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  1. Your Preferred IDE for Overwolf App Development

    Brackets for Design-technical stuff, due to the live-preview. Atom nowadays for pretty much everything else.
  2. Discord App

    I personally also like the Idea of a Discord App. But I don't have time. Maybe we'll find someone who wants to do that.
  3. Community I need your help translating!

    If I would need to translate something more complicated I would of course not use a translator, unfortunately, I thought for those 5-6 Words, a translator would be enough.
  4. GameInfoList v2 [Abandonded]

    I have no Idea what this is good for, it's just a table with all Infos about all games OW supports. OW published only a small list (Top 30) of supported Games.
  5. [Closed] I just want to read a certain file.

    Nevermind, really. I'll use the I/O Plugin.
  6. [Closed] I just want to read a certain file.

    Nevermind, I found the Environment Variable " %LOCALAPPDATA% " and it points exactly where I want and works in Overwolf. #EDIT: Apparently, it does not work as it always returns found == false
  7. Hello there guys, there is a file in the Overwolf Appdata-Folder named "GamesList.8963038.xml". The numbers may vary, may not, idk. And it's located at: "C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Overwolf\GamesList.8963038.xml". Reading a file in Overwolf is not that hard, but how do I... get the Windows-Username? ...or get that folder path from Overwolf ...or is there a shorter version for Appdata/Local like "%appdata%" but for "Local"?
  8. Reported date: 20.10.2016 Reported by: TheLexoPlexx Contact mail: alexander@tesserakt.pro Summary: More detailed documentation Change request description Please add the missing details in the manifest.json page. THIS example callback shows more Information than given HERE. Add info: I don't really know all the possibilities to be in the manifest.json so I can't really add more Information here.
  9. [solved] Publicly available List of Game Ids

    No problem, I just forgot where I got that file from xD It was somewhere in the Overwolf-Folder, a xml file. Also I thought about making that some kind of API you could easily add to your App. But I need a xml to json converter that works for this file. To parse and access it easier in Javascript. If you like, you can go to the hidden.html that file reads the json file but BE CAREFUL, since those files are larger than 2MB. I converted the original xml file to json using a website but a working implementation of a live conversion would be really amazing. Maybe I'll start a public git #EDIT: Found the file again: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Overwolf.GamesList.xxxxxxx.xml"
  10. GameInfoList v2 [Abandonded]

    WHAT HAPPENED? Life, can't keep it updated. You can still find it at the link below but don't expect any changes or bugfixes. Github can be found here: https://github.com/TheLexoPlexx/gameinfoparser ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there guys, With v2 I made it look a bit better so I should probably also make this thread look better... WHAT IS THIS? This parser takes all the Information about Games currently available in Overwolf and parses them to a nice and (kinda) readable table. To find the xml with all the infos yourself, go to: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Overwolf.GamesList.xxxxxxx.xml", where xxxxxxx is a number, I am not sure what it stands for, mine was "8963038". WHERE CAN I FIND THIS? Simply go there: http://demo.tesserakt.pro/gameinfoparser/ WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS? I have no Idea, I found the file and thought I could make something out of it. ANY ADDITIONAL INFOS? This is parsed from a from Version 0.97.306.0. To maintain performance and not make your browser crash, I added a very short delay before adding the items to the table. It takes a while now but it has a nice loading screen :3 bye, have a great time TheLexoPlexx
  11. Reported date: 20.10.2016 Reported by: TheLexoPlexx Contact mail: alexander@tesserakt.pro OW version: 0.97.306.0 Summary: More detailed documentation Change request description Please add the various Methods in the categories to the list on the left Add info: Since I thought explaining might be too hard and unprecise, I just made a photo: http://i.imgur.com/HJp6qM1.png It's a new ul next to the other one with a hr below to display them seperately. #Edit: the "..." is obviously a placehold for all other Methods. #EDIT: As mentioned above, I would also volunteer to help with editing the documentation.
  12. Let's have a word about all the accounts needed

    Didn't I also register as a Developer? And didn't I also give my skype name and my telephone number to selected people in the Overwolf Team? I really, really, reeeally support the Idea. In freshdesk you also have the ability to sign in with Twitter, Google or Facebook. I love the Idea of SSO because this right now is a real mess and I am pretty sure, that the managers of the Websites are concerned about that. I got 3 E-Mail adresses right now, one private, one for spam, gaming stuff and other random crap and one business adress and to be honest, I forgot which adress I entered in which parts of the Overwolf Website. I want to make them all use the business one but that's sadly not even possible in freshdesk, not mentioning the private Developer Database. @Colorfulstan Sorry, I recently changed my E-Mail Adress on the forums and I can not confirm, that freshdesk and the forum have the same accounts.
  13. Detect Game Close?

    @Colorfulstan @goodbyte Thanks, a lot. I got it working now!
  14. Overwolf Game Requests

    Game Request: CROSSOUT Official Website: https://crossout.net/ Still a Closed Beta but please add to the To-Do, open Beta release may be January 2017.
  15. Detect Game Close?

    Hello there guys, there's a way to start an app on game start but when I stop playing the game, my app keeps running and therefore still uses Performance and -most important- keeps the Keyboard lighted up (as it uses LogitechLed). So is there a way to detect game close to close my app as well?