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  1. [Elite: Dangerous] Overwolf skin

    could this be added to the store so we dont have to keep installing it manually if we have to redown load?
  2. Twitch Broadcasting SDK

    your wanting a overlay/ thats the only way your gona stram a image any wear with out seeing it. obs supports it but overwold does not atm
  3. Custom skin creation guidelines

    could they add the defuult skin to the folder as well that would be beter then having to go grab stock files for the other directory
  4. Request: open wrapper

    interisting idea
  5. Which headset should I get?

    i use the logetch g35. they are like titts on my ears and they cancel out all the bacround noise so i dont hear my kids screaming lol
  6. Win a Twitch Turbo Subscription!

  7. Win a Twitch Turbo Subscription!

    after ten years i started my first alliance toon in WoW
  8. Twitch App

    I hit his G+ page to see what he thinks in the mean time some one around here may start working a notification app on there own but ya would love to see some of those function in overwolf. The more utility in the twitch app that is created i think more ppl will you it and also the most important thing stabilty lol
  9. Need a lot of help just read the post

    is ts not on your c drive?
  10. Twitch App

    since there the coding contest going on found this little gem in the feed back forum http://feedback.overwolf.com/forums/235154-feature-requests/suggestions/5989013-teeboard this would be a nice litle kit to add in. im playing around with it now
  11. Twitch App - Green Webcam View

    one thing that happens to me all the time if im in a skype call with video and i start streaming overwolf will not pick up my cam. hope your trying not to video source to multiple programs at once cuz it willl never work. Cuz from what ive read it a program conflict
  12. Audio Loops when Steaming on Twitch

    do you have the your stream opened and unmuted cuz your always gona get a a loop
  13. Twitch App

    the only way your gona get around the brb screen if your playing in full screen borderless atm but glad you like it so far!
  14. So What everyone been playing lately?

    hearthstone, D3 and smite and a bit of infinite crisis is my jam atm.
  15. Twitch App

    update seems i can pretty much stream any game at 720p up from 480p. Il take it!