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  1. skin idea

    Hey, Anything specific? Like the dock being the head of an Alien and it's jaw opening up to throw out the top 5 apps?
  2. Fallout 4 Support

    Great to have you back Aidan and awesome work! We are indeed working on getting Fallout 4 to work and get the support out there for everyone, but thanks for adding this here!
  3. Blade and Soul support

    Hey there, Thanks for the enthusiasm, but if you have a specific game you want supported I suggest going on to either the Game Request thread or voting for a game on our voting page.
  4. Make overwolf liter!

    I personally wasn't at Gamescom, but other members of the Overwolf team where!
  5. Hey there, Thanks for the feedback! I just have one question, you mentioned that you can't move the chat window, do you mean the small notifications where you can reply? Or the actual chat window you can open which has the whole conversation in it?
  6. Hey there, Currently, no there isn't any way to do that. In order for the app to work you while spectating you have to put in a summoner name of the person playing the game and then enter it for it to start up. LoLwiz is meant to be a tool for using in your match, not really as a spectate tool. With that in mind, what in your mind would make it more "spectate friendly"? What do you feel is missing?
  7. Hey there, Currently there is no way to do this. Replay HUD is meant to save parts of your game, not the whole game. However, we do have a video recorder that can do exactly that.
  8. App Submission Process

    Hey there, No it doesn't have to have it for the Free for All. If you do put the logo on it though, it can then be eligible for the ASUS-ROG category as well. If you send in your app (or your first draft) we can suggest to you which category you should place yourself in if you aren't sure.
  9. Welcome to the DotaPlus app discussion thread! Giving you the best and most up to date info on your enemies and friends, DotaPlus is the app you should never start a match without. What is DotaPlus? DotaPlus is an Overwolf app that gives you player-by player statistics of everyone in the match, allowing you to know their strengths and weaknesses. These stats include games played, win rate, XPM, and GMP for both their chosen heroes and that player’s account overall. This app is in beta right now and will be getting constant updates. How does it work? The app auto-launches whenever you start a match. Simply hit app hotkey (Alt+`) to see your stats. How do I get DotaPlus? You can beta test this app by downloading it through our Appstore. Tutorial video - Coming soon If you have any feedback, suggestions or you just want to talk about this app - you're in the right place. Let is know what you think!
  10. Creepy silence in these forums :(

    Nice picture We're not sleeping though, just working hard! But we'd love to hear what people want.
  11. Make overwolf liter!

    Hey there, We're always trying to make Overwolf lighter and work smoother on computers. Each version we work on works towards making Overwolf lighter so you should be getting a better experience with each new version.
  12. skype app

    Hey there, Thanks for reaching out to us! Sorry for the late reply too. We removed Skype support a while back due to Microsoft changing their API to no longer allow 3rd parties to connect to their services. You should no longer have a Skype app, and if you do, it's best to simply uninstall that app in your Library as it will not work anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  13. Apps closing out on second monitor ?

    Hey there, Sorry for the late reply. So there's 2 things happening here, first we don't support multi monitors, so what you're experiencing with apps going from your second monitor to the first, is exactly that. We inject the apps into your game, so whatever monitor your game is in is where all the Overwolf windows will go as well. The second thing is that you're seeming to experience a bug where the windows aren't showing when they do inject and you have to re-open them. Can I ask you to send us your log files? Those files will help us see what's causing this to happen. Here's a guide on how to do that.
  14. HearthArena Companion - Don't enter the Arena without it! Introducing the HearthArena companion app! This app comes straight from the authors of HearthArena.com and comes packed full of awesome. Anyone who plays Hearthstone knows the difficulty of building a deck for arena. HearthArena.com has been a pillar for helping those who want to be the very best and create awesome decks that will help them win. This app brings the insanely helpful tools that HearthArena.com offers right in game. Check out this video explaining the app done by HearthArena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0m0SDAc53c Deck Builder First up is the deck builder. This app will help you build your decks when entering the arena saving you the need to swap over to your browser and head on into HearthArena .com. This uses the same algorithms, the same card weights and will be exactly what you're used to seeing from HearthArena, just in game. Don't forget, you'll need to log in too (easy peasy, done within the app itself) and you'll be able to see your deck history too! Deck Tracker The second part of this is the deck tracker. As you play, you'll see a list of all your cards while playing so you won't be surprised or have to keep a list of what you chose if you don't remember. How to use the app: Download the app from the Overwolf appstore Launch the app and sign into it using your HearthArena credentials (or create a user if you don't have one through the app) Start winning! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the app!
  15. Category Logo / Link

    There was an update sent out by email to all the registered developers that this is a new change. If you didn't get this email (check for an email titled "NVIDIA App Challenge - Open Categories"). In a nutshell, we opened up the options for apps that are eligible for the related categories. If you create an app that is not relevant to any of the current categories you can still be eligible for that category if you brand your app with that category's logo and link to their site. To be eligible for the Media API category your app must use the Overwolf Media API. Your app can be either branded or game related, both will go into that category. All other apps that do not use the Overwolf Media API and are branded or game/category related will go into the respective Game Related category. For example in the SMITE category: Imagine Replay HUD had the SMITE brand and link to their site in the app it would go into the Media API Category SmiteGuru would go into the Game Related category