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  1. player.me Is becoming a big platform, please consider partnering with them to get more exclusive shit. like overwolf account would become a player.me account so you could connect more stuff. OW program would track games for player.me. I don't know all possibilities but here you got few. Let's beat discord real hard.
  2. New voice on killer voices

    I didn't say we should pay, ow should pay, They're the player here. When an organization goes to them and asks something is more important if someone private asks.
  3. New voice on killer voices

    Hey Bluescream, if OW invited Pietsmiet to recording sounds, they would do it for free, and if we give them money so they will do a PP and promote OW to the german community, so OW gets more out of it.
  4. OW is getting heavy

    Then technically the delay of using ram also should work. Or OW just should use less ram
  5. OW is getting heavy

    The problem could be easly fixed just like this: OW should use the last 2 cores, cause of intel they are the most useless cores, with amd u can use all cores efectively.
  6. Overwolf and payday 2 two cursors while overwolf is on

    Happens to me too sometimes whilst opening pd2, but I think it is just a major issue in the game??
  7. Volunteer forum moderators.

    Hello dear wolves! The moderators have been chosen to be: @Colorfulstan and @Jonas. I hope they know what is right and wrong and us a safe passage to destiny. ----------------------------------------------------------CASE CLOSED---------------------------------------------------------------
  8. OW is getting heavy

    I have used Overwolf from the beginning of my Gaming PC(2015, gtx760, pentium g2358 3,2ghz) life, Whilst playing csgo I have noticed big frame drops(from 45 down to 5) out of nowhere. I closed almost every task in the task manager but just doesnt end, and after ending OW it works like 70fps again. I have heard that CSGO is very CPU concentrated so why not make a detector for every game launch to switch ow from cpu to gpu so I could play these games smoothly? Listed: 1. OW + CSGO = 50-30fps - CSGO - OW = +70fps 2. GPU and CPU recording like mechanic in OW so when launching CSGO(CPU) OW switches to GPU heavy
  9. I would like to add my mod to supports but I have so many more projects ongoing like: Lanparties, the mod it self, school, life, customers, and many more mods, and work so time will get very short. There is no actual recipe yet in the mod cause of time but I can lend you over the code which is showing how often and where the ores are spawning. The piece of code open it with drive pad
  10. Let's have a word about all the accounts needed

    It's pretty that a moderator gets critical! Still there is also a reason why people have the bank account connected to facebooks 1 click login. #Dedsec
  11. Requesting new 3rd party Web API

    Hello dear youngling wolf, I don't posess so much knowledge in the code what OW uses but you might be good with my info here: Browser uses: Chromium based functionality so often when you visit google.com you'll get a little notice to update it. still support npapi
  12. GameInfoList v2 [Abandonded]

    I actually hoped for OW to concentrate on GPU when playing CPU, code.
  13. GameInfoList v2 [Abandonded]

    Hi dear wolf, I would love to see pictures maybe a video showing what you can do with this.
  14. Hi dear wolf, thank you for posrting awesome idea on this forum, You may contact dev: @LEOkonami or @Raif. I really hope your idea gets thru, anyways it is nonsense that we have it in the appstore.
  15. Mobile Application for Overwolf

    If I get time, I would try to begin with the Android app. I would prefer these graphical methods: Vulkan instead of OpenGL and android 7.1 support ASAP. I would like to remind the devs of this: @LEOkonami and @Raif