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  1. visual studio code. I personally have no reason to use a full blown IDE for Overwolf app development and vscode is my favorite editor.
  2. Developing Overwolf Apps - JS side

    Of course, use whatever framework you want.
  3. Window outside of game screen while playing

    try overwolf.windows.setDesktopOnly (i_WindowId, i_ShouldBeDesktopOnly, i_Callback) from the docs. Also, id you were making changes to the manifest.json you need to uncheck "enabled" and recheck it or uninstall/reinstall. Sometimes I need to reinstall just to get the changes to take effect.
  4. Not working on windows 10.

    I'm running it on Windows 10 no problems.
  5. Game LAUNCH events

    You could have the application running and listening for a game launch event. When ti happens, it triggers an opening function based on whatever values you want.
  6. Overwolf.windows promises

    I'm not sure about dragStart/Stop, this was just an example of how to use the overwolf callbacks as promises for cleaner code. Ah you were referring to dragstart/stop for html event. This isn't for content, overwolfs dragMove move the window itself.
  7. You will have to run the server yourself and use Overwolf as a remote client. My current project uses a Meteor server I'll be hosting and an Overwolf app that syncs using DDP.
  8. Overwolf - Not handling windows scaling properly

    Has there been any progress for high DPI scaling?
  9. App Window Animations

    One reason is because the distance an animation can exist is limited to the size of the window containing the element, otherwise you'll see scroll bars. Another reason, and the real reason for me animating my windows, happens when I move the window while an animation is happening. Imagine an animation that goes from 0 to 100 on mouseover, then on mouseleave you go back to 0. If you move the window while the animation is at 100, when you stop and mouseleave the element will go back to 0. The element is now 100 px back to the left from where you dropped it. If you instead animated the window, you can cancel the animation after you dropped it and the element will still be in the same place you dropped it and in the same place within the window. I realized that Greensock has the onUpdate method, so I just use that now to animate the .changePosition() left value. Works very well, so no need to write anything for it.
  10. App Window Animations

    I couldn't find an API or other libraries so I'm working on a library that allows some animations to be done to the app windows. For the most part animations can be done in the window, but I've found situations where the window being animated made for a much better user experience. Really just seeing if there is anything else out there already or if there is any interest.
  11. Overwolf.windows promises

    I use ES6(now ES7) so I thought it would be nice to wrap overwolf's overwolf.windows callbacks into promises. Here's the gist: github What? Well, instead of getting caught in overwolf callback hell you can use promises/async functions. It makes for cleaner, shorter code. Here's a small example of normal usage: function dragMove() { overwolf.windows.getCurrentWindow(function(res) { overwolf.windows.dragMove(res.window.id, function() { // do something after you've stopped dragging }); }); } and if you're using ES6 you can: import OW from 'overwolf.windows'; function dragMove() { OW.getCurrentWindow() .then(res => { OW.dragMove(res.window.id); .then(data => { // do something when done dragging. }) }); } ES7 async functions are nice: import OW from 'overwolf.windows'; async function dragMove() { let result = await OW.getCurrentWindow(); let res = await OW.dragMove(result.window.id); // do something when done dragging } Perhaps someday we can get promises and modules by default? p.s. overwolf is still global. this does not replace anything, it's just sugar.
  12. Can't login to developer section

    Coming back to develop for Overwolf I notice a change in the website. Go to the developer section to download the client and need to log in again. Ok, but I'm already logged into the website. I try logging in again and it says the username or password is wrong. No it's not. So I think, perhaps they are separate accounts so I go to create a new one, username is already taken. Come on now.
  13. Darkfall Unholy Wars

    Sent the email. The message was : 11:18:13.203 1210 6171 OverlayManager::doAction Encountered Error DFUW.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module USER32.dll at 0023:77173342.
  14. Darkfall Unholy Wars

    Recently started Darkfall back up again and thought I could make some awesome apps for it, however DF crashes at startup if OW is on and will crash if OW is started later. I've tried every combination of w or w/o running as admin for each. Anyone else play DF have any issues?
  15. Ultimate Crosshair for Overwolf

    I was told in an email that UC would not be put back into the app store due to some people considering it a "cheat" and yet there is at least one app in the OW appstore that has crosshairs included. If I change the name and say it's a utility that also includes crosshair will you reconsider putting it back into the app store?