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  1. Introduce yourselves!

    Greetings! My name is Uri and I'm the CEO at Overwolf. I've been a gamer since I can remember myself and as a young kid I was heavily addicted to Dune 2 and Warcraft. My favorite games are team based competitive games, and I currently play a lot of League of Legends and Team Fortress 2. Our goal with Overwolf is to make gaming AWESOMER. I
  2. Overwolf doestnt work in Mafia 2.

    Hey Assaf, Are you using version 0.2.52? (not the 53, right?) Could you pls remind me what is your operating system? Thanks, Uri.
  3. [SOLVED]Bugs

    Hey again, I will check the notification issue again. Making it selectable is a good idea... thanks. Good night Uri
  4. first time user feedback

    Hey Inbarsto, Thanks very much for your feedback. First, thank you for your confession. "We love you Inbarsto!" (yes, I am talking about vista . Security issue: We simply want to make the process for our users easy... didn't want to force them to give us their real email if they do not want to. Party chat: A known issue and should be fixed in our next release. Help button: I am sorry to say we don't have such a button. That is very weird. If this does happen again, we would love to get a screenshot. Control/Show/Hide: This exactly what we did: Shift+F1 is show or hide. (if you don't have open widgets it would not show anything) and Shift+F2 is for control / uncotrol. We assumed that if you want control you also want to see the widgets and therffoere Shift+F2 also shows. If Shift+F2 didn't toggle between hide and show and it only hid windows - this is a bug which we need to fix. I cannot reproduce it on my machine, over which games have you tried it? Crashes: what caused the crash? the fact that it crashes is weird. Is it still not working? are you using the latest version from the site? If you still experience crashes pls let me know and we will take care of this. I am here in the forum or at Uri.Marchand@Overowlf.com Forum remark - we would take care of this. Thanks for you feedback, this is very important for us. If you want to see other features in Overwolf pls let us know. Uri.
  5. [SOLVED]Bugs

    Hey Shade, I would like to ask a few questions about what you wrote: 1. I cannot reproduce the browser hiding bug. Can you please tell me on what game this happened to you? 2. Overwolf notifications should never minimize the game! The only notification that minimizes the game is the "do you want to use with this game...". We do that because we cannot inject if it is not officially supported... 3. The idea behind the Skype reconnection is to make it easier for you while you play. Basically if you log out from skype and close the Skype widget this shouldn't happen. Do you think we should have done it in another way? Thanks again for your feedback! Uri.
  6. Suggestions

    Hey, Got your idea about the logo. Also regrading TS. any other desktop application you would want injected into the game? (Ventilo? media player? anything else?) Thanks! Uri.
  7. Suggestions

    Hey Shade, Thank you for your feedback! This PTT bug is weird, we would look into it. One direction might be: What is they you use for PTT in TS3? We might have a key binding collision so changing it in Overwolf or TS3 should solve it. Another question - would you like to have TS3's UI as an in-game Overlay app? Thank for the second tip 8-). Wouldn't a larger logo disturb you? (hide the game screen) Thank you so much, looking forward to get more feedback. Uri. Uri.Marchand@Overwolf.com
  8. Some suggestions

    Hey Oridion, Thank you very much for your post. Further to what Yogev wrote, I would like to add that: 1. Configuring the selected 5 widgets is defiantly in our pipeline. 2. By sound you mean sound for incoming messages for example? what else would you like to see? 3. Bookmarks is also in the pipeline. 4. That's a nice idea. You mean something like a configurable webWidget? 5. Video recording and saving on the computer is actually bring developed at the moment. Would you like to be a beta tester of this feature? If so - please write to me at Uri.Marchand@Overwolf.com. 6. Also in the pipeline. 7. That is a very interesting idea. Do you think users wouldn't find the open apps launcher disturbing to the game experience? Thanks! Please feel free to communicate about everything... Uri, CEO at Overwolf 0544519069 uri.marchand@Overwolf.com