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  1. RFACTOR??

    Bump just wondering it has been a few years since i tried this and Rfactor wont work still kinda useless to me might as well uninstall it.
  2. RFACTOR??

    Did you guys ever get rfactor to work with this please get back to on this.
  3. Linux Please?

    well you should consider it all gamers are making a switch to linux since windows 8 wont be any good and also why not release linux its simply smoother and you willl have less issues.Also you might wanna consider wine at least make it wine playable casue i have moved on to linux my self and i am not looking back.
  4. Linux Please?

    I am sick of windows so I switched to linux and there is no really good capture software here,I dont wanna go back to that crap so here i am asking if you can make this for linux as I am a beta tester this is my job right please let me know if you will be making a linux version.
  5. Need help with beta?

    keeps on saying 1.90 thats weird in cmd it tell the beta version of this product will be installed now 36mb so it says.
  6. Need help with beta?

    Question why is beta not working for me you said there is an alarm clock i don't see it at all.
  7. Launcher stuck?

    Overwolf is stuck on the spalsh screen for me as well i am running win 7 32bit this i kinda annoying netfirmwork also had 3.5 still gets stuck what can i do i also reinstalled this still a no go please help.
  8. Dont work with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer

    There is a forum in the Beta section about this like 2 or 3 people have given feed back on MP what teh game does is Freezes on SAMP when you activate Overwolf and on MTA-SA you can activate overwolf as many times as you want you cannot click on overwolf at all we are testing this an trying to get the devs to fix it be patient.
  9. Can't Install ;(

    Why you here just to rage take your rage arse else where cause this is a support forum not a forum where you think what is right and yes Google reports sites lol they were asked to so yea and Google sorta owns the net if i am not mistaking google made a software to catch these those sites any how i am not gona drag this bs on in a support forum please stop talking crap you were talking crap from your first post your not s tester either help or shut up and regarding your first post who helped get Blur approved and i will get more approved if you do not like me then you beta test for me wait your useless lmao.Also i was calling google ras i never spoke of OW get your facts straight.
  10. Dont work with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer

    You will not get banned just back up old exe and put in no cd one i been doing it for ages any how ill be testing this soon so yea with both SAMP and MTA-SA i will even test GTA-VC and maybe IV-MP.
  11. Can't Install ;(

    Just to let you its really immature of you to come on here and pick on some one that has less grammar big deal also did you know Google reports piracy hence the reason Mega upload was shut down you support Google rats.
  12. Dont work with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer

    What client you using and Steam cannot go online you have to dl a nocd crack for it the last time i checked the MP clients only acepted the EXE so people having this issue hold on ill in stall my gta and test it since i am a tester and see my self.
  13. Can't Install ;(

    Kid, you made very very little sense at all, i understood Dracken more then what you said here. if Dev's released a update every time a game was said it not supported that just makes more work for them. better to do it all in a big bundle update a month or 2 later. a volunteer for a beta tester should be Put forth there best effort. learn how to provide useful feedback for the developers. Really run the program through its paces, and test all of its functions. Then report your findings to the developesr. If you find a bug, report it immediately. If you find that the interface clunky, the game play is labored, or it suffers from poor performance, tell them. Explain in detail what should be fixed and what should be improved. With all the detailed info it takes time to make a product better for there users All good things come with time
  14. Looking for devs for SR3-MP and other projects?

    I posted here cause this fourm is the only forum that does not remove my post and treat me like poop an di am a beta tester here so yeah you guys wanna help out on the side maybe we can integrate something with SR3 and SR-MP what you say we can advertise you on there and also i can advertise you on my radio so yea.