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  1. Guild Wars 2 64-bit client; Overwolf doesn't work

    Since ICM hooks direct-x and also has a seperate 64bit version, a conflict is actually quite a possibility I'd recommend testing against.
  2. It's always been like that. Personally I just kill the settings in SettingsPageODK.xml with OW closed when I need to test manifest changes.
  3. Child window not receiving permissions

    Ready to use ow example.
  4. Teamspeak overlay gone?

    The options, including position settings, moved to the app, too. That little wrench icon on the upper right on the main window of the app.
  5. Drag and drop in html not working

    Ah, well for the record, what I was trying back then was specifically dropping a file, which didn't trigger an event at all. Given there's different stuff involved to make such happen browser-code side, that's likely a different kind of beast to have working if that's what you've been aiming for in the first place.
  6. Drag and drop in html not working

    Hm, I'd advise to try against a basic HTML5 example to have less potential causes maybe. Personally I vaguely remember drag'n'drop hasn't worked in ow ever, however given that there's even been a framework switch from awesomium to libCef since I've started playing around, it's better to just test such against the current version than to rely on that
  7. Get app directory

    If you use one of the IO Plugins, you can do it like that.
  8. overwolf.media.replays issues/questions

    Now, I didn't use the replay feature yet, but I would suspect as opposed to with startCapture, capture's duration would be determined by i_PastDuration + i_FutureDuration, fixed. Hence, I'd use finishCapture in capture's i_CaptureFinishedCallback which I'd expect to happen right after i_FutureDuration.
  9. Events and Listener Question!

    I haven't used removeListener yet, but my guess would be that you have to pass the function pointer to the very function you registered, so it can get identified by the event system. As in: var myfunc = function() {}; overwolf.streaming.onStopStreaming.addListener(myfunc); overwolf.streaming.onStopStreaming.removeListener(myfunc);
  10. Overwolf crashing Robocraft when opening developers tools

    Hrm, it's been a while but I do recall there was a game-independent issue when you stress the console a little with printing object contents and such while in game. Doesn't have to, but could be happening here. Bandaid would simply be avoiding heavy console output.
  11. Keypress & keyrelease event

    What are you using for the scroll wheel? If the focus is on the game, it's normal that it won't get caught by js. If you require that, overwolf's own input tracker plugin should be able to provide that. It also does keystroke capturing and uses a different method than I did with my plugin. Maybe that works better for your game?
  12. overwolf.media.replays issues/questions

    Q1: Focus app, ctrl-shift-i Q2: Install app, %localappdata%/overwolf/extensions/[etc]
  13. Overwolf Manifest Window Size.

    Window sizes are stored in %localappdata%/overwolf/settings/SettingsPageODK.xml for the purpose of restoring resizable windows to the last size set by the user. These settings won't get cleaned up by uninstalling an app.
  14. Yep. Maybe we get further this time
  15. Overwolf Sample Plugin not working.

    I think after the first call it's cached it the plugin array, that's why the perception of it not being necessary at all could arise. So the refresh would be needed to be called once to get it in the array in the first place, after that it wouldn't matter. Dunno really if on that occassion false would suffice, as I don't think there's any reasonable method to clear the cache one would need to test that with renaming a plugin I guess.