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  1. So long, and thanks for all the gits

    Thank you, BobDev Best of luck with the Nvidia Challenge!
  2. So long, and thanks for all the gits

    Thanks Jonas! Was a pleasure having you around and hanging out at Gamescom as well
  3. Hello amazing developers! This is my official goodbye post, as I'm leaving Overwolf (well, I've left the office, but there's a huge Viking! feast next month). I've had a great pleasure of working on the developer platform, watching it grow from a very limited downloadable SDK to what it is now. While still far from perfect, it's on a slow and steady (remember, it wins the race) rise to greatness. I won't be calling out any big names out there, just know we're coming for ya! We've had quite a few contests, which were all about fun and creativity, although some devs also got beer money and cool prizes (a good time to thank all of our sponsors!), it's just an added bonus in my opinion. I've seen a lot of cool apps, and hopefully this Nvidia contest will bring out even cooler ones. I'd like to say thanks to every one of you who helped your fellow developers, almost made me emotional checking the forums to see most of the questions were answered by you guys. There's been quite a few developers who have been with us for a while now (hopefully to stay a while longer), they know who they are, and they know they're that extra awesome. To the rest of you, stick around, good things will come-a-knockin'. All of the cool stuff I was talking about earlier this year (paid apps, app management platform etc.) haven't been forgotten, all of the information has been passed on and will be planned and prioritized accordingly. I'm leaving you in the hands of ItayG and the rest of the Overwolf gang, in the hopes that all the plans previously made will be executed to a T, and even more so. In case they mess up, send me a PM and I'll come flailing my battle-ax. I wish you all the best, it's been an absolute pleasure, I've been the Viking! and you've been amazing. Toodles! P.S. You might still see me lurk around sometimes, so you won't get rid of me that easily
  4. Great idea. The next "big" update should have this option, no specific date yet, but the guys are aware of the issue. Thanks!
  5. Sawubona abafowethu nodade! Another quick update for ya. This one is super technical and "behind the scenes", so there's not much to share besides the usual "stability and performance fixes". But we're working on something big, so stay tuned! The following games are now supported by Overwolf: Call of Duty: Black Ops III Fallout 4 Kingdom Rush ... Until next time, Viking!
  6. Hawken should work fine, unless you're using Windows XP. If it doesn't work for you, please post on the support forum and our dudes will help you out.
  7. Hola! It's yet another Overwolf update. This time it's short, sweet, and full of yummy bug-fixes. Here are the great lifestyle enhancements: Enhanced performance when playing League of Legends and using Replay HUD Additional stability fixes for video recording Better support for 4k resolutions Various other stability and performance fixes Also, the following games are now supported by Overwolf: 7 Days to Die AirMech Arena of Fate ARK: Survival Evolved Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Clicker Heroes Darkest Dungeon Dirty Bomb DOTA 2: Reborn FIFA 16 Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn DX11 iRacing Killing Floor 2 LEGO Jurassic LEGO Worlds Mad Max Magicka 2 METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN NBA 2K16 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Rocket League Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Strife Transistor Volume ... Toodles, Viking!
  8. App Submission Process

    If it's before the final submission date, then yes.
  9. New Marvel Heroes API

    Seems to parse fine over here, how are you trying to parse it?
  10. App Submission Process

    No need for it, I'll update the documentation to resolve any confusion. The icon is taken from the store folder.
  11. New Marvel Heroes API

    New Marvel Heroes updates will be live on Friday's patch. Documentation will be updated accordingly. Event name: item acquired sample data: {name:"The Footstigons",rarity:"Unique","stack size":1,"item grade":63} Information category: location Keys: region name, area name Sample data: region name: "Madripoor" area name: "Buccaneer Beach"
  12. [non-issue] my silliness with localStorage

    Glad it worked out
  13. Directory browsing falsepath

    Thanks for the update on this, please let us know if there's any other issues.
  14. App "always on top"

    Have you tried setTopmost?