Open' toggle in the settings? I have a feeling it's not a trivial problem to solve
  7. setLightingFromBitmap(bitmap, callback)

    Yea, indeed .fill() is not supported, I's sorry. I use Babel to use the newer stuff.
  8. setLightingFromBitmap(bitmap, callback)

    Who would have though, should have checked the documentation >.< Thanks! This gives a full white lighting: const bitmap = new Array(21 * 6 * 4); bitmap.fill(255); overwolf.logitech.led.setLightingFromBitmap(bitmap, (result) => { console.log(res); }); Interestingly, it didn't work with Int8Array or Uint8Array, had to make a simple array.
  9. setLightingFromBitmap(bitmap, callback)

    If someone has a working demo, I would like to see that too, I couldn't make it work either. I tried to use Typed Arrays, whihc is the closest to Bytes that javascript can get as far as I know, but it did not really work. The fartherst I got was to light up a full row, or some random keys (?), but not the whole keyboard. How did you manage to use the setLightingFromBitmap method? Did you dynamically add an image, or the image was premade?
  10. [collection] the missing parts

    If I may chime in I would like to propose to add some things to the list. These gave me some hard time getting the Logitech Led api working, and @goodbyte helped me to work around them. overwolf.logitech.led.init(callback) - The callback returns immediately with a successful result, but in fact I can't issue commands to the api until some time has passed (~1000ms works for me). So if you want to immediately want to setLighting in the init callback, it will appear to be not working, when in fact you just have to wait before issuing commands. overwolf.logitech.led.setLighting(r, g, b, callback) - If you accidentally pass a float to parameters r, g, or b, You wont get an error in the callback, but the whole function will fail with Uncaught Error: Failed to execute setLighting on Led with 4 arguments.
  11. Logitech LED API question

    Thank you, giving some time after init seems to be the solution!
  12. Logitech LED API question

    Thanks for the clarification! I have the LogitechLed in permissions in both places. I have no idea what may be the problem, especially since I get a succesfull result from those callbacks. I would think that the command successfully went through. Do you mind if I ask why shouldn't I use Babel? I had no problem with it in the past year.
  13. Logitech LED API question

    Okay, here's a bump with another question: If I have the above code in a plain empty project, it works, the emulator keyboard lights up. But if I insert the same code in my application, it doesn't work. Except if I call it twice, but not immediately, with a couple ms delay, it works! And even when it isn't working, I get success from the led api callbacks! I assumed it would work like this: I call the init() method, and after that I can freely use the other methods to set the lighting. But it doesn't seem to be the case. How is the led api supposed to be used?
  14. [POLL] Advertisement

    Nah. Just add captcha and a semi-active mod to prune the rest that gets through. I wouldn't put high barriers in front of new devs/users who just have a question.
  15. Logitech LED API question

    Yes, removing the setTargetDevice did the trick and it works, thanks! From the docs I assumed I had to set it, but this is not the case I know Overwolf uses an older engine, I compile my source with Babel so I can use ES2015 features