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  1. Apologies for my late reply. I've not been on Overwolf for the last several months because I've moved to Linux, and Overwolf does not currently support the platform. Because I can neither install Overwolf natively or through Wine, I cannot test my skin and see about that white frame. This is late in coming as announcements go , but assume that my skins will be discontinued until I've either got a second PC for the sake of certain specific software (like Overwolf) or until the Overwolf devs support Linux in some way. Whichever happens first.
  2. This is an Overwolf skin for the Guild of Dragons Eld. Project moved to Github (06/05/2017)
  3. Yeah, it's true Comms and C3 are not nearly as popular as TS, they're just alternatives I know of and would recommend. -- I'm very interested to see what you have in mind for the animation to fix the mirroring in your TERA skin, that's definitely knowledge I would find useful for future skins.
  4. I don't have any issues with the hover-to-open option, and I don't think I ever have. -- TypeFrag was something my guild briefly looked at for VoIP, but ultimately never used it. I didn't know it was even still a thing. But if you're looking for free VoIP software that does what Teamspeak does, I'd suggest looking into C3 or Razer Comms. C3 uses very little memory, but has amazing audio quality compared to TS or even Skype. Razer Comms can be a resource hog, but it's sort of a cross between Skype, TS, and Steam. Edit: And Razer Comms' sound quality is unmatched in any VoIP that I know of.
  5. Figured it out. There's an option in General for how the dock opens. You can set it to either open when you click it, or open when you hover over it. If it's set to open when you click it, then it glows when you hover over it. So, what I perceived as a delayed response in the gif was actually just the time it took for you to click on the dock.
  6. I don't see that glow in any of the skins I have installed or in the default Overwolf skin, so I just assumed it was part of the compact to regular animation in your skin. Odd that I don't have that effect, though.
  7. I preferred the slightly more solid look of the original, so I'm glad that download is still available. Also, the effect of the compact dock glowing before expanding to regular is nice, but in practice it makes it feel to me as though the dock takes a second to respond to input, opening only after the dock glows. Like, the effect forces a lagged input on the user's end, which slows down productivity. It could just be my preference for efficiency and minimalism above looks forcing a biased opinion, but there it is, lol. Still looks great overall, though. Edit: Sorry, came to that opinion before downloading the skin, judging from the gif. There's actually no glow in the skin, so I have no major criticisms.
  8. Viviwolf - moved to github (06/05/2017)

    Vivaldi was made by the same guys who made the original version of Opera, way back in the early days of internet. I unfortunately only saw the last few years of that version of Opera's life. The current Opera is basically just a rehash of Chrome, and the current devs should probably be ashamed of themselves. And, as I told Shadow on Steam just a bit ago, I probably only like Vivaldi as much as I do because of the nostalgia I feel from having used Opera's Presto versions. If browser performance /is/ a big problem for you, Maxthon Cloud Browser and Opera (versions 12 and prior) are very light browsers in that respect.
  9. Viviwolf - moved to github (06/05/2017)

    Vivaldi is based on the Chromium rendering engine, and currently uses about as much or more memory than Chrome does. It's in extremely early development right now, so performance isn't what they're focused on for the time being. If you're having problems with browser performance in the case of Chrome or Firefox, I can't in good conscious recommend Vivaldi to you
  10. Viviwolf - moved to github (06/05/2017)

    Vivaldi is best browser. Vivaldi is life. -- Thanks! And if you do try Vivaldi, welcome to the browser that's going to kill ChrOpera and replace the true Opera.
  11. Overfox - A Firefox theme for Overwolf

    Firefox is my secondary browser, well done.
  12. Viviwolf is an Overwolf skin inspired by Vivaldi. Project moved to Github (06/05/2017)
  13. [Darkwolf] Simplistic Overwolf Skin

    Hey, just downloaded the update, will test it out shortly, but you should be aware installing skins directly to the extensions folder doesn't work. When you go to load it from the library, you can't actually click on it. Overwolf gives you an option to download it, but that just seems to confuse the library. That's why my instructions suggest creating a Skins folder in the main Overwolf directory and loading it as an unpacked extension instead. Edit: Cursors are looking great
  14. [Darkwolf] Simplistic Overwolf Skin

    I'll watch for that update, then. And I'll download it when you've uploaded it.
  15. Unlimited Custom Skin Support

    Good tutorial. Was very helpful with Crescent, which now works like this.