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  1. Player spent time.

    Actually it is possible. But only for the games which fire events to overwolf. Just get the event when game is launched and save the time. When game is closed compare the time difference and storw them.
  2. Child window not receiving permissions

    Thanks, that helped me a lot.
  3. Child window not receiving permissions

    Thats the first time I heard of "Sharedworkers", seems quite interesting. Yesterday I tried to pass the events with localstorage. Mainwindow receives the event and writes down 2 keys in localStorage (name: event_name, value:event_value). Child window got something like this $(window).bind('storage', function (e) { console.log("STORAGE CHANGED!") }); So when this function is called, you just have to getItem(name) and getItem(value). After you retrieved the infos, I would recommend to clear the Storage to prevent getting old events. And I will definitely look into this webworker stuff.
  4. Child window not receiving permissions

    Hey guys, I continued testing and found some more details: It does work sometimes, but its very random-> I opened the app and it worked, I did nothing but restart and this time no events were received. Second subject is the Array the onInfoUpdate methods fires. It should contain the name and the rank (Warface) and when there is a clan, also the clan. In the account i tested, there was a clan. But I also received Arrays that only contained name and rank. But complete OnInfoUpdate arrays, too. But the weirdest thing is that this whole problems always happen in a small overlay window (child) and not in the main window. I opened both consoles at one time, and the main console received the events while the child console got nothing. Conclusion: I think this entire issue is related to the warface api. How the arrays are structured and send seems totally random. For the contest I will try to move the event handling from the child window to the main window, which is running in background. Thanks anyway, maybe u find this bug one day. PS: in console of the child window the gameinfo permission hint is still showing...
  5. Child window not receiving permissions

    I tested some more and I found that this BUG only happens with the new Version (90119) and not with the old (089630). Please guys, something happend between these updates which makes it impossible to receive GameInfos with a child window. Cmon give me some support...
  6. Child window not receiving permissions

    Hey, I recently faced a problem with the windows: It happens when I try to do "overwolf.games.events.onInfoUpdates.addListener". On my main window, this works and the events get logged, but when I move the same code into one of the subchilds the code is never called and the following got logged into the console: The property 'overwolf.games' requires the GameInfo permission. But the permission is granted, otherwise I wouldnt get the events on the main window. Please look over this. Greetings
  7. BUG: overwolf.media.audio.resume Not working

    thank you
  8. BUG: overwolf.media.audio.resume Not working

    var play_id=""; $( document ).ready(function() { try{ overwolf.media.audio.create("link", function (e){ play_id=e.id; console.log(play_id); }); }catch(e){} }) var playing=false; var pause=false; //Gets called when button pressed function player(){ if(playing==false){ //detect stop playing=true; //detect pause if(pause==false){ overwolf.media.audio.play(play_id, function(r){}) }else{ overwolf.media.audio.resumeById(play_id, function(r){}) } }else{ playing=false; overwolf.media.audio.pauseById(play_id, function(r){}) } } Thats only the resume part. Console logs: player called once: playing -> you can hear sound. player called twice: paused -> sound paused. player called once again, listener shows: playing--> no sound. After a while listener shows stopped. Still no sound.
  9. Hey, I recently discovered some bugs regarding the audio playback: If you create an audio file and try to resume with or without the id, it wont work. The state listener gets called and shows the correct state (playing), but you dont hear a sound. After a while the listener shows stopped. Second Problem: You cannot set the volume. Always when you try it, the callback gets called but nothing changes. Tried it in different spots--> same result. maybe you can look over this thx
  10. mhmm... The window.closed state is obviously pointless because it can never be fired. There should be a possibility to interrupt the closing process, maybe just a spot where we can put a return statement.. Did your media player work? Always when I create a sound or player nothing happens, no window, no sound, the callback not called and the console shows nothing... :/
  11. How to use MediaPlayer

    Hey, can someone tell me how to create a media player in overwolf? var test= new Object(); test=overwolf.windows.mediaPlayerElement.create(20,20,200,200,function(e){}); console.log(test); somehow it returns "undefined"... Whats the Problem? greetings
  12. Nothing is working correctly

    I dont know what happend but it works now. (except GameEvents) I think a reinstall of overwolf made it for me... But if you want to fix some bugs: When open up your overwolf app ingame and minimize the game (tried Warface), you wont be able to maximize it again. It gets the status "inactive" and you have to cancel the process.
  13. Nothing is working correctly

    Update: Okay somehow its working now, I changed nothing. When you change something in the manifest, you have to reinstall the app. updating wont work. Greetings
  14. Nothing is working correctly

    Hey Developers, i am trying to develop an app for the nvidia challenge. But somehow nothing is working the way it should. (I am not a newbie, i am much java,html,css and some javascript skills, wrote some apps and websites) First I spent a whole day, trying to get an simple event (Warface) until somebody wrote that it isnt working atm. Maybe a small information on the documentation website would have been helpful. So today i decided to just implement a subwindow open function. It was a total failure. First i got 3 hours the same error, that the window name is wrong---> checked all 100times, reason not found. Then I tried the demo app, it opened the window once and thats it, it never has done that again. Somehow it doesnt work anymore, in my app and in the demo one. Neither in or not-in game. No error codes , and printing the result returns success. But no window is showing up. I really try to create something, but i slowly loosing the patience. Time is running and I cannot do anything... ( I using Windows10 64bit, dont tell me overwolf doesnt work with windows10 right now?!)