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  1. Overwolf not Responding?

    Hello, Dylz! Could you try one solution for me? Right click Overwolf -> Properties -> Compatibility Then check "Run as Administrator" then click Apply.
  2. [POLL] Advertisement

    I think a captcha when registering would greatly help with the spam accounts. I also agree that Overwolf should allow some new moderators to help delete the unwanted threads
  3. Hello, Overwolf community! My name is "IamHavok". I'm creating this topic to hopefully help the Overwolf forums out. I think the Overwolf team should allow a small amount of mature users to volunteer for moderator positions, just to keep the forums safe and clean.I personally have a lot of experience in moderating forums/websites. I was an Assistant Community Manager for a year and a half for a game development studio "PixelBeam". I am no longer working there as an employee but still have the trust from my former co-workers to remain a moderator of the steam forums. The reason why I am posting this is because there are a lot of spam accounts and I feel that Overwolf users should not be baited into clicking on such links. Thank you for your time. - Havok.
  4. Issues with OGC (Overwolf Game Capture)

    Well, I was using Realtek HD Audio Manager when the issues occurred. I tried messing with the settings within Realtek, but nothing seemed to work. So I stopped using it and went to my default windows sound system and instead of using my analog ports for my microphone and audio, I instead used my Logitech G430 USB adapter with my Logitech G230 headset (I own both the blue 7.1 surround sound and red stereo headsets). Doing the first option seemed to fix the issue, but to be sure I still use the adapter. Next for the OCG settings I have the following. ENCODING Codec: NVIDIA NVENC (uses GPU) Preset: Automatic AUDIO System Sound: Speakers Logitech G430 (Adapter with Logitech G230 headset) Microphone: Microphone Logitech G430 (Adapter with Logitech G230 headset) So in all, the issue seemed to be with Realtek HD Audio Manager. Once I stopped using it even without my G430 adapter audio was fine. Hope this helps! - IamHavok
  5. Issues with OGC (Overwolf Game Capture)

  6. Issues with OGC (Overwolf Game Capture)

    Well, I solved the audio problem. Now for Killing Floor 1. I can't seem to get Overwolf Game Capture to work unless it is in Windowed mode.
  7. Issues with OGC (Overwolf Game Capture)

    I have tried all 4 sound captures. Default, VX22 (Monitor), System High Definition, Tritton Kunai Headset. All of these have those loud cracking noises. Is there a fix to this?
  8. Which headset should I get?

    I have 2. So I'll rate them and tell you what I personally don't like about each. LOGITECH G430 "7.1 SURROUND SOUND" HEADSET (( $80 USD )) PROS Comfortable even after a long gaming session. Long cable. (can reach across my entire room) Ear cushions are washable. (They will get dirty because they are blue) CONS Microphone is horrendous. (Complete garbage if you plan on recording videos for youtube) The 80 dollar price tag is a little high for the mixed bag end up getting. Feels too flimsy, but hasn't broke on me yet. (I've had the headset for a year) Sound is "meh" I guess. Personally I have to constantly tap the USB adapter because the headset gets CRAZY CRAZY feedback, almost deafens me. No mixer, only volume control. OVERALL RATING: 4/10 I feel as if I wasted money on this headset. TRITTON KUNAI (( $69.99 )) *NOTE it does say PS4/PS3/XBOX 360, but I can assure you I'm using it with my PC* PROS Sound. OMG the sound is amazing with these things! Deep bass, clear vocals. REALLY GREAT! Microphone. Personally I think this mic is the best I've had. Clear, no feedback and detachable. Great for any shape or sized head. Personally I have a small head, but it can handle almost any size. Mixer. While the mixer only allows Mic and "Game" volume it's still nice to have. Plug-n-Play. Plug the USB end into your PC and you have a working mic, no installation or software needed. Option to use Audio Jacks or USB. (I personally use it via USB, I don't use the jacks). CONS Only 3 colors available. Price is still high. ($69.99 USD) MIXED Headset can be uncomfortable but I've gotten used you how the headset rests on my ears. (Some won't like it and find it uncomfortable) Cable is a little too long for me. OVERALL RATING: 8.5/10 (I've owned this headset for 5 years and I absolutely love this headset, sounds great, mic is great.) Hopefully this helps some! - Havok.
  9. Hello, Overwolf community. I'm having issues with audio and video. I'll start with audio. I was playing Minecraft and every time a loud sound or clicking noise would happen the audio of the recorded video would be really distorted and is really loud. This doesn't happen when I record with Shadowplay. EXAMPLE VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RbPropwZrw Second issue I'm having is I am not able to record Killing Floor 1 with Overwolf. I use both Record monitor and Record active game, neither of them work. Minecraft Full screen works, Starcraft 2 Full screen works. Killing Floor 1 Full screen does not. The game also does not have border-less windowed. OVERWOLF GAME CAPTURE SETTINGS Thank you for your time. - Havok.