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  1. Overwolf launching HLEP PLS

    Hey @raztok, Thank you for reaching out to us, Please attach your Overwolf logs so I can have a better look (instructions).
  2. LoLWiz not detecting game

    @enkryme Same reply as before, we need the logs
  3. Second Installation - Is it official or malware?

    Hey @chrox, Thank you for reaching out to us, I'm not sure what this second installation file is, if you already installed Overwolf and it's working properly for you, you can simply remove it. Please let me know if you encounter any issue.
  4. Error connecting to Server

    Hey @virgilioroland, Thank you for reaching out to us, I do not see any attached file in your message. Please also try and check if you have an antivirus blocking Overwolf or a firewall.
  5. Recover overwolf recording

    Hey @rokinonbro, I'm sorry but if it didn't process properly there's no way to recover it. By the way, for some reason you created this topic in the 'guides' forum and not 'support', so I moved it.
  6. Hotkeys not functioning

    Hey @Cudda, I'm not sure what red dot you're talking about. or what timer, please add a screenshot or video to make this more clear. Are you sure that you're playing games that are supported by Overwolf? (check this list). And one more thing - please refrain from bumping old topics, your message bumping someone else's topic from 2015 was deleted.
  7. overwolf create an error 0xc00000e5 for battle.net

    Hey again @Abnelia23, Our team went over your Overwolf logs, I'm afraid this issue has nothing to do with Overwolf. I found this thread on the official Microsoft Q&A board, I recommend that you check it out.
  8. Overwolf and Replay HUD lagging

    Hey @guibraga, Thank you for reaching out to us, I checked your Overwolf logs and it seems like your Discord overlay feature is enabled. Please disable it and let me know if there is any change. To disable this feature, simply head over to your Discord settings, and the 'overlay' option on the left, then toggle it off.
  9. Spotify App

    Hey @NuggetsMan, I'm sorry to inform you but this app was removed from Overwolf long time ago due to bugs that could not be attended.
  10. my overwolf isnt working :(

    Hey @tot900, I'm gonna need you to be more specific, what doesn't work for you in Overwolf? Please try to explain the issue you're experiencing, you can also add screenshot(s) to maybe make it more clear.
  11. LoLWiz not detecting game

    Hey @Yammuha, Can you please add your Overwolf logs? (Instructions)
  12. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    Hey @mikeyhalla, Sorry I didn't reply here before, issues like this are usually posted in our support forum and not general (I'm moving this thread). I'm glad that you managed to overcome this issue, can you please add here your Overwolf logs so our dev team can take a look? (Instructions)
  13. TS3 Control Plugin?

    Hey @HarryNutz, Please check out this article on our knowledge base, you should find a solution there
  14. overwolf create an error 0xc00000e5 for battle.net

    Hey @Abnelia23, Please add your Overwolf logs so we can have a look. Overwolf can't affect Steam or BNET in this way, it must be something else on your PC... Just to make sure I ran a few tests and everything worked fine, it could be that you have some corrupted DLL files on your PC that are affecting both Overwolf and other programs.
  15. Cannot install Overworlf

    Hey @YelloDageek, Overwolf has an app called Logitech G Spark that integrates with RBG Logitech keyboard, unfortunately the G610 is not RGB. As for installing, if you're experiencing issues, please add your Overwolf logs here. - See instructions.
  16. Still load at startup

    Hey @Nilz, We are aware of this issue and are glad to report that we are working on a solution for it which will be released in our upcoming version, so stay tuned Hope to release it soon as possible.
  17. why i get black screen Wolfcoins ?

    Hey @almlksam3 , We are aware of this bug and glad to report that the best minds in Overwolf are working on a fix for it. Hope to squash this bug as soon as possible.

    Hey @SetaSoujiro, Your issue seems to be related to your Windows N version missing critical DLL file. Please check out this article on our knowledge base and follow the instructions in it. Let me know whether this helped you out,
  19. Trojan:Win32/Sonoko.A!ms

    Hey again @Zeno Marx, Thank you very much for the additional information, I used it to spread your experience to more of our users and we're getting positive feedback so far You rock!
  20. Trojan:Win32/Sonoko.A!ms

    Hey again! We found this issue to be related to Chrome, and since Overwolf is running by using Chrome browsers it also got affected. You can read more about it here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/7e4e3d11-e43b-4a5e-a94f-5315397ffd19/false-positive-trojan-sonokoams-in-chrome-user-data-cache-files?forum=FCSNext
  21. Trojan:Win32/Sonoko.A!ms

    Hey @Zeno Marx, Thank you for reaching out to us! We are currently looking into this case, it's extremely important for us to find out the source for this issue and come up with a solution ASAP. Is there a way that you can find the file directory where the anti-virus found this Trojan and send it to me? I will get back to you once I have more info or if there are more details we need from you in order to keep investigating, thank you very much for reporting to us!
  22. How to use notepad plus in game?

    Hey @Progeekzy, I just made sure that this app is working properly (using the hotkey in game). Can you please make sure that the game you're playing is supported by Overwolf?
  23. Hey, Unlike LoLwiz, this doesn't have to do anything with Overwolf. It's fine that you recommend an app you found/know of for Garena users, creating your own tops about it is ok, but please don't bump old topics or spam about it in other users' topics
  24. They Are Billions

    Hey @webv2, Thank you for letting us know about this game that you like, and I'm really glad to hear that you're enjoying Overwolf. It's really important for us, as gamers, to develop and maintain a product that is useful, easy to use and doesn't affect your gameplay As for supporting this game, we usually add support for new top rated games, so we will have to monitor and check whether Overwolf users are also playing this game and see if Overwolf can add value to it, I forwarded the title in our HQs and this will be looked into! Rock on! \m/
  25. Problem with overlay (cannot click in game)

    Hey @Altarin, Thank you for reaching out to us, What you described sounds like how Overwolf works with FPS games (like Overwatch or CSGO) but shouldn't work this way with WOW, LoL and games alike. Please add your Overwolf logs (instructions) so I can further look into it for you