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  1. The Logitech, Overwolf LED Challenge

    I want to participate but I don't have Logitech LED gear? How to use the Logitech Keyboard Emulator: Download the beta version of LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) Direct link: [32bit / 64bit] Install LGS & launch it Click on "Options" (Cog icon at the Bottom right corner) Go to the "Developer" tab Select the "Launch LED Emulator" The LED Emulator will display any effect enabled by your code (If you use more than one screen, we suggest you move the emulator to the secondary screen)
  2. Greetings beloved developers, As some of you already know, we partnered with Logitech to bring you a new DEV Challenge; The LED Developer Challenge What's the challenge? The challenge is to create the best app you can think of using the new Logitech LED API You can also add integration to one of your existing apps! What's new? Logitech LED API Game Events API (on the way) The Game Events API is a new project we've been working on, it allows developers to receive important and interesting game events that are otherwise hard to get. The first phase will include events for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and we will continue adding DOTA 2 & League of Legends events. What are the prizes? Gear, lots of Logitech gear! I want to participate but I don't have Logitech LED gear You can easily test your ideas and development in the new Logitech Keyboard Emulator, which will live demo your project as if you have a real keyboard in front of you. For more information, please read this. In addition, Logitech & Overwolf will send some developers Logitech LED gear for development that will stay with them forever! to apply for Logitech gear please read the FAQ Best of luck!
  3. LED App Challenge

    Hey fullbarrel, To participate in the challenge you must create an app using the LED API / add LED integration to an existing app. But we also can't say no to a great idea, please submit your idea and we will make sure to help however we can (including sending Logitech gear for development if needed) Best,
  4. This thread will explain how to create a recipe database for your mod. If you were looking for the mod request page, you're in the wrong place but here's the link. How to create & publish my mod recipes for the Minecraft Recipe app: You'll need: Images of your mod items: 36x36 pixels, we highly recommend that the images are with a transparent background. Basic computer knowledge Basic knowledge of how to edit a json file Step #1: reaching the app location: If you haven't download the app yet, you should start there. Launch Overwolf Right click on Overwolf's tray icon Select Support (Screenshot) Select Development options (Screenshot) Find the Minecraft Recipe app and click on the UID link (Screenshot) You've reached the app location The app has 2 components that are important adding recipes Database file: (location: \components\db\db.service.js) Image folder: (location: \mods) Step #2: editing the db.service.js file: Open the db.service.js file using any text editing program (we recommend Notepad++) Search for: var mods (this will take you to the mod section) It's time to add your mod to the mod list Copy one of the mods structure (e.g. TNT-mod) and add it to the end of the mod list Database parameters: Mod name: This will be the name of the mod in the app (currently doesn't support spaces in the name) Link: If you wish to add a website link to your mod (link will be displayed at the app's settings) Color: This will decide the color of your mod in the app (please use bd66ff) Items: Item name: this will be the display name of the item Image: this is the name to the item image (for more information, continue reading step #3) Ingredients: this represents the 3x3 minecraft table (the first one is the top left box & the last is the bottom right box) fill the ingredient (item name). You can use any item from the Minecraft recipe app Amount: If crafting this items creates a stack, add the stack size Step #3: Adding the recipes images: Go to \mods and create a folder with your mod's name (folder name must be identical to the Mod name in the db.service.js file) Paste all the images to this folder You can now use the image name in the db.service.js file Example: "The-Goodman-Mod": { link: "http://www.overwolf.com", color: "bd66ff", items: { "Overwolf fang": { "group": "Basic", "image": "OverwolfFang.png", "ingredients": [ "Iron Ingot", "Redstone", "Iron Ingot", "Redstone", "TNT", "Redstone", "Iron Ingot", "Redstone", "Iron Ingot" ], "amount": 16 }, After you finished creating your recipes, it's time to send us your creation! Please send us an email with the title: New Minecraft Recipe Mod to team@overwolf.com Please include the following information: your db.service.js file Zip file with your images folder Your name / nickname for credit Please comment here for help, questions & motivation, Good Luck!
  5. Issues Regarding LoLWiz and Overwolf

