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  1. Unable to show in-game screenshot preview

    Hi Zalomiga. A new Overwolf developers version with the fix was just released. Please let us know if it fixes the issue for you. Itai.
  2. Unable to show in-game screenshot preview

    Indeed we have found a race condition when in-game. This is now fixed and will be released soon. Thank you for helping us find that bug :-)
  3. Accessing Screenshot Image Content

    In a matter of days.
  4. Accessing Screenshot Image Content

    If I understand the problem correctly, then this might be a bug already fixed in the next version we'll be releasing soon.
  5. Accessing Screenshot Image Content

    Hi Zalomiga. You are right, there is a bug in the matching mechanism, and perhaps we should allow communication between overwolf:// and overwolf-extension:// protocols. In the mean time, you can use the following block in the manifest.json file: "externally_connectable": { "matches": [ "overwolf://*.", ] }
  6. Web Inspector Issue

    Regarding the second half of your question, in Windows most (or even all) internet related preferences go through the IE settings. It's not a Chrome thing, it's a Windows thing. However, if it did not work for you, then it might not be the case. Any references to this I find regarding the infrastructure we're using indicate that this problem was fixed a long time ago (about a year ago, actually), so I hardly believe it has anything to do with the infrastructure either. We'll look into it, but I think we're going to need more info about it. Please provide any piece of information you might find relevant, and if you can find other people it happens to them too, or if this is reproducable for you on other computers as well, please let us know.
  7. Web Inspector Issue

    According to this: https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit/issues/230 (one comment from the end), seems you have a problem with resolving "localhost" to "". Try to disable proxy auto detection in IE settings.
  8. overwolf.windows bug

    Documentation is now fixed. Thanks for the report.
  9. prompt() causes instability

    I'm sorry, I was unable to reproduce it here. I tried using the same version you use, in and out of game, full screen and windowed mode, with and without prompt title parameter. Can you please send us a sample code that demonstrate that crash?
  10. Overwolf WebApp Accept and use mic

    I have tested it and you are right. Microphone access does not work in this version. We'll look into it for future versions. Itai.
  11. Get friends API? Data transmition API?

    There is currently no way to achieve this using the Overwolf API. For specific games you may try the 3rd Party Game APIs. We'll consider adding it in future versions. Please take your time to write it in the API Wishlist thread. Itai.
  12. Documentation Fix -

    Fixed. Please let me know if you find other documentation errors.
  13. Overwolf WebApp Accept and use mic

    I don't see why not. Did you try and anything didn't work?
  14. prompt() causes instability

    We'll look into it. Did you use anything special? Like IFRAMEs (which we already know is problematic in the developers beta), or any special libraries (such as JQuery) we need to know about to test it here? Itai.
  15. on iframe .src javascript hotkey breaks

    The IFRAME problem is a known issue in the developers beta and was fixed in the full version (0.78.0). Once the full version is out (soon enough, I hope), try using it again and let me know if anything still doesn't work. Itai.