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  1. Overwolf Game Requests

    Is it possible to add Minecraft Windows 10 Edition? There currently is support for Minecraft (the java edition), which isn't the same thing under the hood.
  2. Amazingly enough, totally not the same thing
  3. I know that Discord does already have an overlay, and I am aware that there is a couple of (abandoned) threads in this forum about similar suggestions. Discord is a very popular service that combines TS3-like voice chat with IIRC-like text chats, while giving out free servers. Despite my love for TS3 and the excellent Overfolf's app (I use it often), Discord is the best choice when it comes to communities, clans and guilds, due to the better voice-text combo and some extra features. Currently, Discord has a very basic overlay, that only allows to change rooms and see who's talking. Despite the constant pressure by the community in the official feedback site, it seems they don't intend to expand the overlay to give precious functionalities like text chats, customization, and so on. For those reasons, I hope someone would think it's worth to make an app for Overwolf to give the maximum potential offered by this service. Discord has desktop, mobile and even web apps. Some people made unofficial mobile apps for Windows 10 mobile, and Discord itelf officially provides an API called GameBridge to implement voice/text Discord chats in games as well as extra functionalities. Maybe it's possible to make a successful and useful overlay like the TeamSpeak one.
  4. I'll surely do it in the future; for now let's see what we can get with this subject. Maybe there are more chances for this to happen if there are few suggestions or one per time.
  5. So, many users like to use YouTube while gaming. Some for entertainment while farming/doing boring stuff, others rely on it for tutorials of any kind. I have found too the comfort of watching a tutorial step by step without exiting the game. Games like Minecraft have very complicated stuff to replicate. Problem is, both the browser and the youtube app lack the ability to put in fullscreen a video. You either have to resize the window and live with that and the fact it occupies an excessively big chunk of your screen, or use Borderless Video Player. However, Borderless Video Player is a pain to set up for a simple use like that. You have to browse with other tools the video you want to watch (the browser or the youtube app, which is a mere link by the way), find the video you want to see, copy and paste the link, and then go with what you want to do. If you realize that is the wrong video, or you don't really like it, and want to change it, you have to repeat everything from step one. So, I ask if it's possible to fuse in the youtube app or maybe even in the browser itself, the ability to switch to "Borderless Videoplayer Mode" right when you press fullscreen, and a button to bring you back to the normal sized window. Another thing that Borderless Videoplayer lacks are hotkeys. If you want to open it, if you want to stop the video, if you want to play it, if you want to silence it, you must necessarily stop what you are doing, open Overwolf controls and do what you want with the mouse. It slows you down and is annoying, so that in the end you may prefer to just use the browser and live with its limitations. So, what I suggest to do here is: - when you go fullscreen with a video while browsing, it is automatically switched to a view similar to Borderless Videoplayer, possibly remembering the resize and the opacity settings for a more comfortable use - in this mode, there should be the possibility to use the following hotkeys: pause/play, mute/unmute. - the most popular application would be for YouTube, however it would be better if it is integrated with the browser and therefore it would work with other sources like Twitch for example PS: The browser app also would be a much better experience if it would remember the opened tabs, and the ability to set favourites to show in the home page. Alternatively, I would like to know how to change the home page to set a custom offline html one. There are plenty of downloadable and customizable pages for that purpose, born for browser like the old IE. If you want, this may be a subject for another topic, to not clutter this one. Either way, fusing the above with this side note would bring one of the best and most useful experiences for Overwolf.
  6. Request: A decent Notepad

    I agree totally. Even if the app is very good (I even left a 5 stars review), and even if a notepad seems like a simple app, fusing the efforts of @goodbyte and @noobay and maybe even @Kenny.Overwolf, the final results may be even better. A store composed of very high quality apps is what Overwolf needs, and this could be one of the many possibilities. I really was surprised on how people here immediately started working after I created this simple topic, and that's the potential for a powerful and enjoyable community whose work is a gain for everyone, even the most casual user that just installed the game or the biggest fanatic since all born (and Overwolf itself of course). What happened however must not be seen just as a bad thing. The fact that the Overwolf staff is such active and fast, and gets the job done, it's a fantastic thing to see too. The possible synergy of both worlds (community and staff) would be the best scenario.
  7. Request: A decent Notepad

    Got some heavy trouble between yesterday and today, got to reinstall Windows 10, half terabyte of backup, a mess. Anyway yes @noobay, I'd like to try it out. I'll PM you right now. Also if there are any news @goodbyte I'm always here
  8. Request: A decent Notepad