    Hi twubbs, We reviewed your logs with the dev team and found some irregularities with your Overwolf overlay logs. Can you please follow these steps? Are you using other overlay programs? (e.g. Curse Voice, MSI Afterburner, etc) If you are running any other overlay programs, please close them before moving to the next step Close Overwolf is running Run League of Legends (we recommend that you start a custom game) Make sure LOL is running on your native monitor resolution Make sure LOL is running on "Fullscreen" Alt+tab from the game Run Overwolf (make sure you see the dock) Return to LOL and wait 45-60 seconds Close Overwolf Send us your new logs (even if Overwolf injected to LOL) Waiting for your reply,
  6. Overwolf isn't hooking Runescape

    Hi again, Unfortunately, we are still working on the solution for Runescape. I'm attaching another gamelist file that I would like you to test. Can you please test it? (here's a short guide) If the gamelist file doesn't work and you can't switch to DirectX - You will have to wait until we fix this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience, GamesList.8519009.xml
  7. Can't add retail Grand Theft Auto V

    We're glad to hear that you were able to add GTA V to your game library. Can you please attach your logs to this thread? This would help a lot! (How to send logs) best,
  8. Hey everyone, If you are having an issue with Overwolf and our support team asked you to change the Overwolf gamelist file, here is an explanation on how to do it: Steps: Close Overwolf (if running) Open Windows start menu Type: %localappdata%\Overwolf Press Enter Paste the new file to the folder we opened Delete any old "Gamelist" file from the folder Launch Overwolf We also made a short video that might help: https://youtu.be/9U-wPVYbysA
  9. Overwolf isn't hooking Runescape

    Hi PixelBitZombie, Thanks for the information, there's definitely an issue with Overwolf when trying to load into the Runescape client. Our Devs are working on a solution but in the meantime we could try and fix the issue temporarily. I'm attaching a gamelist file that might help - would you mind testing it? Steps: Open the Windows start menu and type: %localappdata%\Overwolf Paste the attached file to this folder Restart Overwolf Launch Runescape If Overwolf doesn't appear, try changing the Display Mode in the settings menu to OpenGL (default is DirectX) Waiting for your feedback, GamesList.8519005.xml
  10. "Already open on another Windows account"

    Great news! We're happy to hear that the issue is resolved Just a heads up: Your special version will be updated once we release an official public version so no worries. I'd like to remind you that your current version wasn't fully tested yet and might cause other issues - please keep that in mind. We appreciate your help!
  11. "Already open on another Windows account"

    Hi guys, As promised, we released a testing version for you guys. Please test it and see if the issue is resolved. I just want to clarify that this version is for testing only and might be less stable than the public version. Hopefully this version will work properly and we can add this fix to the next version release. Fix version setup 1. After downloading the file, please extract the "OverwolfSetup.exe" 2. Install the test version over the existing Overwolf version (85.190) - installing it without the public version won't work. 3. Launch Overwolf Waiting for your feedback,
  12. "Already open on another Windows account"

    Hi guys, I believe that the fix version will be ready tomorrow for you guys. I'll keep you posted! best,
  13. "Already open on another Windows account"

    Hi zonicoi & QAQA, As Aidan mentioned, we fixed the issue both of you are describing (at least for most users). It seems like some users (including you guys) are still experiencing a similar issue that displays the same symptoms. We are working on a fix and we will release a testing version in the next couple of days. When the version is released we will post it here so you can try it - please hold on tight for the next few days. Best,
  14. Turn OFF Ow skin sounds.

    Hi Clicks, As Aidan mentioned, there's a temporary solution for disabling the skin sounds. We are working on a sound control feature for the Overwolf skins Estimated time for this feature is unknown but we are planning on releasing it soon - so stay tuned. Best,