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  1. Lineage II + OW.

    It might have just been a fluke of chance on the one private server I went to check on. I will check it out when I got a min. and see if it works on one I still have installed now and is online. I am also going to check out a new server in the next few days so will see if it works on that one also. I have not been on NA. retail in a couple yrs. now.
  2. Hello, I will try to explain this as detailed and clear as possible as I think I realized what's happening now. When streaming with the OW. Twitch App. you have the option to put in the title of the stream and even edit it while live. Am I wrong to assume that the Twitch App. is also sending to Twitch the game your playing? I have my Twitch page set to "Diablo III Reaper Of Souls" because I want to show up under that game NOT "Diablo III" where there are NO viewers or streams. Every time I launch the Twitch App. and go live it changes it to "Diablo III" on Twitch website instead of "Diablo III Reaper Of Souls" as I have it set and saved it in the settings on my profile many times over now,... then I have to minimize and go to my Twitch settings and set it back to "Reaper Of Souls" after going live in game. I also have to go to my archived videos after being live and edit them to say RoS instead of Diablo III because when I started streaming that's what the Twitch App. told it I was streaming and archiving. I realized what was happening after earlier going to check out and old Lineage server I used to play on and noticed OW. worked with L2 now and was in shock. So I wanted to see if I could stream it also. BOOM no problem was streaming Lineage II with the OW. Twitch App. in full 1080p. HD. lossless,... beautiful,... except on my Twitch stream it automatically said I was now playing "Lineage II The Chaotic Throne" live. I never set it to this on the Twitch website or touched it at all or ever have set it to Lineage so this is when I realized what was causing it to always say I was playing the original D3 and not the expansion RoS because this was also a PRIVATE L2 server running GoD NOT Chaotic Throne so the Twitch App. was wrong again on what game or version of it I was playing. I recommend removing this completely as people can simply set this to what game they are playing on the Twitch website and change it them selves if needed and don't really need the OW. app. to auto override it every time you go live OR please add an option with the stream title to set it to what game your playing in some sort of drop down menu like the Twitch website has or something and make sure to add one for Diablo III and Diablo III - Reaper of Souls as these are two separate live categories on the Twitch website. If you have any questions or need anymore details about this feel free to ask. I hope to see it fixed as it slows me down and is very annoying to have to go change these settings after going Live each time and the Twitch App. overriding them with no option built into itself to set what game your playing yourself. At least you need to add Diablo III Reaper of Souls to it's built in list instead of just Diablo III. I hope this made sense thanks! Chuter.
  3. Lineage II + OW.

    I can't believe the OverWolf overlay works in Lineage II now. OverWolf told me one time it never would be possible same as no other overlay works with this game or it gets read as a hacking tool. Went to check out an old L2 server to see what everyone was up to with OW open and was shocked to see it pop up after the game went full screen. Great work. Gratz and thanx!
  4. Streaming App. NVIDIA nvec.

    Well actually yesterday I updated to the most recent version of game ready drivers and so on that was released yesterday for OverWatch and when I did this update I selected "reset all settings and profiles (clean install)" also for fun and re-booted and it all works again so I guess everything is OK. for now and forget it. Thanx for the reply I was waiting to find ample time to do the process but did this fast last night before some gaming and no issues now.
  5. Streaming App. NVIDIA nvec.

