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  1. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    It might have been related to something specific that happened (Windows update/Overwolf update etc...) - PC/Windows is a challenging platform. On a personal note - I want to thank you for you pro-activeness: you didn't just uninstall us, you actually went into our forums and opened a thread about the problems you had. This is amazing and helps us keep our software updated and relevant. GG!
  2. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    ok, thank you very much. I am not sure what was wrong, but hope our next version will fix it.
  3. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    hmm... maybe the difference is where you are running it from. Can you try to copy the file: %programfiles(x86)%\Overwolf\OverwolfLauncher.exe to the same directory you are running the past two versions I posted here? Then try to run it.
  4. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    Here it is OverwolfLauncher.exe
  5. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    Cool, would you mind if I uploaded yet another one that might crash again for you to test? It will help us a lot.
  6. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    Hi, Did you notice any error messages appearing?
  7. Overwolf doesn't start with Windows

    Hey, Can you please try to use this version of the launcher? OverwolfLauncher.7z
  8. media replay system requirements

    ReplayHUD shows a warning message if the user isn't using a GPU or iGPU encoder - but as you've guessed - it can run regardless at the risk of frame drops.
  9. media replay system requirements

    Hey dude, Our Media API's aren't related to ShadowPlay - AFAIK, ShadowPlay is just an implementation by Nvidia (i.e. their own recording apps). In terms of using the Media API, here are a few guidelines that might shed some light: Use the overwolf.streaming namespace in order to: stream to Twitch or record video files to the local drive. Use the overwolf.media.replays namespace in order to implement replay-related apps (don't ask why we separated between these two namespaces ) overwolf.media.videos - contains tools for editing video files (like splitting large videos to smaller videos) And then, if you want to use streaming/replays - the steps would be: register to the relevant events - for example: overwolf.streaming.onStopStreaming,onStreamingError, onStreamingWarning (see events for replays) Call: overwolf.streaming.getStreamEncoders to get a list of supported video encoders - pay extra attention to the "enabled" fields per encoder - this is how you know if your computer supports GPU encoders like Nvidia NvEnc or AMD AMF Hope this helps
  10. Please send the app via email - I can't see it here.
  11. Hey aRestless, Just to get this straight - you have two Overwolf windows - each of them is creating it's own web-server?
  12. Bloatware

    I must say that from our experience - AMD has, by FAR, more driver crashes than NVIDIA and Intel...
  13. Overwolf causing massive fps drop

    Hey, Sorry to hear about this. Do you use ReplayHUD or any specific Overwolf app?
  14. AMD VCE support

    Hey, Just FYI - it always existed (by hidden): http://support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/enable-amd-beta-amf-encoder/ We actually went with the AMD AMF encoder (the latest and greatest) but some users experienced crashes while initializing the library. Seems like AMD removed support for AMD VCE since Catalyst version 15.7 anyway... Also - we are now starting work on improving the AMD AMF support - so check it out again in a few more weeks.
  15. Tail game log in Overwolf App

    FYI - the new "tail" API is now on our master branch.