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  1. Installed Again, Removed Again

    It says I'm "up to date" with 0.85.190. OverWolf still pops up the giant window all the time. I can be in the middle of a game in a precarious situation about to be killed and it pops up over my game, interfering with play. I can be watching Netflix and it pops up over the movie. Now I discover it is using an incredible amount of memory. 620,000 K for a messaging client? Really? By the way, Trillian is also a multiple client messenger but has 14 compatible chat services and uses 11,000 K.
  2. Installed Again, Removed Again

    You posted about three weeks ago of a "new version" that was supposed to not keep opening the main advertising window all the time. So when is this new version coming out? I am getting quite tired of this opening and about ready to remove Overwolf.
  3. Installed Again, Removed Again

    It's just the Overwolf big window opening. Nothing is running except the dock. When is this new version coming? It will interrupt me, like if I'm typing an email or something, Overwolf suddenly opens and takes the forefront.
  4. Installed Again, Removed Again

    So, it's been over a month since my last post. Haven't been gaming a lot, mostly working on websites, but I've had Overwolf installed. Would like an answer still about the big shop window that opens by itself all the time, even when I'm doing something else and interrupts my work. When I come back to my keyboard, I will have five or more Overwolf icons open in my taskbar. Hovering over them will make them disappear as is typical when applications crash. Can this automated shop window opening thing be disabled? If not, I will probably remove this app again.
  5. Installed Again, Removed Again

    Perhaps you misunderstood. There is no black screen in the game. The black screen is what I get whenever I try to take screen shots from the game. They turn out solid black. If I close Overwolf, this doesn't happen. Another thing that's been bothering me: The App Store window thing continuously launches itself. Is there a way to prevent this? When I come back to my computer, there are about four Overwolf icons on my task bar, like running apps, and they disappear like crashed apps when I hover the mouse over them, but there is always a store window open even though I closed it earlier. The choice when to launch the store window should be the choice of the user, don't you think?
  6. Installed Again, Removed Again

    It is 0.83.62. I use either the Arc launcher or launch it through Steam. It works sometimes. Sometimes it will work only if I switch the game to Windowed mode. I have also noticed that it won't allow me to take screenshots with another program. All I get (if Overwolf is running) is a solid black screenshot.
  7. Installed Again, Removed Again

    Only game I've been using lately is Star Trek Online. (You should increase attachment max size because I had to delete over half of the log files to attach this) Log.rar
  8. Installed Again, Removed Again

    I can get Overwolf in the game only when I force the game into Windowed mode.
  9. Installed Again, Removed Again

    Overwolf seemed to be working better this time but now I can't get it to open in the game at all. I've tried SHIFT+F1 and CTRL+SHIFT+D and it won't appear.
  10. Installed Again, Removed Again

    That link was only for removing contacts from the Overwolf chat. I'm talking about the other clients like Gtalk (which may not be around now). Even when I removed people in the native clients, they still appeared in Overwolf.
  11. Installed Again, Removed Again

    What's the point of Shift+F1? That does seem to block the game. Since I can already use Overwolf and chat, what's the point of that hotkey? It would seem the whole point in having a chat client usable in a game is so you can play the game while using the client. Why would you want to disable the game? You may as well just tab out.
  12. Installed Again, Removed Again

    I'm sending my logs. It's crashed at least twice since I installed it and I wasn't in a game or using computer at all. It crashed while just running in the background. It also locked me up in the game once and I had to tab out of the game and back before I could use game. Log.rar
  13. Installed Again, Removed Again

    Thanks for your response. Have you actually tested this with Star Trek Online? I am finding this game difficult for any messaging system. I can't get X-Fire's client to open at all, get no popups when someone messages me. I have also tried Raptr and while the overlay works and popups too, every time I try to type a message back, every letter I type that is also a hotkey in the game causes that function to activate in the game. You can see how this would be useless. I will give Overwolf another try. I came back here because someone (you?) posted on behalf of Overwolf in the STO forums about my issues. Good job. That's how support should be. In previous years, my inquiries seemed to fall on deaf "ears". I hope this is the new Overwolf. P.S. If I can recall some issues I had in previous years with Overwolf, one was the inability to delete anyone form your contacts list. Is this the case or has this been fixed? I think it was Yahoo or Gtalk. Regardless, I remember they could not be removed even though I had removed them using the main client.
  14. This is probably the 4th time I've installed Overwolf over as many years but I keep thinking it will get better. I tried it again and playing only one game, Star Trek Online, I had uninstall it. Chat client windows could not be arranged for one thing. Is this normal? You should be able to drag and resize them however you like in a game because every game is different. I could not change them at all, but worse that this, I could not do anything in the game. I couldn't use any keyboard functions nor click the mouse anywhere in the game, nothing would function. This was in the mode where most of the windows were not onscreen, however, I could never get the TeamSpeak channel window to disappear no matter what I did.
  15. Uninstalling For the Third Time

    Thank you for the response. I was not even aware there was a Gtalk client other than the one in Gmail. Of course, wouldn't it be much better just to be able to remove contacts from within Overwolf? Isn't the point of having chat clients consolidated into a single application so you don't need to install all of them? It sort of defeats the purpose to have them installed just to manage contacts. Both Raptr and Trillian can remove contacts in their apps with a single click. To be honest, I'm more about function than bells and whistles. Most good programs lose it when they keep adding more and more bloat instead of keeping it simple. Yahoo Messenger and X-Fire both suffer from this. You know, I really don't care how many hours of which games my friends play. I'm not really concerned that much to keep stats on my own. I want a chat client for primarily one reason: to chat. If I could get everyone on a VoIP, I wouldn't even use the text chats. All of this game tracking, time tracking, recording videos, streaming video, browsing the Net, checking email, etc. for a chat client is just too much. Why not add a macro ability so it can play the games for us automatically too? Anyway, thanks again for the reply.