    Hello! So frustrated right now,... for some reason my 6 core AMD cpu will not run Diablo 3 and stream in 1080p. it uses %100 resources. I could never get the stream working right with ALL other streaming software nor did they detect my NVIDIA nvec codec,.... A few months back I saw OW had a Twitch streaming app. so I thought what the heck may as well give it a shot,... Well damn was soooo HAPPY! For the past 3 months I been streaming in 1080p. Lossless no lag on Twitch using my GPU to stream. Now not sure what happened but yes I have updated my display drivers 2x this month as NVIDIA is always releasing game ready drivers and I havn't streamed this month busy with work, but I went to stream last night and I got an error, so I went to settings and was messing around, eventually I just decided to try using the CPU option and bam it worked but uses %100 of my CPU while gaming so I went to change back to NVEC codec and now it's not showing it in drop down menu just cpu x264 now no GPU nvec option. I am soooo sad about this, any help would be appreciated and I am fully willing to provide all information needed to help, specs, files w.e. Thanx, Chuter. Here's my com. specs: Processor Processor AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor Manufacturer AMD Speed 3.8 GHz Number of Cores 6 CPU ID 178BFBFF00600F20 Family 15 Model 02 Stepping 0 Revision Memory RAM 32 GB Video Card Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Manufacturer NVIDIA Chipset GeForce GTX 970 Dedicated Memory 4.0 GB Total Memory 4.0 GB Pixel Shader Version 5.1 Vertex Shader Version 5.1 Hardware T & L Yes Vendor ID 10DE Device 13C2 Plug and Play ID VEN_10DE&DEV_13C2&SUBSYS_29783842&REV_A1 Driver Version Operating System Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit Service Pack 0 Size 64-bit Edition Version 10.0.10586 Locale 0409 BIOS BIOS Version American Megatrends Inc. P1.40 Manufacturer Date Sound Audio 1 Sound Device NVIDIA High Definition Audio Driver Audio 2 Sound Device NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) Driver Audio 3 Sound Device HD Pro Webcam C920 Driver 13.80.853.0 Audio 4 Sound Device High Definition Audio Device Driver 10.0.10586.0 Audio 5 Sound Device SplitCam Virtual Audio Device (WDM) Driver 7.0.1000.6 Audio 6 Sound Device AnvSoft Virtual Sound Device Driver Drives DVD HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSC0 CD HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSC0 Drive 1 Size 465.8 GB Free Memory 386.3 GB Drive 2 Size 111.7 GB Free Memory 33.0 GB Drive 3 Size 111.2 GB Free Memory 25.4 GB Software Internet Explorer 11.306.10586.0 Chrome 50.0.2661.102 Java 8.0.910.14 Flash DirectX 11.0 .NET 3.5.30729.4926 QuickTime EDIT: Specs. updated.
  6. Overlay box

    Why does the over lay move every time I minimize the game. I set it to where I want in game, when I minimize to desktop it moves and I have put it back to where I want it in game when I bring the game back up. Very annoying been going on for over half a year was hoping an update would fix it but nope.
  7. NFS World Freeze.

    Yeah and I think I been through this before with OW and this same game a while back not sure if it was even fixed actually but not gonna lie was lazy and didn't go look for the old topic. The file is 750 KB. after Zip. and will not let me attach it. I got it down to 505 kb. but for some reason your forum limit is very low restricted to 303.04 kb. attach uploads,... odd number and low.
  8. NFS World Freeze.

    The game Need For Speed World freezes on launch ONLY when OverWolf is open on my system. Have to shut down OW in order to play the game.
  9. Recent update. (Minimize game.)

    No issue with BF4. It was the only game I was still using OW with but not now since the latest update since I can't hit my windows key to minimize fast during the game and alt + tab is not an option for me already in some games. That's odd cause I even manually check for updates weekly and never had an issue with the windows key until the last update when I manually checked and updated it a few days back which I had also done the week before and it said "Cool your up to date" and I had no issues then. Very odd how I can play BF4 on my 42 inch LED flat screen LG 1080p TV and have my 25 inch 1080p computer monitor on the side for battlescreen but when I do this with NFS world online the game crashes because there is an issue with hydravision I was told before after I sent in the logs to OW. when having OW & hydravision active which I believe is some AMD software for dual monitors running? As for Lineage II I was simply told OW will probably not be able to work with that game which doesn't surprise me because it reads TS3 overlay as a "hacking tool". I am gonna completely remove OW, delete the program folder and do a full clean fresh install and try it again with all my games and see if it works OK. I have not played NFS world in awhile because of BF4 so maybe I should go check again after a fresh install before I keep complaining. I do know hundreds of thousands still play L2 around the world either on private servers or retail and as a clan leader OW would rule for Castle Sieges if it was compatible ever. Yes I ramble to much I know.
  10. Recent update. (Minimize game.)

    For some reason as of the most recent update I can't use my windows key to minimize from my games when full screen. What did you do now? Bet is has to do with the hot key message that popped up after the update? Something you changed with them. My hot keys are turned off though so maybe not. I see there are still compatibility issues with AMD gaming evolved and Hydravision so I barely use OverWolf now when gaming but was still using it for BattleField 4 but now need to shut it down to minimize lolzor? This program I can't use when gaming because of all it's incompatibility issues with other gaming add-ons, features, support and anti-cheat programs and the one game I was still using it while playing now I can't. So why keep it installed at this point? Can't play NeedForSpeed online with Hydravision open using dual monitors (Even though I can with BF4 so keep blaming Hydravision still?), can't play any game and minimize with windows key now and it never did work with Lineage 2 in the first place, so,...... How ever the issues I had way back when with the OW launcher just sitting on screen idle and it not loading and unloading properly on both my computers of different models on different ISP connections seems to have been randomly resolved some where along the line in recent updates so that's nice. Anyway why can't I use the windows key to minimize now when playing a game full screen only when OW is open? (Hot keys disabled.) The program design, features, the whole idea and lay out are great,... just to bad for me I have some issue with it in every part of gaming I try to do with it open. Drives me nuts especially as it would greatly benefit me as a Clan (L2) & Platoon (BF4) leader in two different massive online games.
  11. [PENDING] OverWolf Fail loading.