    I didn't notice your post before @noobay because we posted at almost the same time lmao. Anyway, yes, I agree with him @goodbyte. He modified your app so that the browser border is gone and the elements in the toolbar are moved to a new line instead of being cut out when the window is resized. However, with that he removed the opacity slider too. Is it possible to mantain that slider while removing the browser border?
  9. Request: A decent Notepad

    For both of them, the ability to open the app with an hotkey. Another less important but possibly comfortable hotkey could be to create a new note. PS: is is possible for Oeditor to save notes? Creating a new one for now it means it would be wiped entirely. If that wouldn't be hard, I would suggest to implement a third dropdown menu together with the already available "File" and "Edit", where you could list all the created notes (in order to switch to them), and maybe additionally, a button to delete them individually. Or maybe you already thought of a way to manage multiple notes.
  10. Request: A decent Notepad

    Here http://download.overwolf.com/install/Download?Channel=website&Name=Notepad&ExtensionId=nhgemogbdkljmfkhmghfikljihjkdeogjiadmhmb
  11. Request: A decent Notepad

    Thanks @goodbyte, both of your apps work quite good. Hope you will ship them on the Store someday, maybe as an unified app with hotkeys (even if I don't really know what happened with your Post-It and the Overwolf team ). That's the kind of utility apps that the store misses and many gamers would find useful.
  12. Disable Side Dock

    Unfortunately, that's quite limitating. When I use Overwolf, I make use a lot of the apps, leaving them partially transparent instead of dismissing them while playing. Be it watch a video tutorial, follow a forum/blog post, or read Telegram replies, I resize the window, put it in a corner and enable a lot of transparency. Other apps don't really need the same treatment, for example TS3's overlay, as I use it for seeing who's talking and fast replies in chat when a notification appears, or a quick check in a wiki, or sketching a screenshot on the go, or playing one of my playlists and forget the music player. But even in those cases, the dock is not needed, sometimes it's in the way. Unless an app doesn't have it's own hotkeys, I always have a custom one to open what I need. The current hotkeys don't accomplish that, as the first calls the dock while switching control to Overwolf, the second one calls and dismisses any app left open, and the third one calls and dismisses just the dock. I repeat even here that I am no programmer, but I don't think that some of my suggestions could be that hard to add, and that they wouldn't really break the experience or ruin in any way the app, but instead they could add more possibilities. More options to satisfy more users. I don't think it's just me and the OP who wants this
  13. Request: A decent Notepad

    If it looks like a complete and solid app, why not? You could also place the ad at the bottom of the Settings window, it will be hidden during normal usage, but it will generate some return. Also there is a quite famous app doing that with video ads, but I can't remember how it's called. Additionally, a short disclaimer was put to raise awareness of the user. The annoyance was due to how the current existing app eats and entire chunk of the page and the poor quality put into it.
  14. Request: A decent Notepad

    I know there already is an app that does this, but it's horrible. It's clunky, it's slow, and it has ADS! Ads in a notepad, and even quite large and annoying, a sick joke. So what I ask is a working, lightweight notepad that does what it's expected and nothing really more. I am no programmer and I am not a professional designer, but in case you need images, vector art or icons, I can do it. I can even work on some mockups. And if it's not too much asking, the following features would be awesome to have: -select a custom font and size -no border, just the 2 buttons for dismiss/close and maybe a support to be dragged from anywhere like TS3's app would be perfect (or just a button-like thing like in the Borderless Videoplayer) -adjustable opacity -ability to use bold, underline and italic A simple and effective notepad could be very useful for many players, as the ability to store memos and take notes is a great help in many games. And for video makers and streamers, it could also be a tool to list, remember and show objectives to complete (which is not uncommon, especially for open world games).
  15. Community I need your help translating!

    { "display": [ { "en": "Low Ammunition", "it": "A corto di munizioni" } ], "name": "low-ammo", "red": 27, "green": 60, "blue": 40 }, { "display": [ { "en": "Full Ammunition", "it": "Pieno di munizioni" } ], "name": "full-ammo", "red": 100, "green": 100, "blue": 100 } ] I corrected the Italian translations. Hope it will be helpful :3 I also suggest to not add translations done by an automatic translator. They are and will always be inaccurate in many cases. It's better for the user to read a correct English rather than something that may even have no sense in their own language. It also feels unprofessional and cheap if you add what Google Translate or other sites tells you. Example: Initial statement: I also suggest to not add translations done by an automatic translator. Translated back and forth using Google: Translations and wide, through an interpreter, and persuade them. (now have fun having nonsense lines like this one in an app or game for example lol)