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  1. Overwolf dissapears on mouse-over

    Hey there, Sorry for the delay. I'm attaching a game list with a possible fix for your issue, in order for it to work please go through the following: 1. Open the windows run command using Win key + R 2. Insert %localappdata% 3. Look for the Overwolf folder, and open it 4. Drop the file in the root folder 5. Restart Overwolf and launch the game Waiting for response, Meanwhile, let us fight! GamesList.8509209.xml
  2. Overwolf never loads after sign in

    Hey there, Can you please try the following: Make sure Overwolf is not opened. If it is, close everything related to it. On Windows 7 and earlier, open Start and choose Run. Input 'services.msc' and hit 'OK'. On Windows 8 and later, open the start screen and write 'View local services' (make sure you search in 'settings') and select it. (If you know what you're doing just hit WinKey + R and input services.msc) A window with a list of services is opened. Look for 'Razer Wizard Service'. If you can't find it, please report to us. If you can find it, try stopping it by selecting it and hitting the stop button. Make sure it is no longer running (inspect the 'Status' column, it should be empty). Now try to start Overwolf. If your issues have been resolved, return to the services window and disable the culprit service by setting its 'Startup Type' to 'Disabled'. You can do it by right-clicking it, selecting 'Properties' and in the Properties screen select 'Disabled' in the 'Startup Type' combo. Hit 'Apply' or 'OK' and you're good to go. Waiting for reply
  3. Overwolf many many many many many many errors

    Hey there, Sorry for the late response. The issues you mentioned mostly handled in the latest version, So just navigate to our website, and install Overwolf. Thanks
  4. Overwolf works quite poorly.

    Hey there, Sorry for the late response. Can you please restart your computer, and try again? Thanks
  5. Overwolf dissapears on mouse-over

    Hey, First, could you please tell me if the issue occurs on every Guild Wars 2 session. Second, Please download the latest Overwolf version from our website and install the latest. Waiting for reply
  6. Overwolf crash on startup

    Hey there, It seems you're using a previous version of Overwolf. Please download and install the latest version from our website. Thanks
  7. Overlay not working in DayZ

    Hey, Thanks for the reply. Can you tell me when you played Hearthstone with Overwolf, you also had D3D Gear software?
  8. Twitch App doesn't start streaming

    Hey, Sorry for the late response. First, let's try a different encoder, please change to x264 and try streaming on your initial settings. Waiting for reply
  9. Not overlaying on maplestory

    Hey, We've recently added additional support for Maple Story so it should work now with Overwolf. But, if it still does't work, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. I do not understand this

    Hey there, Usually the problem occurs when Overwolf is running on another user on your OS, if so try the following: When you're logged in to your user, please open the task manager. After doing so, make sure that all processes from all users. Terminate the Overwolf process, and relaunch again. Waiting for reply
  11. Full Screen login page on start-up. Do not want.

    Hey Jonas, Can you try relaunching Overwolf again, but as Overwolf loads up, open the browser really quick. Thanks, and sorry for the hassle.
  12. dragon age inquistion dock weirdness

    Hey, It seems that you're experienced a rare issue. Glad to report that we handled this issue, and a fix will be out in our next version, so stay tuned. Meanwhile let's fight -
  13. Overwolf dont start

    Hey, Sorry to see you're experiencing issues with Overwolf. Could you please check that you have .NET 2.0 enabled on your computer, and if not please enable through here: 1. Open add or remove programs in the control panel 2. select the "Turn windows features on or off" 3. Check that all the frameworks are enabled, pay attention that 3.0 should include 2.0 Thanks.
  14. Older builds.

    Hey, Have you managed to get along with the log files? Anyhow, I'm posting the link again just in case, thanks.
  15. Full Screen login page on start-up. Do not want.

    Hey, Could you please explain when it happens to you, on every browser session, or on any Overwolf launch?