    HydroVision is for my dual monitors I found out, and I am not gonna shut down one in order to use OW. Doesn't seem like Lineage II will ever make the game list, and there are issues with OW launching still on both my computers, and the launcher freezes sometimes on both my computers as well,.... so I think I am fine with just Team Speak alone as it is. I am sorry I did not take the time to continue to run tests. http://forums.overwolf.com/index.php?/topic/1600-pending-overwolf-fail-loading/ This is what I was asked to do next: " Hey Bobby, My name is Illy, the QA manager at Overwolf. So we looked hard at your logs, especially after you wrote that your second computer stopped loading OW as well. Currently we have several tests we'd ask you to do, and a few questions: The hydravision you use, we looked on the net and saw it's a program that was last updated at 2008, is that what you use? In the logs you sent, we see that on one run need for speed world seemed to run as it should, was this indeed the case? (assuming you can remember) Stuff we'd ask you to do: Close the HydraHivison vision program and try OW when it is closed, see if that helps (yes, we suspect hydravision might mess things up) If it works fine now, awesome, if not , please be sure to send us the logs for this run. Play Need for speed world in windows mode, the issues you have are less likely to happen in windows mode Direct X Cube - I'm sending you a small cube program we created for testing purposes, please unpack using zip to any folder of your choosing and run it, see if OW injects to it. If the cube works fine, awesome, if not , please be sure to send us the logs for that run. Well that's it for now, lets get this show on the road. Oh, and about Lineage II, I'm sorry to say we tried several times but it just wasn't compatible with OW. R&D will need to invest some time to make it work, and that will happen based on the game popularity and users request. If you have problems opening the "Cube.Tester" file, you can rename it "Cube.Tester.zip" and the zip program should auto open it (Google wouldn't let me send the file as .zip) Waiting for your updates. -- Rock On! Illy " Sadly I am low on time, and don't think I am gonna be happy with the results anyway. I never did have, or take the time to install "cube tester" as I am not gonna be able to disable Hydravision. I can just put Team Speak up on one of my 3 monitors, and that will have to be my Over Lay, considering Lineage reads the original Team Speak overlay as a hacking tool which is why I got excited about OW in the first place. Maybe I will re-install later as I will continue to watch updates. Thanx for your time.
  12. [PENDING] OverWolf Fail loading.

    Sent. It simply seems to me on both my coms. that the OW.sys32 does not shut down after you close the program, and if you re-launch later that's why it freezes / doesn't load, but I am nooby so could be wrong, but that's why I have to terminate that process to get it to launch again properly. EDIT: It did work for NFS before not sure why it crashes the game on launch now, and yes NFS World works fine after I close OW.
  13. [PENDING] OverWolf Fail loading.

    Please take this in the nicest possible way,..... The program is failing. I have 2 computers, one is TOP of the line, and one is an all-in-one few yrs. old Sony. The specs to my new machine are in the first post. This machine is alos kept completely clean, and works %100. Before the last update I could use OverWold with Need For Speed World the only other online game I play other than Linage II. I still have the same issue where OW sits on the screen loading, and when I do get it to load, I must shut it down before playing NFS World now as it crashes the game on load. Here's the best part,..... now OW doesn't always load on my other machine either,... the difference is the loader disappears like it is gonna load, but the dock never comes up, on my main machine it just sits in middle of the screen for life. I can pass you the log files from my other machine also if needed. I hate the fact you all released this before having hundreds of games working for it, and most bugs worked out. I will persist to have Lineage 2 added, and yes I know your trying, and I really love the idea of it, the over lay, the dock, and the lay out, so I will hang around hoping the bugs get fixed, and more games added because I do love it, and as a Clan Leader in Lineage I am awaiting the day it works for that game like a surprise Christmas. (What an asset OW would be during massive online sieges, pew, pew!!! EDIT: Can't attach file it is 541kb,... what do I do here?
  14. [PENDING] OverWolf Fail loading.

    Yes issue continues, and even better now before playing Need for Speed World I must shut down OverWolf first because it crashes the game on launch qq. EDIT: The link you provided on "How to" send log files is broken now. http://forums.overwolf.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3114
  15. [PENDING] OverWolf Fail loading.

    It did it immediately after update. Let's see if it happens again. Yes so many waiting for it to work with Lineage. (FYI TS3 overlay reads as a hacking tool in the L2 client.)