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  1. Multi Monitor

    Currently this is under discussion however it is not likely to happen at least not for the near future. I will keep you updated whenever this subject is pushed forward.
  2. some of CS:GO game events are not fired

    Hey goodbyte, In order to better understand your issue, we will need to analyze your Overwolf logs folder. Can you please send us your log files? Please follow the instructions the instructions here. https://gfycat.com/BarrenEducatedHorsechestnutleafminer We are looking forward to your response
  3. Twitch App

    Yo Thomo, If you pick streaming your desktop, it won't present a BRB message when you alt-tab. Or is the problem for you that you don't want to stream your desktop, and you just want a different 'AFK' message?
  4. Multi-IM Steam app

    Thank you very much for all of the information you just wrote, because we were not aware of it and we literally just tried to reproduce this problem and managed! So at least it's well on its way to get solved and fixed. The best temporary solution that I can give it to disable the mobile authentication for the IM to work, but if you don't want that, then you'll have to be patient with us so that the developer can work on it.
  5. server connection error

    As long as you sent it to our support platform we will look into it, we promise
  6. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hey gang, I know it's not really adding anything up to your plight, but just want to clarify that we don't have alot that we can do in this subject until Facebook change back their API. Until then, our hands are tied. However, in case none of you guys knew, we got a new WhatsApp app that can be found here. Might be some sort of good replacement for you guys.
  7. Game End Summary?

    I seemed to run into a bit of trouble with sending the files necessary. Can you send a mail to me personally and I'll send you there? My address is guy.chelouche@overwolf.com Thanks!
  8. Game End Summary?

    If you right-click the overwolf system tray icon, you don't have a "Game Summary" option?
  9. Game End Summary?

    Heya! Which game are you trying to play? It usually comes up at least after 5 minutes of gameplay after it gathered enough data. Furthermore, it automatically downloads after installing Replay HUD. You can download the Replay HUD from our store: store.overwolf.com. If you did all of that and you still don't have the EGS, let me know! I'll send you a version myself.
  10. Overwolf stopped working

    Hey Emanuelmax, Thank you for reaching out to us. What we need is to see your logs in order to find the source of the problem. Here are the steps you need to follow to send your logs: - Exit Overwolf - "Start" -> Run - Type "%localappdata%", and press enter. - Head into the 'Overwolf' folder, and archive the 'Log' folder into a RAR file. - Send the RAR file to support@overwolf.com - Make sure to explain your problem in the email, so that our tech support will have clarity and context. From here on out the tech support will provide assistance to you directly, and take care of the issue. We wish you a wonderful day
  11. We are happy to announce our collaboration with Logitech G: The Logitech-Overwolf LED challenge. We invite you to create cool apps that can modify the colors of your Logitech gear & also introduce our new game events API. If you love games, a coder at heart, enjoy creating & winning prizes, this challenge is for you! To get all the information - visit the challenge page here.
  12. Twitch Alerts

    Hey guys, Sorry about the delayed response, takes time to reach everybody. Unfortunately the app in its current state is broken, and not working properly, which is why we have sent it to the developer for a fix. He is working on it as we speak and thus I encourage you to wait for a future update when the fixed version shall be uploaded. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  13. [Music Player] iTunes not working

    Hey Bluescream, Thank you for reaching out to us. What we need is to see your logs in order to find the source of the problem. Here are the steps you need to follow to send your logs: - Exit Overwolf - "Start" -> Run - Type "%localappdata%", and press enter. - Head into the 'Overwolf' folder, and archive the 'Log' folder into a RAR file. - Send the RAR file to support@overwolf.com - Make sure to explain your problem in the email, so that our tech support will have clarity and context.
  14. Hey acomsait, Please take a look at our knowledgebase for further information regarding this subject. Stay tuned for future updates to get more information when AMD gets further support. Feel free asking anything you're not sure of. I'm here.
  15. Netflix - A VERY simple app

    Heya Bluescream! Thank you for your post we are in a process of moving some of our forums to different platforms. This suggestion is a really good one, and would interest our developers for sure, however, if you could please write it for us in our new feedback platform here, it would be a great help! Thank you in advance