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  1. Although this update lacks the flavor of the previous version, it does add spice of its own through the dock splitting. Nice way to meet in the middle. Maybe mirroring is something we can talk to the devs about at some point. We've already seen it in the hidden docks. Overfox shows it, because the hidden dock is the same on the right or left, but once you expand it, everything flips
  2. I've actually been using Comms since it's first private release. I told Tiamarth about it months before he tried it, but he swears he doesn't remember that. He always talks hype about C3 but with my current internet I don't dare try any VoIP stuff. But we're all digressing. This is a skins thread. And this skin deserves chat of its own, because it is fantastic. The only problem is it suffers from mirroring. If you put it on the right side of your screen (for whatever reason) TERA because AR3T more or less, and it's no me gusta. Maybe someday they'll include a way to have the dock mirror on screen switch? Or potentially release a screen right version of this skin because maybe someone somewhere prefers right sided docks
  3. Ah, I remember Tera. Maybe one day I'll be off of satellite internet and can play again. From the shots this skin looks absolutely amazing. I'll definitely have to give this thing a go
  4. [TwitchyWolf] Overwolf Skin

    Makes a very nice homage to Twitch, and the streaming icon looks right at home in this pack. Well done with the theme
  5. [Darkwolf] Simplistic Overwolf Skin

    The cursor reminds me of a paper airplane and I love it. Thank you good sir
  6. Viviwolf - moved to github (06/05/2017)

    For all the ranting you've done on how great Vivaldi is, this release doesn't surprise me one bit. Looks very clean, very nice. I'll definitely have to be giving this skin and browser a look-see. Thanks for the release
  7. So, Firefox is pretty cool, right? I think so. Regardless, here's a skin So my current main browser is Firefox, and I figured it would be pretty chill to make a theme for Overwolf that incorporated my favorite little flaming canine thing. Coincidentally enough, Tiamarth made a Vivaldi skin, which you can check out here. Soon the community will be able to represent their favorites of everything with their Overwolf skins! Please note that this is only v0.9, as I haven't had any inspiration on what to do about the expanded dock. This is merely just a release to make the skin public because I feel it would be better than not releasing it. Download here Installation instructions: Here, have a preview: Special thanks to Tiamarth for helping me get unbanned from these forums because of why ever that happened, and to being my inspiration for making this, as well as testing out the functionality of the skin when it still had ugly placeholders. Thanks, buddy Changelog:
  8. Unlimited Custom Skin Support

    Yeah when I first discovered this I realized the potential for unlimited skins. And this makes it so much easier to install them, as you can start completely from scratch and not have to deal with overwriting other skin files and versions
  9. [Darkwolf] Simplistic Overwolf Skin

    Well my only issue with the dock outline is that the dock will always be in the same place and isn't generally hard to find, and if I may make a suggestion, a light gradient fading outwards from the Overwolf icon could do well to maintain the dark feel of DarkWolf without having to have such a harsh colour change
  10. [Darkwolf] Simplistic Overwolf Skin

    Trying it out, and I like it. The white outline on the minimized dock seems a bit out of place to me, but the theme as a whole is really nice. Have yet to see the cursors in action, but the preview definitely looks nice. Also, to remedy your problem with cursor files, the program IconArt (http://iconart.en.softonic.com/) can work wonders. Not the fanciest of programs, but it's free and lightweight
  11. Skin community, I bring you glad tidings of great joy! As of an hour ago I've discovered a way to install custom skins, without overwriting official skins. Now this is all 100% legit, and I've made a video on the topic, rather than trying to explain everything. If the community would prefer, I'll edit this post with a text tutorial to install skins. For now, feast your eyes on the freedom of unlimited skins: EDIT: As opposed to what I say in the video, I recommend you make a "Skins" folder in Overwolf so that way the skin library doesn't have a seizure when you try to uninstall or update things. As a side note, I've already made Tiamarth aware of this, and if you would like a go with a packed skin, his Crescent 3.0 minimalist skin works perfectly with this system. You should check it out here.
  12. Man it's almost like Arctic Blast was made for me or something. Absolutely amazing work. All bias aside, I still greatly enjoy using them and thank you for making them public
  13. Lo and behold, I have arrived. All is well in the land of milk and honey, and I'm not banned! Thank you to the people who helped me solve all of these issues, and I'm glad to finally be amongst you