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  1. wtf is that

    Hi there! Rest assured, Overwolf is a safe piece of software. Overwolf is not a virus. It has previously been reported that Microsoft falsely reports certain Overwolf files as potentially dangerous software. This is, of course, a mistake. Perhaps something to look into @LEOkonami?
  2. I noticed the same thing myself, but I appreciate your more in-depth look into what is actually happening. I, similar to many other setups, have a small-ish SSD as my system drive (i.e. where %appdata% is) and a larger separate storage HDD. Being in appdata, it takes up unnecessary space from my little space on the SSD. I fully agree with you, this should be looked into.
  3. Just for LOLs

    Hehe - those bullies didn't know what was coming for them
  4. Overwolf changes my Video Capture Folder

    Same thing happens to me. Defaults to C:\Users\[username]\Videos\Overwolf. I'll do some more testing later. It probably is a bug within Overwolf that the team will have to fix. Thanks for bringing it to their attention
  5. Yes, Overwolf is 100% safe with VAC. You even even check out Steam's own page which confirms this. Rock on, Jonas

    I've mostly been the one dealing with spam around here, and only just received my power supply to get my computer back up and running. But it just comes to show how the current way of doing things isn't the best - thanks for the feedback. We currently do have a few anti-bot systems in place and they haven't been very successful. But naturally, we should try to find something that works. And by the way, welcome to the forums! Saw you posting some great suggestions, so keep them coming
  7. What video editor do you suggest

    Freemake Video Converter It's by no means a full-fledged video editing suite, but it can cut videos just fine - and quite simple, too. Step by step guide here.
  8. Places to Get Free Games

    First of all, welcome (back? I can tell you've been signed up for a while) to the forums! This is a great list - I use Origin On the House all the time. Usually they're actually pretty decent games being handed out. Origin gets so much hate, but I find it to be, in many aspects, better or as good as Steam. In any case, having a serious competitor to Steam is never a bad thing. Absolutely fine, no worries there.
  9. Video chat

    How about Live Rounds? Has the project been abandoned? That app supported video/voice chat of up to five people. Admittedly, it haven't seem to moved out of closed beta(?). I have a continuous splash screen when trying to open the app.
  10. So long, and thanks for all the gits

    Just thinking back, the developer community evolved a whole lot over the last year or so - and that must be partly because of the awesome work you did around here. I can hardly call myself as working alongside you generally, but it's been an awesome thing nevertheless. I, and I'm certain many others, will miss you being around here.
  11. Announcing the NVIDIA App Challenge!

    Final hand in at the 14. December
  12. Overwolf Cloud 9 Skin

    Marked as solved.
  13. Oh, didn't the developer version used to be mandatory to access the developer options? Anyway, the documentation seem to say that you need to download the developer version? Removed my previous reply to avoid confusion.
  14. The first addition (more detailed stats) is awesome - I'll definitely use that, now that it's there. I'm kind of meeeh on the second addition, where it can type the stats in the ingame chat. To me it seems borderline spammy, as the other people on the server never really asked to have these stats displayed. Actually, I have a suggestion myself. Something I'd personally love to have is a small country flag (perhaps on top of player avatars?) next to all players. This data can be grabbed from the Steam Community profiles. What I had in mind was something like this: Also, I just checked. It actually already has the country name and flag on the CS-GO site itself, so it should be no worries grabbing the information. If no country is specified, obviously there just shouldn't be any flag next to that profile.